Isekai Apocalypse Mynoghra

Ira Takuto
18 years old young man. After his death, he awoke in a mysterious world. He became the ruler of the "Mynoghra" civilization that controlled the destruction.
He has a communication disorder issue and can't talk with other people.
A gamer and also a lonely boy.



Takuto no.1 retainer and Mynoghra Hero unit. She knows about the real world and Takuto background.
A monster in disguise.

He is the dark Elves warrior chief and also a candidate to be the next dark elf chief.  A man with high responsibility sense, he will do anything to make sure the survival of his clan.
A workaholic guy.

Emul / Emuru
A dark elf girl who work as Gia aide. She has in-depth knowledge about legends, culture and history.
A book worm megane girl.

Elder Mortar
An old man who acts as the leader of the dark elves clan. He is also a mage.
A Grandpa who thinks too much


Long Leg Bug
Mynoghra scout unit created by Takuto, always trembling and make an awful sound. Takuto can see whatever Long Leg Bug see.

Infinite Gacha Characters

Infinite Gacha c1e24


Why I am doing this (post fake translation, put in hidden message and hide the link on other page) ?


Some aggregator site copy-pastes my translation work without my permission.

Please only read Lupus-sensei translation on this site.


  1. Is there any pick for Isla or pepe?

  2. @Lupus-sensei: I have created a Fandom Wiki for this Series (, since the Light Novel has been licensed by "Cross Infinite World".

    If you have free time and are interested, you can help in filling up the articles with content on the Fandom.


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