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Hello, I am the hero's father. I am sorry for the trouble my stupid son has caused. 〜I'm going on a journey to beat up my son, who has abandoned his childhood fiance and is doing whatever he wants out there. Even if he apologizes now, it's already too late~

  Doumo, yuusha no chichi desu. Kono tabi wa gusoku ga gomeiwaku wo kakete, moushiwake arimasen. ~Osananajimi no iinazuke wo sute, sokora de suki houdai yatteru musuko wo bunnaguru tame ni tabi ni demasu. Ima sara ayamatte mo mou osoi~   Synopsis :   A hero has been born in this village...   When Arca, Clore's son reached 15 years old, he received an oracle. As the oracle said, Clore entrusted Arca to the Kingdom Knights as a hero. His childhood friend and fiancee, Saaya went with him as his caretaker. Three years have passed. Only the tattered Saaya has returned.   According to her story. Arca uses his authority as a hero to pick up many women. He demands an unreasonable amount of rewards. He never apologized for anything. It seems he's doing whatever he wants in the name of justice.   His father (Clore) lost his temper.   It is too late to apologize. The journey to beat up his stupid son begins now.

Episode 39: Defense - part 2

The invasion of the city of Dragon Town includes the summoned monsters.Many demons under Ice Rock also participated. The number is overwhelmingly larger than the number of soldier that Fremine mobilize behind the Demon King back. Although to Shitennou they were only fragile monsters, they were a miracle for the humans who fought them all this time. Their number should be more than enough to bring down a city. The Demon King Army and the Shitennou who lead them has been defeated easily.... Even a wise man like Fremine need more time to admit Isla's words as facts.   (Well,No matter how far they go, small fry are only small fry.)   But even in a crisis situation where his allies had been wiped out, Fremine still have the confidence. With his ability he could survive this situation. ......After all for the Demon King Army of Brave Quests, those demons is nothing more than chess pawns. They are not accustomed to military action. It's not because they are incom

Episode 39: Defense - part 1

    Crunch, crunch, crunch--.   "Hmm ...? I t don't have much nutrition."   The sound of the skull chewing hard and the tender flesh being torn apart echoed. Isla uses her second arm to eat something that resembles a human. Like a sommelier who is tasting wine she shakes her neck and feels disappointed then throws away the corpse - the Flame Knight.   "There is a miscellaneous taste, and the taste is not cohesive ... Moreover, the stiff and strange small bones remain in my throat. It is not nice."   In the trees many threads as strong as steel hung.The monsters that had lost part of their bodies were hanged.At the end of the crooked tree was pierced with body parts and looked like a hundred tongues . Blood dripping on the cursed earth.   Not only that ... lots of mucus-covered eggs lay on the ground and branches. The eggs pulsed as if there is new life in side it.   Good people will say that this place is hell. A madman will s