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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Chapter 0 - part 1

[Serial version] I was almost killed by my comrades inside the dungeon, but I used the gift from 'Infinite Gacha' and got level 9999 friend. I'll take revenge on my ex-party members and the world. "Serves you right!



Chapter 0, Episode 0 (part 1)


"Raito ... You're banned from the party."




I don't understand what's going on. I was surprised and leaked out my voice.


We are currently exploring the world's largest , hardest and most punitive dungeon, 'Naraku'(hell).

My role in the party is a baggage carrier and miscellaneous worker.

While we were taking a break before entering the dungeon's middle level, I was told that I would be banned.

As I put down the backpack on the ground, the sweat I wiped off turned to cold sweat.


Drago-san is the leader of the Legion "Race Union" party. He is a bipedal dragon race who is strong, smart, kind, and reliable.


It seems that without realizing it, I have annoyed Drago-san or the other party members and made them angry.


So I hurriedly bow down and ask for them to forgive me.


I shout, asking for forgiveness with a pale face.

"Sorry I'm sorry! If you have any problems, I'll fix them right away, so please don't ban me from the party!"

"Huf, hehehe... we've decided to ban you because we don't need you anymore. Don't you understand that?"

"I hate inferior humans because they're really stupid."



Garou-san the beast race, and Sasha-san the elf, the rest of the party looked disgusted and looked down at me.

I am more surprised by what both had said than Drago-san's ban statement.


There are six races in this world: human race, beast race, dragon race, elf race, dwarf race, and demon race.

The human race is less powerful than the beast race, and unlike the dragon race and the elf race, they don't have a long lifespan nor good at magic. They are not as skillful as the Dwarves and not as smart as the demon race. 

The human race is looked down and discriminated against in this world as the 'most inferior'.


However, the Race Union is famous for its members who disliked such discrimination. They gathered their members based on the noble idea of creating a world where all species are equal in the future.


Garou-san, who looked like a wolf walking on two legs, also yelled and got angry when I was mocked by the beastmen in the city.


Sasha, an elf with beautiful blond hair that reached all the way down to her back and pointed ears, had comforted me when I was discriminated against and crying.


The two of them looked at me as if I had changed, as if they're looking at ugly insects, as if they're looking down on pitiful prey, and spat at me.

I could not help but be shocked by the sudden change, as if I had been hit in the head with a blunt object.


"Oh, why the hell are you--"


The remaining two members gave their opinions faster than my question.


"Hey, how long are you going to messing around? We don't need him anymore, right? Then kill him quickly. If another party comes and sees this, we'll be in trouble.


"I agree with Nano. It's painful for me to even breathe the same air as human, but I can't take it any longer."


Nano, a dwarf with a bushy beard, urged to kill me. He talked as if he wants to throw away a tool he no longer needed.

He carefully taught me how to polish my sword and repair and maintain my armor at the Legion mansion.


Diablo is a young demon race with horns, wearing a pale and tall suit. He often taught me table manners. He is usually sarcastic, but I've never heard him say anything with such obvious murderous intent as he did just now.


 I turned my attention back to Drago-san, the party leader.

 I realized that my own teeth are gritting in fear, I ask Drago-san.


"You're kidding, right? You guys are acting to make fun of me, right? Be, because there is no reason to kill me."


"No, there is."


Drago-san immediately declares.


"Just in case, let's kill him."

"Just, just in case. ...... Just in case, you'll kill me? Oh, I don't understand what you mean......."

"Raito, you have a rare gift that other humans didn't have, don't you?"

"Ye, yes. It's called 'Infinite Gacha'. But don't you already know that it's a useless gift that only produces trash."


When one reaches the age of 10 in this world, some people will be granted an extremely rare gift.

I was lucky enough to get one, but it was an 'Infinite Gacha', something I didn't understand.


To use 'Infinite Gacha', simply open the Gacha button and press it.

When you press the button, you get a card.

The object drawn on the card can be materialized in the real world.


It sounds very useful, but in these two years, until I turned 12, I have only got garbage such as "bread (with mold)," "socks (one side)," and "spoons (broken).

It's a completely useless gift.


"Initially, the top management suspected that Raito is a 'Master' who got the unique benefit of 'Infinite Gacha'. We were taking you in and closely observing your gift, personality, speech, and behavior. But...... your gift produces nothing but garbage, and your status is just human level. I'm sure that you're not a 'Master', just in case we'll kill you. Put out the fire while it's still small, otherwise it could be disastrous."


