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  Chapter 50: Liquor     "Hmm. An-chan, you don't seem to be drinking much. By any chance, do you not like to drink?"   When we had finished some of the dishes and taking a breath, Ryer suddenly asked me a question. He asked after he sees the ale in my beer mug.   By the way, there are 4 of us drinking ale: me, Ryer, Nesca, and Kiki. Aina is a child. Of course, she can't drink ale. Stella doesn't like ale, and Rolf is drinking water because he is forbidden by his religion to drink alcohol.   "Well, I like to drink, but this ale is kind of ......"   I'm not sure what to say.   "........ Is it not good?"   Nesca-san suddenly burst in. Kiki is laughing next to me. I raise my hands in surrender.   "You're right. To be honest, I don't really like this drink. Maybe it's because I'm not used to drinking it."   As someone born and raised in Japan and knows what beer tastes li


Chapter 49: At the bar   "Cheers!"   The guild's opening celebration began. The participants are the 4 members of Blue Flash and the 3 members of Shirou Store. The celebration took place at the guild's bar. The sun is setting and the night is starting to fall. Many plates of food are placed on the table.   As someone who grew up in Japan, I'm not sure if it is okay for an 8-year-old girl like Aina to be at the bar.   "Mom, today is a very wonderful day. It's nice to have dinner with everyone."   "Yes, it is. Mom is very happy too."   Mother and daughter are eating dinner together, and they look very happy. In the bar full of adventurers, Aina is clearly standing out from the rest. But I guess it is because she was working so hard.   There is nobody who tries to bully her. On the contrary, something unexpected was going to happen at our table.   "It's for you, from that table over ther

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  Aoyuki has linked her senses with her tamed monsters to keep adventurers from entering the forest and approaching the giant tower. We have also used some magical measures, so the area is basically safe and no one can get in. However, considering the possibility that the tower is being monitored by forces we don't know about, we quickly go inside the tower.   "The giant tower is equipped with a technology developed by analyzing the Naraku dungeon core and my magic. It is physically and magically impossible to monitor or eavesdrop, so you can feel at ease!"   If Elly says there is no problem, then it must be safe. I entered the 1st floor of the giant tower. I take off my SSR, Clown Mask, and put it inside the item box with my staff. It's not like the mask is suffocating me or blocking my vision, but it still feels good to take off the mask. Inside the giant tower, large pillars that looked like 1000-year-old trees are lined up in a regular pattern.