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Infinite Gacha: Ch 4 – Ep9 Human Race Hope

            "I'm sorry to call you late at night. Lilith, the first princess of The Human Kingdom. I'm Raito, Yume's older brother."   Yume's older brother, a boy named Raito - stands up from the Golden Throne and walks down the stairs to greet the First Princess of the Human Kingdom. Raito stands in front of her.   Lilith is slightly taller than him, so she has to look down, but he does not mind and bows his head.   "I heard the story from my sister, Yume. Princess Lilith not only saved her life with a potion but also gave her a job and gave her protection. Thank you so much."   When Raito bows his head, Elly and all the monsters behind her bow their heads to Lilith at the same time. She is confused when she is thanked by Raito, the Witch of the Giant Tower, and the mythical monsters. All of them are so powerful that they can be called Gods. But at the same time, Lilith feels a sense of superiority and [ feels ] v