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This translation site was created for Japanese novel fans. 


I am currently in between jobs and supporting my partner and baby girl with the donations from this site and other translation projects.

As this is a solo effort and I get translation done amid day to day life and raising a baby, please do bear with me for the delay. I will be translating the story sentence by sentence.


If you like my translation, then please support the translation project.

Any donation is greatly appreciated.

My current translations project :

1. Isekai Apocalypse Mynoghra 2. Infinite Gacha

3. I can always go home, so I started work as peddler in another world (ITSUJITA / Itsudemo Jitaku Ni Kaerareru Ore Wa, Isekai De Gyoushounin O Hajimemashita) 

4.The Daily Life of the Late Bloomer Tamer (Deokure Teimaa no sono higurashi)

5. The Duke House's Little Chef ~ The cook who trained in the mountain for 300 years

(KoushaRyouri / Koushakuka no chiisana ryouriban-sama ~ 300 nen yama de kitaeta ryourijin)






Readers who have donated to support the series (through PATREON or Ko-fi) will receive translated episodes in pdf file format. 

Personally, I suggest you to use Ko-Fi because :

- It's one time payment (not monthly subscription) 

- Ko-fi doesn't take a cut of your donations and don't charge supporters extra either.  

1. Ko-Fi

It's one time donation system. You can do donation by buying coffee for me.
$1 per coffee

$1 (1 coffee)         1 episode
$3 (3 coffee)         3 episode
$4 (4 coffee)         4 episode
$6 (6 coffee)         6 episode
$25 (26 coffee)     26 episode
$50 (50 coffee)     53 episode

When donating using Ko-Fi please mention from which episode you wish to read.

Buy me coffee!


2. Patreon

It's a monthly donation system.

Please visit my Patreon page and select the novel donation pax you want to support.

Become a Patron!


3. Paypal

It's one time donation system. Just donate directly to my Paypal account.

$1          1 episode
$3          3 episode
$4          4 episode
$6          6 episode
$25        26 episode
$50        53 episode

 Donate through Paypal!


4. Bank transfer (only for Indonesia citizen)

Please contact me by Email for details.


Important :
Please send me an email after you donate to let me know your email address, which novel, and which episode you want to read.
My email address:



I started this joint donation program for the "Infinite Gacha" novel.

Readers can support my translation by donating through this Ko-Fi account. Even the smallest donation can make a change.

Please check on the goal.

Every time the goal is achieved, I will release new chapters on this site in 24 hours.

PS: Unlike "Personal Donation," I won't send the pdf file to your email.

Click on the link below to check on the goal and support the "Infinite Gacha" series together with the other readers.











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