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Infinite Gacha Chars


Infinite Gacha

Raito (Light). A human boy who has Infinite Gacha gift. He was suspected as the Master, betrayed by her party members, and almost killed. He created a kingdom inside Naraku and became a King with many strong followers. 

Mei the Seeker Maid' level 9999. Raito's first summoned follower. She also acts as the head maid in Naraku.

Aoyuki, Genius Monster Tamer, level 9999. A monster tamer who likes to imitate and talking like a cat. 

Elly, the Forbidden Witch, level 9999. A genius witch who also acts as the strategist in Naraku. She considers Mei as her rival.  

Nazuna, the True Vampire Knight, Level 9999. Strongest fighter in Naraku. She is a bit dumb, but also a very cheerful girl. Everyone in Naraku acknowledges her as the mood breaker.


Why I am doing this (post fake translation, put in hidden message and hide the link on other page) ?


Some aggregator site copy-pastes my translation work without my permission.

Please only read Lupus-sensei translation on this site.



  1. Sorry to bother you but it seems that there is another chapter mixed in the last chapter of infinite gacha, I don't know if it's normal.

    1. It's intentional.... someone copy paste my translation to his/her website without. So I did that to trick that bastard.
      You can find the link to the real chapter on this page.
      if you read carefully that mixed up chapter you will find the instruction to find the link anyway, bcoz I include a hidden message inside that chapter

  2. There is no ToC and Next Button.
    But well, as long as keep the update i will be glad..
    Btw thank you for the translate Bro.

  3. buena sera que puedes decirme cual es la direccion de la web novel en idioma original


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