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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Episode 57: Evil Intentions Can Save People - part 2


Did she feel impressed by his straight forward feelings, or did she feel frightened by his strong will? With a slightly bitter smile, Eracino took a bundle of paper out of nowhere.


"This, This is!"


Fjord's eyes widened in astonishment when he received the document.

Because the document is information about the Cardinal's property's hiding place, which shouldn't be left behind in any form. ......


"Eracino-dono ...where did you get this?


"The "investigation" skill is important. Oops, Knight Commander-kun. Is that important now? Does it matter how I get that? No, the important one is....what are you going to do with that? Am I right?"


"Mmm! I'm sorry. You're absolutely right. Thank you for the lesson, Eracino-dono."


Fjord instantly changes his mind at those words.

The number of hidden assets that have been uncovered so far is enormous.

If this can be recovered as soon as possible, they can use the funds to rebuild the southern provinces' areas affected by the chaos.

Fjord had found some hope at the end of the turmoil. He looked a little better than before and put the documents in his pocket.


"Then Soarena-sama, Eracino-dono. I will examine this document immediately. We don't have enough time right now."


"Yes, we'll depend on you."


"Do your best!"


 Fjord bows politely, just like when he entered the room.

 He turned around and going to leaves the room, but he suddenly stopped.


"I am...... truly grateful to you both for standing up for this country, and I know that God is guiding you and that He has not overlooked the festering sickness in this country."


Eracino, who took away the other person's mind by "brainwashing", understood that his word is honest.

Soarena, who became Eracino's puppet because of her "Sipping" ability, also understood that well.


"Let's make it a good country."


Eracino smiled with a carefree smile, and Soarena with an indescribable smile.

She nodded to Holy Knight Fjord's words.






"Iyaa, it feels great when we do something good! A new sensation!"


Eracino smiles as she dances around the office.

Her smile like a child and her carefree attitude makes it hard to believe that she is a witch who has taken so many lives.

Soarena continues working on the paperwork.

As if to run away from the reality that she doesn't want to see, as if to bury her own mind with lies.


"If things go on like this, all the bad people in this area are going to disappear, Soarena-chan!"


"If things go on like this if things go on like this ..."


Yes, they should just keep going.

Strangely enough, Eracino seemed to really want to make this country a better place.

At the very least, it is clear that she is becoming attached to this country and her acquaintances like the knight commander.

Soarena doesn't know why a witch who doesn't care about people's lives would have such feelings.

But if Eracino could develop a true attachment to this country and its people, wouldn't that change everything?

Wouldn't that mean that there would be no more unhappy people like her?

Such a compassionate vision of the future comes to Soarena mind.


 If we go on like this. If we go on like this...

 That's all Soarena muttered quietly.


"If things continue to go well like this......."


 I'm not sure what to make of that.


"Fenne-sama ..."


There was a woman there.

How tall is she? She's definitely taller than Soarena, but she's shrinking her body as if she's scared and therefore looks rather small.

She is also dressed in a holy robe to hide her skin, and with a pure white veil covering her face, it makes her look a bit creepy.

On the contrary, her voice is like a goddess' voice.

It's almost as if the room was purified by her voice, and even Soarena's cheek also blushing.


The woman's name is Fenne.


One of the Seven Great Saints of Hydragia.

Fenne Kahmuele, the face-down saint.


"Oh! Isn't it the Face-down-chan! Nice to meet you? How about your wounds? Do you feel any better?"


Before Fenne knew it, Eracino is standing by her side and speaking freely to her.

She turned her head in silence at Eracino's words, put her hand on her veil at an angle that Soarena could not see, and checked Eracino directly with one eye.


"Nice to meet you, Eracino. I didn't expect you can beat Soarena. You did well."


"Oh, yeah! It took me quite a while, though. But thanks to her, I'm one step closer to fulfilling Eracino-chan's ambitions! Isn't that great?"


"Well, I'm not interested."


 --A horrible feeling of discomfort struck Soarena.

 She didn't know the relationship between Eracino and Fenne.

 Qualia has a culture that severely dislikes other provinces' intervention due to each province's large discretion.

The Face-down Saintess is in charge of another province. That's why there's no information about the battle between the Face-down Saintess and Eracino.


Soarena has no information and has no idea what happened there.


"What's going on? Soarena."


Fenne asks quietly as if she has noticed something strange about Soarena.

Her voice was as beautiful as ever but sound serious like court music.

Soarena shook off the inhuman voice that echoed in her mind and asked in a roundabout way.


"I don't mean to be rude by asking you this, Fenne-sama. Did Eracino do something to you?"




Eracino and Fenne responded exactly the same at the same time.

Soarena trembled unintentionally at this weird coincidence.


"You say the weird things, Soarena. Did you think that I was brainwashed by her? Aa, did you think I was plotting something? If so, you're wrong. I've always put people first. This situation can't be helped. I have been defeated once. I'm no match against you and Eracino."


Her eyes pierce Soarena from beneath her veil.

It seemed that she has seen through everything even though she didn't put it in words.


"Oh, is that's what you think, Soarena? The Face-down Saintess made some secret agreement with the Sipping Witch and was hiding something. That's a very, very bad idea. God never affirms such a terrifying idea. That idea should be thrown away right now, Soarena."


As if it was prepared in advance, the things she had just thought was neatly rebuked. Fenne's words completely refuted Soarena's words.


"Now, Soarena, let's save the people. That is why the Saintess was created by God."


Fenne speaks with a beautiful voice.

It's a voice that makes people feel like they're about to be sucked in and drowned.

For some reason, Soarena looking at Eracino as if she's relying on her.

The "Sipping Witch" just smiles happily.



"All people deserve to be saved. Yes, all people.


The opinions of those who are here are completely in agreement.

However, the answer as to whether the word was true existed only in their own mind.



The Southern Province has separated from the Holy Kingdom of Qualia.

Thereafter, it will be treated as an independent city until the [State Declaration] event occurs.




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  1. your instructions for the ko fi thing are bad i dont understand the listings and what im actually getting for the donation
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    >Chapter 3 ep 51~73 (24 episodes) episodes this is diffrent from the listing on novelupdates so its hard to understand your numbering vs theres
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    >Chapter 5 ep 96~126 (32 episodes) like im will to donate but all this is just confusingly and its not letting me know how i receive this later...

  2. Sorry for my late reply...
    I just back from 28 days oversea business trip.
    Simple explanation to answer your question...
    I always divide 1 Mynoghra episode into 2 or 3 parts when I post it on this site or novelupdates.
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