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Friday, May 5, 2023

The Secret of Kabe-don


Kabe-don: A Unique Gesture of Romance

Have you ever heard of the term "Kabe-don"? This unique gesture of romance has become quite popular in recent years, especially in Japan. Kabe-don is a Japanese term that refers to a situation where a male character slams his hand on a wall to corner a female character, placing his other hand next to her head. This creates a romantic and intense moment in anime and manga and has become a common trope in Japanese media.

History of Kabe-don

Kabe-don is a relatively new concept in Japanese culture and media. While it is widely believed that the term and act of kabe-don originated from a scene in the popular manga series "Love Celeb" by Mayu Shinjo in 2004, some sources suggest that it may have existed as a real-life gesture before then. 

According to one of my Japanese friend, who is quite old and likely born during the Showa period, the act of hitting the wall with a fist to warn people on the other side to lower their noises was a common practice in apartments or karaoke stores with thin walls. 

Regardless of its origins, the scene in "Love Celeb" featuring a male character cornering a female character against a wall, with his hand slamming on the wall next to her head, became popular among readers, and soon after, other manga and anime began featuring similar scenes. The term "Kabe-don" was coined from the sound effect of the hand slamming on the wall ("don").

Facts about Kabe-don

Kabe-don has become a popular gesture in Japan, with many young people practicing it in real life. However, some people find the gesture intimidating and even abusive, as it can be seen as a display of power and dominance. Some women have also reported feeling uncomfortable when someone they do not know performs the gesture on them. In response, some Japanese companies have even created products to prevent Kabe-don, such as an "anti-kabe-don" cushion that can be attached to walls to soften the impact of a hand.

Despite the controversy surrounding Kabe-don, it remains a popular and unique gesture of romance in Japanese media. It has even spread to other countries, with people around the world imitating the gesture in videos and social media posts. Whether you see it as a romantic gesture or an aggressive display of power, Kabe-don is undeniably a cultural phenomenon that has captured the attention of many people.

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Featured Post

The Secret of Kabe-don


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