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3rd month

  Shall we dance! Thumb up! My 1st selfie Hey! I'm ready! It's Hina Matsuri day!

2nd month

  .....Really? Oh great, now I have no hair. I am Straw hat Pirate crew Strawberry baby Hi Lupus! Did you see my parents? The Little Mermaid This world is so colorful... OMG! Kiss byee~ I'm not Krillin Take this!

1st month

  My first Babysitter Smiles... smiles... Being Photogenic Smoldering.....

ITSUJITA ~ C29: Adventurers' Guild, Silver Moon Apostles

  Chapter 29: Adventurers' Guild, Silver Moon Apostles   The adventurer's guild, the Silver Moon Apostles, would like to have a branch in Ninorich. Everyone in the room was surprised by Ney's words.   But as expected of Karen. She immediately calmed down and put on a serious expression.   "......, the Silver Moon Apostles want to have a branch in Ninorich?"   "Yes. Initially, we were supposed to go through the formal procedures and make a proposal, but we heard that the Messenger of the Labyrinth Looters was planning to set up a branch in this town. That's why I came here in a hurry. I apologize for proposing this in this way. If you don't mind, would you listen to me?   "Hmmm........."   Karen threw a glance at me. It seems like she's having trouble deciding. Maybe because Ms. Gabs had just demanded unreasonable things, she is wary that she might be asked to do the same thing again. I wondered.  

ITSUJITA ~ C28: Bargaining

Chapter 28: Bargaining     "...... Mayor, what did you just say?"   "I said, 'I want you to forget we ever talked about setting up a branch here'."   Karen said with a strong tone and stared at Gabs. I've only known her for a short time, but this is the first time I've ever seen her look so strict. Gabs' eyes widened at her words.   "Hou. I wonder who it was that came all the way to the capital and begged me to set up a branch here."   "That was......."   "The Labyrinth Predators are the only guild who have reached out to this town. Your request has been turned down by several adventurer guilds, right? Do you understand that properly?"   Gabs spread his hands and raised the volume of his voice so that everyone here could hear him.   "Why do many adventurers' guilds don't want to set up a branch in this town? It's simple. It's because it's not worth it. T