I don't even understand half of the story!

But apparently, I'm not a 'Master' and just to be safe, they're going to kill me.

What the hell is a 'Master'?


"The government was disappointed that he wasn't a Master, but I was grateful. If Raito is a Master, I would have had to marry a human to take in his blood. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps!


"Hahahaha! I'm sure the Elf Nation will be disappointed. Because I've heard that masters love the elf for some reason!"

"Na, nation?


Oh, so the "upper management" that Drago-san was talking about is the nation?

Is 'Master' the kind of person who would be targeted by the government? What the hell did that 'Master' do?

Drago-san glared at Garou-san and Sasha-san.


As expected, the two shrank a bit after being glared by Drago-san, who is indeed the highest level among them. They shook their shoulders and made a serious face.


Nano-san and Diablo-san turn their eyes to the two.


"*Yareyare, elf and beastman shouldn't be so talkative."

"We are superior to humans, so I guess that's more of a charm than a flaw..."


Drago-san is ignoring their words and rebuke the two of them.


"Don't say unnecessary things. How will you take responsibility if the information is leaked?"


"I'm sorry, leader. My, my mouth slipped..."


"Sorry, I'm sorry I got carried away. We'll get rid of this kid so that information won't leak.


"Yeah! Garou says good things! We'll take responsibility!"




Garou-san has his steel claws equipped, and Sasha-san takes out her bow and starts drawing the string.

They're really trying to kill me!

A scream escapes my lips.

I stepped back then turned away to run from them.


"Gyahahaha! This place is 'Naraku'! Even if you lowly human can escape from us, there's no way you can survive a demon beast attack!"


"I'm not going to let you go, though!"


While talking, Sasha shoots an arrow.




The arrow went straight through my left leg.

I screamed because of the intense pain, and rolled to the ground, unable to run anymore.

I am bleeding in many places because I had fallen so hard on the rugged cave, but the arrow in my left foot hurt more than anything else.


"Ah, that's good, that look, that screams! After all, Hunting game with humans as prey is still pleasant. I can't understand the language if it's a monster or just an animal, so the fun is halved."


"Don't give him a chance. Kill him quickly! The story was supposed to be 'we were exploring Naraku, world's hardest and dangerous dungeon. Unfortunately, one of my friends was attacked by a monster and died. But if another party sees this, they won't believe our story!"


"Yeah, I know. Actually, I wanted to ridicule and kill you. Still, since you had danced and entertained us without knowing our purpose, so I won't make you suffer any longer and kill you."


Mr. Garou approaches me defenselessly.

He wants to kill me.


" My face are full of tears and drools, blood flowing from the wound in my leg. I keep denying reality in front of me.


"It's a lie, it's a lie, and it's a lie! The people at the Race Union are good people. ...... You're imposters! You are definitely imposters!"


 Drago-san's imposter yells at me.


"Nonsense. A proud dragon race would never seriously associate with humans on equal terms. We only reluctantly did what the upper management instructed."


Garou-san's impostor laughs happily.

"Gyahahahahaha! Damn, it's the most entertaining thing I've ever done! It's amusing!"


Sasha-san's impostor frowns unpleasantly.

"What do you mean by respecting us? Human's despair face is ugly and unpleasant! I wonder why my nation doesn't destroy these humans quickly."


Nano-san's impostor looks troubled and urges them to hurry.

"I don't care, just kill him quickly. Since he's not 'Master', I don't care about him. It's a waste of time."


Diablo-san's imposter shrugs and agrees.

"Just like Nano said, it's a waste of time. Above all, human despair face is ugly. It's most rational for us to kill him quickly and leave the dungeon."


The imposters speak, look, and sound like the real ones. They're cursing, mocking, yelling, and going to kill me.

I don't want to be killed. I desperately run away.


My legs hurt, and I can't run, so I crawl on the ground.

Because this place is a cave, the ground is rugged stones, and just crawling causes the skin all over my body to tear and bleed, but I ignore it and keep moving.

I don't want to die without knowing why.

But in the corner of my head, I understand.


"I'll never make it."


I'm level 15.


I am 12 years old this year, but the level is high for my age.

The reason is that they helped raise the level.


So, how high is everyone else's level?

Drago level is around 500.

Garou is around level 150.

Sasha is around level 300.

