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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep19 Level 7777



I ask Elly about what concerns me in her strategy.


"I don't think there will be any problems because it's a plan that Elly made, but...... will Sasha, her fiancé, and the White Knights show up at this Giant Tower?"


"I'm sure they will show up. I've already taken steps to make that happen."


No matter how beneficial the strategy is, it will be meaningless if Sasha, her fiancé, and the White Knight's members do not show up at the Giant Tower.

I'm sure Elly can handle it, but I am worried and ask her the question.

She smiles and answers right away.


"The report about the Giant Tower that God Raito will submit to the Adventurer's Guild. Using Aoyuki's ability as a tamer, I will make Sasha submit a similar report."




"They couldn't get any information until now. Suppose two adventurer parties submit reports with similar content. In that case, the upper levels of the Elf Queen Nation will believe this report. They won't realize that they are dancing in the palm of our hands."


It seems that the information accepted by the upper levels of the Elf Queen Nation is very important factor.

Aoyuki raised her voice as if to say, "Leave it to me".


"I'm going to make Sasha and her party report that a Red Dragon is living inside the giant tower. This place is quite far from the Elf Queen Nation, but considering how fast a dragon can fly, it's practically right in front of them. Unless the rulers are idiots, they won't leave a dragon in such a short distance. There is a possibility that there are people who are controlling the dragon and other monsters, so they definitely will send in their strongest force to kill the dragon."


It's like when a monster settles down next to your house. You don't know when it will start rampaging.

If you are an adventurer, you will either run away, kill the monster, or chase it away.


But it's impossible to move a country.

As Elly pointed out, if there is a red dragon nearby, the most logical choice is to deploy their strongest force to kill it or at least chase it away.

Even a poor farmer like me can understand that.


(Did she purposely make that dragon live on the 1st floor of this giant tower to show it to Sasha......?)


It reminded me of the red dragon on the 1st floor of the giant tower that showed its belly when everyone was about to kill it.

I wondered why she summoned the dragon. Apparently, she has a good reason.

Elly didn't summon it as a pet because she felt lonely.


"And with God Raito's help, we have passed a message to Sasha. I am sure that the despicable woman will come to kill God Raito to protect her happiness and gathers information about the Giant Tower. By taking advantage of the strongest force she knows, the White Knights......."


The throne room on the 4th floor of the giant tower is filled with killing intent directed at Sasha, and the sound of everyone gritting their teeth can be heard.

I am happy to see everyone angry for me and feels better.


Elly's explanation continues.


"According to Kaito's memory, Sasha's fiancee is Michael, the vice commander of the White Knights. Michael has a strong desire to take over the throne, and he sees the Commander as his rival. Some rumors say that he's secretly cooperating with the Prime Minister of the Elf Queen Nation to bring down the Commander, which is their biggest obstacle. I think they will definitely try to take advantage of the current situation.”


Michael wants to make their child the next queen, so he wants to solve this case with his fiancée.

The Prime Minister is also backing them. That's why Elly is sure that Sasha and her fiancé Michael will come to the giant tower together.


"I am sure the greatest force in the Elf Queen Nation, the White Knights will appear on the stage we have prepared, this giant tower. We have prepared the strongest force, so I am sure our guests will not be disappointed and will be able to enjoy it till the end."


Elly smiles cheerfully as she points her right hand at herself and her left hand towards the others.


"SUR, Elly the Forbidden Witch, level 9999.

"SUR, Aoyuki the Genius Monster Tamer, level 9999.

"SUR, Nazuna, the true vampire knight, level 9999.


Up to this point, they're the main personnel.

Except for Gold and Nemumu, the remaining three will be participating this time.


"UR, Suzu the Hermaphrodite Gunner, level 7777."




"My partner will do her best for Raito-sama."


Suzu is kneeling down and whispering to Musket Gun to speak for her.


"UR, Mera the Chimera, level 7777."


"Kekekekekekekeke! Are those White Knights the strongest in the Elf Queen Nation? I hope they can entertain me a little bit."


Mera smiles happily at the chance to fight the strongest of the elf race.


"UR, Ice Heat the Grappler of Flame & Freeze, level 7777."


"I will put my life on the line and wield my power for my master!"


Ice Heat affirmed with a serious expression.


Mei can't move because she is responsible for Naraku's internal affairs.

The Monsters like "UR, Fenrir the Divine Beast, Level 9000" would not be involved because they are under Aoyuki's jurisdiction.

As Elly said, everyone here is Naraku's strongest personnel, myself included.


Naraku's strongest force vs. Elf Queen Nation Strongest force, the White Knights.


Ah, just as Elly said, I'm sure the elves won't be disappointed and will enjoy it till the end.


I smile with satisfaction.


"As expected of Elly. I'm sure Sasha and the others will be very pleased with this."


"I'm glad that God Raito is pleased."


Elly smiles happily as she says that.


My anxiety is gone, and all I can think about is the excitement that I will be able to take revenge on Sasha.



  1. thanks for chapter . please can we schedule for release ?

    1. Cannot. This novel didn't get enough support. So I have to take commission work and prioritize other novel/manga translations.

    2. thanks for letting me know . once again thanks for translating.

  2. By the way, would you mind reload v1c29? It is missing from the list. Thanks.

    1. I just realized that I accidentally skipped v1c29.....
      Sorry I haven't translate it, so I can't upload it.

    2. Thanks for the reply. Will you be TL & upload it at a later time?

    3. No... No one willing to pay for it, so I'll just leave it.

    4. I will pay for it then. I will make a donation through Ko-Fi.

    5. thank you.. I have sent some translated episodes, please check your email.


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