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What is the last translated chapter?
Isekai Apocalypse Mynoghra :v3c95

Infinite Gacha : v4c8

ItsuJitaku : c59

DeokuTeima : c53

KoushaRyouri: c21

Yuusha no Chichi: c14

How to read the unreleased chapters?
Make a donation and email me (, mentioning which novel and chapter you want to read.
The translated chapter pdf files will be sent to your email.

Why can't you release more free chapters?
This website Ads income is far from enough to keep the translation project running. 

I have no choice but to depend on readers' donations.

How to donate?

Please refer to the Donation page.

Can I ask you to translate a novel/comic for me?
I'm also doing commission work, but whether I take the job or not depends on my workload and the price. Please contact me for a more detailed discussion.


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