Nano is around level 300.

Diablo is around level 400.


The human race is inferior to other species in strength, magic and longevity.

Therefore, they are the lowest, and other species can easily raise their level by utilizing their strength, magic power and life span. This is a factor that increases racial discrimination.


The overwhelming difference in level, species, and the number of people make it absolutely impossible to escape from them.

Still, I didn't want to die, so I crawled along the ground.


--that struggle brings me bad luck.


My right-hand reaches out to crawl and touches the trap.

Instantly, the ground begins to glow.


"!? He touched the transfer trap!"

"Don't let him get away! Kill hi---"


Everyone's voices cut off at that point.

My vision was cut off there for a moment.





"My whole body hurts......"


I was lucky enough to escape from the members of the Legion (Race Union).

However, an arrow pierced my left leg, and I crawled on the cave ground, causing my skin to tear and bleed.

After the relief of escaping safely, the pain immediately attacked me.


I lay on my back and looked up at the ceiling.

I managed to get out of there safely, but it looks like I'm still in a cave-type dungeon.

It's not like the cave at the entrance to the middle part of 'Naraku'. The ground where I lay is a darker rocky ground.


"Dad, mom, brother, Yume... After all, the city was a scary place. I want to go back to the countryside..."


Pain all over my body, arrow wounds, the friends I trusted cursing me and almost killing me.

The sadness made me nostalgic.

Originally I am the second son of a poor farmer. My older brother left home to follow in our father's footsteps.

My parents and older brothers kept saying, "Raito, you don't need to leave home.

But if I left home, my life would be more comfortable, and I could feed my sister Yume more.

This is the result of my greed to make a name for myself in the city.


There's no way I'm going to let my family see me now.


Above all, if I don't escape from this world's largest, hardest and dangerous dungeon 'Naraku', I will never see my family or even see the sun again.


"...... Why did they try to trick and kill a country bumpkin like me? What's a 'Master'? Why the nation bother to give such instructions? I don't want to die without knowing anything about it. Above all,......"


Respect, betrayal, despair, and sadness are all turned upside down.


"I'll never forgive them for betraying me! I will kill them! I'm not going to die like this without taking revenge! I can't die if I don't take my revenge on those who betrayed me!"


The flame of revenge burns in my heart.

The flame of revenge overcomes the pain in my body.


"To survive and take revenge on them, and to reunite with my family, I must stop the bleeding and get out of here--huh!?"


However, my bad luck continues.




A monster appeared, probably because it was too noisy or because they can smell the blood.


A large, four-legged beast roughly 10m high. Its tail looks like a snake and bigger than my body. It sticks its tail towards me.

The four-legged beast grabbed me firmly and drooled over me.

If it was just a beast, it would have just attacked me, and that would have been the end of it.


"What !? Im, impossible ... Level 1000 !?"


The status screen can be optionally displayed to a third party.

The four-legged beast displays the status screen as if it's trying to mess my mind.

Show me the difference between us.


I was wrong.


I had mistakenly thought that when the transfer trap was activated, I had been transported to somewhere near the entrance of the middle part of 'Naraku' where I first entered the level.

However, the truth is that I am in the deepest part of 'Naraku', a place that no one has ever reached.

Otherwise, there's no way a mythical beast with level 1000 can stand in front of me!

"I, I have to run away! I have to run away-- whe, where?"


If I am in the deepest part of 'Naraku', there is no way for a level 15 human to escape.

It is impossible to escape from the monster in front of me.




The monster laughs.

As if it understands my despair, the beast laughing happily and slowly walks up to me.

If I get too close to it, I'll be eaten alive, but I'd rather die before that happen.


But I can't die yet.


"I don't want to die without knowing the truth, without seeing my family again, without getting revenge on those who deceived and betrayed me! I'm not going to die like a piece of trash!"


However, since I left my backpack behind, I don't have a knife, a water bottle, or even a flint.

The only thing I have is the gift.


I pray desperately and hit the 'Infinite Gacha', the gift given to me by God.

I have no choice but to put my trust in the 'Infinite Gacha' to get me through this horrible situation!






A big, divine magic circle formed around me.

The light was so bright and mysterious that even the level 1,000 monster that had been approaching me with a relaxed attitude stunned.




That light covered my whole body and the entire deepest part of 'Naraku'.


"---I won't forgive anybody who dares to turn his fang at my master, not even a puppy."


