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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep18 Target


Aoyuki has linked her senses with her tamed monsters to keep adventurers from entering the forest and approaching the giant tower. We have also used some magical measures, so the area is basically safe and no one can get in.

However, considering the possibility that the tower is being monitored by forces we don't know about, we quickly go inside the tower.


"The giant tower is equipped with a technology developed by analyzing the Naraku dungeon core and my magic. It is physically and magically impossible to monitor or eavesdrop, so you can feel at ease!"


If Elly says there is no problem, then it must be safe.

I entered the 1st floor of the giant tower.

I take off my SSR, Clown Mask, and put it inside the item box with my staff.

It's not like the mask is suffocating me or blocking my vision, but it still feels good to take off the mask.

Inside the giant tower, large pillars that looked like 1000-year-old trees are lined up in a regular pattern.


If I listen more carefully, I can hear a groaning sound, "gurururu".

It seems that a red dragon, 10 to 15 meters long, is sleeping in the back of the room.

It seems that unexpected intruders had disturbed its sleep, and it let out a low groan of anger.


"You, little flying lizard. How dare you groan at your Master......"


Ice Heat was the first to speak up, but everyone else is also slamming their killing intent into the Red Dragon.

The Red Dragon realizes that his life is in danger, so he panics and turns on his back to show his belly and try to flirt them.


"Kuun, kuun......"


He turned his teary eyes on me and let out a cry as if he is begging for his life.

He looks so cute, like a big dog.

I let out a slight chuckle and waved my hand.

In an instant, the killing intentions faded away as if it had never been there in the first place.


"I don't mind, so there's no need to scare him off any further."


"I'm sorry, too. I'm sorry about that. The pet I summoned behaved badly....... I've summoned him because he's needed for the operation...... I'll scold him properly later."


Elly bowed her head in shame.

I thought the dragon looks unfamiliar. Apparently, he was summoned by Elly.

I smile and speak...


"I really don't mind. If you're going to scold him, do it lightly."


"Kuun, kuun......"


The dragon raised its body and started bowing to me.

The sight is so funny that I can't help but smiles.

But taking the trouble to have a dragon live in this giant tower... How the hell is it going to be used in this operation?


While I puzzled over that question, I move to the 4th level using SSR Transfer.


According to Elly, once the gimmick is activated, transfer magic will be blocked. Still, since it's not active at the moment, we can transfer without any problems.


After moving to the 4th floor, we ended up in the Throne Room.

A pure white throne made of the same material as the giant tower is placed in the center of the room. There is no other furniture except for a bright red carpet on the floor.


At Elly's request, I sit down on the throne.

Aoyuki and Nazuna are standing on my right, and Elly is on my left. They kneel and bow their heads.

Gold, Nemumu, Ice Heat, Mera, and Suzu kneel and bow their heads behind the girls.


After a few moments, I call out to them.


"You may raise your faces."


Elly and the others look up at me.

The expressions on their faces vary, but they all have one thing in common: absolute respect and loyalty to me.

In the past, I was a bit embarrassed by this, but I am used to it now.

Without any hesitation, I proceed to speak.


"Elly, could you please explain Sasha's Revenge Plan to everyone again?"


"Yes, I'll be happy to explain."


After Elly clears her throat, she cheerfully begins explaining about Sasha's Revenge Plan.


"I've made some adjustments on Sasha's revenge plan, which was originally thought up by God Raito."


As she said, I came up with a rough plan.


I've heard that Sasha is about to marry her fiancée, the White Knight's vice commander who has royal blood. As a former member of her party, I think I should give her great revenge at the peak of her happiness.

The plan was to confront Sasha and her fiancé and force her fiancé to choose between abandoning Sasha or fighting us.


He is her fiancee, the happiness that she gained by killing me, the Master suspect. I'm sure the two of them are bound by a tight bond.

If I ask Sasha's fiancée to choose between abandoning Sasha or fighting with us, I'm sure she'll choose Sasha.


Sasha will never experience the despair of being betrayed and almost killed by the Race Union, just like I experienced.

But if her beloved fiancé abandons her right in front of her eyes, wouldn't she feel the same despair I experienced back then?


--The idea is to create a situation similar to my experience where I was betrayed and almost killed by the Race Union's members and let Sasha experience it.


"It's a very nice idea, God Raito. However, I believe that we should pursue our own interests more."


Elly said with a satisfied look on her face.


"The death of Sasha the traitor Elf is absolute. If we are going to kill her, it would be a shame if we don't use her death for our benefit."


She giggles like an innocent girl.


Her smile is so innocent and beautiful that any man on earth would fall in love with her.

Though the content of her speech is very cold and calculated.


"First of all, God Raito will be the first to bring back information about the Giant Tower so that he can build up his achievements as an adventurer. If we are successful, we may be able to raise his adventurer rank even higher. Next, I understand that our powers are considered very high on the surface world. But with so many enemies gathering in the Giant Tower, I wonder what will happen if we actually fight. This is an experiment to find out about that."


Furthermore, Elly says...


"From Kaito's memories that we captured in the Dwarves dungeon, we found out that the White Knights have some useful information. I hope that by capturing them, we can extract information about the Master. Also, if we can reduce the Elf Queen Nation's military power by destroying the White Knights and and then negotiate with them, we can get more information about the Master."


Elly smiles and concludes.


"What will the other countries do if we subjugate the Elf Queen Nation? If the other five countries came to attack, how much military force would they deploy? Do they have any secret moves or trump cards that we don't know about? In some cases, are there personnel, troops, military forces, magic items, etc., that we can't defeat with our full strength? We hope to use this as a milestone. In the worst-case scenario, even if this giant tower is destroyed, it won't affect our headquarters. In short, this tower can be used as a sacrificed pawn. That's the purpose of this operation."


After listening to Elly's explanation, everyone let out a hint of admiration even though they don't say it out loud.

She smiles deeply at the silent praise from the others.

As the brain of Naraku, she's in charge of strategy and pursues efficiency and maximum benefit.

So far, things are going well.


However, I still have some concerns, so I ask her a question.


"Excellent, as expected of Elly. But I have a few concerns. Can I ask you something?"


"Of course! I'll be happy to answer any questions."


"Well then..."


Then I immediately ask Elly about my concerns.


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  1. White Knights and and then negotiate with them > White Knights and then negotiate with them

  2. I cant find your patreon. The link isnt working. Where can I donate?

    1. https://www.patreon.com/lupus_sensei

      above is the link.
      Thanks for letting me know, I didn't realize that the link doesn't work.
      Anyway... I already fixed it

  3. Did you drop this ? :/

    1. No. I just need to focus on commission work that give me more income. Well... I need to make a living.

  4. Error:
    If I ask Sasha's fiancée to choose between abandoning Sasha or fighting with us, I'm sure she'll choose Sasha. -> If I ask Sasha's fiancée to choose between abandoning Sasha or fighting with us, I'm sure he'll choose Sasha.



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