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Monday, June 19, 2023

Episode 51: Clever Scheme (1) - 1



The hero of Mynoghra, Atou the Sludge, feels intense tension like never before. A few days ago, Mynoghra was attacked by the Demon King's army of Brave Quests, losing a hero, which became a significant problem. However, the most crucial issue is the change in her master.

Takuto had lost the naivety he had when he first arrived in this world. Currently, he is displaying such anger that even Atou, his partner, finds it frightening.

 Atou is Takuto's partner. They have battled together in countless encounters, even though it was only within the game. Atou has experienced Takuto's anger on multiple occasions. However, the anger he displayed for the first time since their arrival in this world made Atou feel as if the person named Ira Takuto had undergone a complete change. This situation created a tense feeling that sent shivers down her spine.


(It may be different from before ...)


Atou's heartaches, fearing that those peaceful and serene days might be a thing of the past. However, she cannot dwell on the past. Despite her tremendous power, Isla was beaten, and Atou made a mistake that endangered her lord. Moreover, there are evident threats in this world. These facts grip Atou's heart tightly, and with unwavering determination, she feels a surge of power coursing through her body.

The crisis has passed, and they are now prepared. It is impossible to repeat the same mistake. Such a thing cannot be allowed. As the hero "Atou the Sludge," the strongest hero destined to defeat all enemies, even if it means sacrificing herself, she is determined to eradicate Takuto's adversaries without fail. She has shed all her previous naivety; in her eyes, only unwavering dedication remains.


"My great King, Ira Takuto! Atou the Sludge is here!


 Atou opens the door to the throne room, where the King sits.



"Uh, I want to die..."


"Don't be sad, don't be sad..."

"I want you to cheer up, my King."


The King, Ira Takuto, sits on the floor while being comforted by the twins.


"Ta, Takuto-samaaaaa!"


"... Atou. I want to die."


Takuto is burying his face in his knees. He was talking without looking at Atou at all.

Where has his determination gone?

Anyway, Atou rushes to Takuto as if the situation has worsened.


"No! Don't die! Takuto-sama! What happened? Please tell this Atou!"


Takuto's face slowly rose, and he looked at Atou.

He mumbled for a while, trying to say something. Eventually, the light disappeared from his eyes, and he buried his face in the ground again.

His heart has broken.




Atou, who cannot understand the situation, can only scream sadly.

There is no longer the strongest hero that Mynoghra was proud of.

However, it may be unavoidable because the strongest "Eternal Nations" player is in such a condition...


"It's OK, it's OK, good boy, good boy. Baby, baby"


"Oh, Oneechan-san. Eeto, you should not call the king 'baby.'"


"It's fine. I'm a baby now. I want to start over from before I was born. "


"It's OK. It's OK, baby, baby."


Her older sister Mearia continued to pet Takuto's head in a relaxed and gentle manner.

It seems that Cearia is not acting as aggressively as her older sister.

Atou quickly called out to the little sister,

She gives a sign to Cearia so Takuto wouldn't notice and start speaking in a whisper.


(Hey Cearia, come here for a second! What happened to Takuto-sama!?)


( Ab-about that, it's better Cearia not say it...)


(Ku, Kuuu ... But! Takuto-sama won't talk to me! This is a terrible situation!)


(Maybe you can try to pet him like Oneechan-san is doing.)




(If you do that, I'm sure the King would feel like talking to Atou-san.)


(Su-such a thing! There is no way this Atou, a hero and Takuto-sama's trusted subordinate, can do such a thing!)


Atou refused Cearia's suggestion while raising her voice unintentionally.


(I can't do that!)


Atou refuses again.


Her loyalty won't allow her to do such an act that will disrespect Takuto.


"... Takuto-sama ~, OK, it's OK~! Takuto-sama, your Atou is here~"


In the end, Atou decided to make Takuto feels better.

Actually, she was very interested. Although she had pride as a hero, she couldn't resist the sweet temptation of petting Takuto's head.

Besides, now is a special time.

Over and over again, she convinces herself that she is doing this just to comfort Takuto.

Atou enjoyed pampering Takuto without even trying to hide the smile on her lips.


But obviously, that act only pleases Atou. Is this method work?

Having his head stroked by the person he trusts the most, Takuto's self-esteem must have been restored a little.

The light returned to his eyes, and he finally raised his head.

Atou's wish had been granted.

She is currently petting Takuto's head.


"Uh, Atou ..."


"Takuto-sama, what happened? Please tell this Atou."


Atou is petting Takuto's head with an ecstasy expression.

Takuto finally began to talk to her about the reason for his depression.






"In other words, Takuto-sama was a little too full of vigor in the declaration the other day ..."


"Yes. No. To be honest, maybe I was too angry. I got carried away too ..."


What Takuto told Atou is about the recent declaration.

On that day, all his subordinates were frightened. They reaffirmed that Ira Takuto is the King of ruin who will bring the apocalypse...

He described all of his own acts at that time as overkill.

It was true that after that day, there was an awkwardness among the Dark Elves.

Even the hero (Atou) was stressed by tension until just now.

No matter how important one's position is, even an old dark elf like Elder Mortar must felt heartbroken.

If Takuto in front of her is the same man Atou knew, it is natural that he would consider his action that day a mistake.


"Haa...I can't believe I just said those lines at that time. I spread open my arms and declare to conquer the world......."


 He tried to continue his word, then Takuto buried his face in his lap again.

 He seems to be in a terrible state of self-loathing as he screams "AAH" and "OOH."


"Oh, the King said before. Chu, chu, chuubo?"


"Chuubo? Oh, he said chuunibyou Oneechan-san. The person with that serious illness will get many unpleasant memories called dark history."


"Poor King"


"Fuguuu !!"


"Stop it, both of you! You're inflicting more wounds on Takuto-sama's heart!


The innocent twins give the final blow to Takuto, and Atou sets out on a rescue ship in a hurry.

If this continues, Takuto may shut himself into his own world again.

However, Atou feels great relief when she discovers why Takuto is depressed.


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