Black hair dancing in the light.

The head of that 1000 level monster was instantly chopped off. His limbs were sliced by sharp blades that made one wonder if it had been torn apart from the beginning.

The voice owner was not showered by the monster's blood. She's standing between the beast and me as if she had been there from the beginning.


Her long black hair looked as if it had been cut from the night darkness and tied with a long ribbon into a ponytail.

She is wearing a maid's uniform, like those often worn by servants of noble families. Her gloves are pure white, and even her shoes are clean.

She is tall for a woman, and her face has big eyes, long eyelashes, red rosy lips, and a lovely shaped nose. Everything is perfectly arranged, and her skin is so smooth and white that she looked like a doll created by God.

Her beauty alone is eye-catching, but her breasts, which are pushed up from underneath by her maid's uniform, are extremely large. Any man would be tempted to look at them.

Her waist is so thin that it looks like it might break, and her arms and legs are long and slender, so she has a very good figure.


Her eyes turn to me.

Her eyes look sad, and she sits on one knee on the spot.

It's as if she's a knight serving a king.


"I could not bear to see my lord's beautiful face and pearly skin get hurt any longer, so I presumptuously healed you. I apologize for my selfish behavior."


"? Eh? Ah! It really doesn't hurt!"


I raised my upper body to check my wound.

The arrow in my leg had somehow slipped out, and there is no pain, not even a scratch.


"My Lord, can you tell me your name with that beautiful voice?"


"What, my name? My name is Raito."


"Raito-sama, Raito-sama, Raito-sama--what a wonderful and noble name."


After she repeatedly repeats my name in her mouth, she clasps her hands in front of her chest and prays.


"My maid way is to live for my lord, to serve my lord, and to die for my lord. I swear by my maid way, and I ask you to accept my absolute loyalty to my lord."




"Thank you, my lord. In the sky, I'll be the bird that spread its wing. On the earth, I'll be the tree that extends its branches forever. Even in death, I'll be your support."


The "yes" I just said was not affirmative. It was a question...but now it's too late to correct it.


First of all, who is she?

Why is she in the deepest part of the 'Naraku'?

What was the magic circle earlier?

When did she heal my wounds?

The blood of the beast was splattered all over the place. Shouldn't I leave this place before the smell draws others?

Many things are going through my mind, I'm confused, and I don't know what to say.


Perhaps she's sensing my confusion, the maid began to introduce herself.


"I apologize for the delay in greeting you. My name is SUR card 'Mei the Seeker Maid' level 9999.


"Ugh, an Ultra rare card? Le, level 9999?


"Yes. It's a SUR card from Raito-sama's gift 'Infinite Gacha'. As long as I'm by your side, I promise I won't let any monsters in this dungeon touch Raito-sama's beautiful skin."


In fact, she had just killed a level 1000 mythical monster in an instant.

As long as she is around, my safety would be guaranteed.

However, I still couldn't believe it.


"It's impossible. My gift 'Infinite Gacha' is a waste that only produces trash item cards. There is no way that someone as amazing as Mei-san will come out of it. First of all, how can a person come out of a Gacha card?"

"My lord, I'm a maid. I don't need a title. Please call me Mei."

"No, but ......"



I couldn't resist her strong voice and sad eyes, so I obeyed obediently.


"Me, Mei......."

"Thank you for granting your servant's wish. As expected, Raito-sama's kindness is huge. 'Infinite Gacha' is a royal instrument. It's Raito-sama gift, so it can't be a waste. Excuse me, can I use my 'Appraisal' to check it ??"

"Ap, appraisal !? Mei-san ... Mei has the 'appraisal' gift!?"


The benefit "Appraisal" allows one to appraise people and objects according to their level.

It is one of the most popular gift among the races, and those who have obtained it will have no trouble finding work for the rest of their lives.


"To be exact, it is one of my unique skills. May I appraise it?

"Yes, yes, please."


"Then, please excuse me.

"Appraisal: Uh, it's so hidden that you can't know the details without a level like me... As expected, Raito-sama, I can't imagine how powerful it is. The 'Infinite Gacha' gift is a gacha with an infinite number of uses. The probability of the card being ejected changes depending on the concentration of magic power. From highest to the lowest, the ranks are EX, SUR, UR, SSSR, SSR, SR, R, N, E."

"?What does that mean?"


As the second son of a poor farmer, I couldn't quite grasp the explanation.

