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Thursday, January 13, 2022



Chapter 50: Liquor



"Hmm. An-chan, you don't seem to be drinking much. By any chance, do you not like to drink?"


When we had finished some of the dishes and taking a breath, Ryer suddenly asked me a question.

He asked after he sees the ale in my beer mug.


By the way, there are 4 of us drinking ale: me, Ryer, Nesca, and Kiki.

Aina is a child. Of course, she can't drink ale. Stella doesn't like ale, and Rolf is drinking water because he is forbidden by his religion to drink alcohol.


"Well, I like to drink, but this ale is kind of ......"


I'm not sure what to say.


"........ Is it not good?"


Nesca-san suddenly burst in.

Kiki is laughing next to me.

I raise my hands in surrender.


"You're right. To be honest, I don't really like this drink. Maybe it's because I'm not used to drinking it."


As someone born and raised in Japan and knows what beer tastes like, I'm sorry to say that the taste is too strong for me.

It has a higher alcohol content than Japanese beer and has a strange herbal scent.

On top of that, it is warm. It is room temperature.

I couldn't drink it because I knew the taste of chilled beer.


"Really? Well, I never think it's good either.


"Hee? Are you serious?


"It is obvious, isn't it?"


After saying that, Ryer gulps down his ale.


"It's just that in a remote town like this... the only alcohol you can drink is ale, right? That's why ...... we have no choice.


"That's right nya, that's right nya. If this is a trading city, we can drink grape wine or apple wine..."


Kiki became the yes man, and gulped down her ale.

It seems they are used to the ale taste.

"You two are not grateful enough to be able to drink ale. It's only because the Silver Moon Apostles set up a branch in this town that we can drink ale at a price that's not too different from the central price. Don't forget that."


"Yeah, yeah, I know."


"I do understand that nya."


The two of them shrugs their shoulders.


"Hmm, but at least I wish we have wine."


"Hmm, does that mean Kiki-san likes wine?"


"Funyaa? I don't really like it."


I was almost knocked off of my seat by her unexpected reply.


"...... Then why wine?"


"It smells like grapes, so it's better than ale. The only wine we can drink is sour and not nice."


"Hee, is that true?"


"Ooi oi, is that true?! Anchan, don't you say that you never drank wine at that age? Or does it mean that the good merchants only drink expensive wines that nobles drink? "


"It's not like that. It's just that in my hometown we have cheap but very nice wine."


"......" [all]


Not only the Blue Flash, but even Stella also stopped eating when she heard my words.

Their eyes are kind of scary.

I continue my explanation while being intimidated.


"Basically, there are three types of wine: red wine, white wine and pink rosé wine..... Oh, I've heard that orange wine is also popular these days. Anyway, each of those four types of wine has many different brands and tastes. From sweet to dry taste. Some are refreshing, while others are heavy and deep in flavor. Prices also range from the lowest to the highest. Some wines can be bought with a child's pocket money, and some wines are more expensive than a house with a garden. I heard that people addicted to wine drink different wines depending on their meal of the day. Well, I don't like wine that much, so I don't drink much of it. If I want to drink, sake is my favorite."


And just as I am starting to talk about sake, I suddenly realize that the atmosphere has changed.

Before I knew it, the atmosphere of the bar has changed.


"............ Are?"


Not a single table is having a conversation, and everyone in the bar seems to be listening to me.

Even the chef in the kitchen is looking at us - or rather, at me.


"................." [all]


The bar is silent.

The adventurers at the table over there quietly waiting for me to speak. While the young adventurers at the table on the other side are anxiously waiting for me to continue my story.


The last one is an old dwarf who was supposed to be at the far end of the table.

When I noticed him, he had moved to the next table and was staring at me with his arms crossed.

Ah, I made eye contact with him now.


"...... boy, don't worry about me. More importantly, please continue with your story. The story of your hometown brew."


"O, okay!


Old veteran. This is the kind of veteran who has a keen eye for detail, and I can't help but straighten my back.


"Let's see, in my hometown, there are various kinds of liquor----......


This is how I ended up spending an hour talking about liquor.



  1. Thanks for the updates.

  2. I just realised... Is the author a fan of Gundam 8th MS Team? The names look really familiar
    Shiro Amada (Protag), Aina - Sakhalin ( Heroine), Karen (another team member), Kiki (Rosita), Isan Ryer (Feddie Colonel-antagonist), even the town Ninorich is the same as a supporting character (Michael Ninorich ) I'm just waiting waiting for a character named after Eledore Massis or Norris Packard...

    1. I am gundam 8th ms fans.... but i didn't notice that. Well... that really surprised me.

    2. Well, damn, didn't notice that when I really should have...

    3. Good catch anon.

  3. Thanks for the double update. Aina-chan is adorable like usual~

  4. Welp.....this got dropped I assume


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