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Thursday, January 13, 2022


Chapter 49: At the bar




The guild's opening celebration began.

The participants are the 4 members of Blue Flash and the 3 members of Shirou Store.

The celebration took place at the guild's bar.

The sun is setting and the night is starting to fall.

Many plates of food are placed on the table.


As someone who grew up in Japan, I'm not sure if it is okay for an 8-year-old girl like Aina to be at the bar.


"Mom, today is a very wonderful day. It's nice to have dinner with everyone."


"Yes, it is. Mom is very happy too."


Mother and daughter are eating dinner together, and they look very happy.

In the bar full of adventurers, Aina is clearly standing out from the rest.

But I guess it is because she was working so hard.


There is nobody who tries to bully her.

On the contrary, something unexpected was going to happen at our table.


"It's for you, from that table over there!"


The bar maid brought us a dish we hadn't ordered and pointed to another table with her chin.

I looked at the table and saw a muscular man raising his beer mug toward us.


"Young lady! Eat lots of food and grow up quickly!"


The muscular man with scars on his face laughs.


"Thanks, Uncle!"


Aina waves her hands excitedly.

The bar is filled with a warm atmosphere because of this scene.

If I could see the air that filled the bar with my eyes, I'm sure it would have been peach-colored.


"These are also for the young lady. I envy her popularity."


Three more plates were served.

There is almost no room left on the table.


Those people smile back at her. Her smiles really melted everyone's heart that their mouths are wide open.

Hmmm. It looks like there will be more dishes to come.


"What the heck. If the young lady is here, we don't need to order food, right?"


"Yeah, yeah. I think so too."


Ryer and Kiki are licking their lips when they see the dishes that have been brought to us.

As if to discipline them, Rolf says.


"You two, don't be disgraceful. These dishes were gifts from the adventurers for Miss Aina. Don't touch it without Miss Aina's permission."


"............ Rolf is right. Both Ryer and Kiki are eating too much."


"You said so, but Nesca is drooling too."




"Ouch----! Your heels, don't step on me with your heels."


"............ It's Ryer's fault for saying unnecessary things."


Ryer and Nesca are starting to quarrel.

Aina was laughing out loud as she watched their quarrel.


"Ahahahaha. A, Aina......laugh so much that my stomach hurts."


Aina-chan takes a deep breath.

She wipes the tears that welled up in her eyes from laughing so much with her fingertips and looks up.


"Aina can't eat this much food, so I hope you guys eat too."


"Funyaa.... As expected of Aina nya! Then, thanks for the food!"


With Aina's permission, Kiki-san is the first to take a bite, soon followed by Ryer-san.

That was the signal.


Nesca-san put an unbelievable amount of food on her plate and ate it quickly.

As for Rolf, he's a big guy. He eats as much as his size.

Oh no, I almost miss it.

I must eat too before the foods are all gone.


"Here, Shirou-san."


Stella gave me a plate with food on it.


"Thank you, Stella-san."


"Here, Shirou Onii-chan. Aina also took some food for you."


"Oh, thanks Aina-chan. Uwaa...... They all look delicious."


"Shirou Onii-chan, let's eat together. Mom, too."




"Yeah, let's eat."


Despite the Blue Flash members who continued to eat at an incredible speed, we began to eat slowly.


"Thanks for the food!"



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