Mei explained further.


"The magical power used by magicians when exercising magic is floating in the air.

'Infinite Gacha' seems to absorb the magical power and eject the card. Therefore, the probability of a SUR card like me to come out is close to 0 because magic power concentration and density are low above the ground. At the bottom of a dungeon with such a thick magical power, that probability jumps up. "

"……, I see."


She did explained to with me, but I still didn't understand half of what she said.

Anyway, it seems that in places like the lowest level of 'Naraku', I can get awesome cards like Mei.


But I'm impressed, Raito-sama. Even though you didn't know the details of the 'Infinite Gacha' from the appraisal, you noticed its characteristics. You went down to the lowest level of the dungeon alone to get me. You are a worthy person for dedicating my maid way. However, isn't it a bit reckless for you to go down to the bottom of the dungeon by yourself? From now on, I will always be by your side. I can assure you that you will never again suffer such injuries in the name of my maid way."


"Raito-sama, what's wrong?

"No, Mei-sa--- Mei."

"I didn't come here because I wanted to come to the bottom of 'Naraku' alone.


I told Mei, who has misunderstood why I was alone in the bottom layer of the world's largest, world's hardest and dangerous dungeon 'Naraku'.

On the way, I couldn't hold back my tears as I remembered how I had been betrayed so badly by the people I had trusted.

When I finished telling her everything, Mei hugs me tightly.


There's a height difference between her and me. I end up burying my face in Mei's big breasts.

I had been so sad just now. But I hadn't expected to be hugged by a beautiful woman like Mei. She buries my face in her breasts, so my whole body, not to mention my face, turned red.

The smell of happiness, denser than flowers and making my head tingle, tickled my nose.

She didn't notice my flushed face and patted my head repeatedly to comfort me.


"A maid like me can't imagine Raito-sama's pain, regret, and anger. However, I can bring down the death penalty on those who are no better than an animal's shit. Please order me to do so. With my maid's way, I'll bring the heads of those eight to you in one hour!"

"Wa, wait, Mei! You can't do that!

"I know you're kind, Raito-sama, but I don't think there's any need to show any mercy to them."


I move away from Mei's chest and shake my head.


"No.  I'm not trying to show mercy to them. It's just that I want to become stronger and look back at them. And I want to know the truth about why the government is looking for, capturing, or trying to kill 'Master'. ...... Do you disagree with me and think that I can't do it?"


"No, my lord's desire is my desire, and if you wish to avenge yourself. With my maid way at stake, I'll support you. Above all, I believe that Raito-sama will have no trouble taking revenge and obtaining the truth."

"Thank you, Mei.

"I don't deserve your praise."


Just a few moments ago, I was betrayed by friends who I trusted.

But instead, I met Mei, who was born from my gift, 'Infinite Gacha'. She has promised to be loyal to me for the rest of my life.

 The fact that they betrayed me made me so angry that my guts churned.

The fact that they betrayed me made me so angry that my guts boiled, and I felt so sad that I wanted to die. But as a result of being dropped into the lowest level of Naraku, I realized that I was truly happy to have met Mei.


She takes out a handkerchief, wipes away my tears, and tells me.


" If that's the case, Raito-sama, I'm ashamed to say I can't do it all by myself. Please increase the number of friends like me with the 'Infinite Gacha' gift."


"Eh? But Mei is very strong, isn't it? Because your level is 9999 ... But do you need other friends? "


"Yes. I'm sure I can't crush one or two countries by myself. If it's just revenge, that's fine.

However, if you want to uncover the truth, it is highly likely that I alone won't be enough to get the truth that Raito-sama wants."


"... In other words, I should just use the 'Infinite Gacha' to get companions like Mei, right?"



Her words were still difficult to understand, and I couldn't understand half of them. Still, I nodded my head because I understood her idea of increasing the number of friends with 'Infinite Gacha'.

Mei listened to my words and smiled like a blossom flower.


"Yes, that's right. Let's increase the number of friends with" Infinite Gacha "and create Raito-sama's kingdom in this dungeon first."


I understand the meaning of "Let's create Raito-sama's kingdom", but I pretended not to notice it because I couldn't really understand it.

I follow Mei's words and press the 'Infinite Gacha' button again at the bottom of the world's largest, strongest and worst dungeon, 'Naraku'.





Translator note:


exclamation of relief or disappointment


I start a new translation project. 

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