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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Episode 31: Quickening

 As usual, the pathetic King sits on the throne while the twin girls were taking care of him. 

It is a common sight on an ordinary day. 

The situation is normal, and everything is going well, yet that peaceful time is about to pass. 

The next moment... 


"What do you mean?" 


 Suddenly Takuto stood up and hastily muttered words. 

The King's unusual behaviour made the girls beside him, staring at him and wondering. 


"Your majesty, what happened ?" 


"What is going on?" 


"Shut up for a second." 


 Both of them were shocked and trembled like little children being scolded. They lowered their heads slowly and completely closed their mouths. 

What happened? The two of them felt uneasy seeing the King's unusual behaviour. 

 It was clear from Takuto's behaviour that a big problem had arisen. 

They want to know what happened right now. 

However, the two girls are smart enough to understand that they should not say anything or disturb the King's while he busy. 

 Although usually, he could speak softer words, Takuto didn't have time to think about it. 

He received a report that in Dragon Town a large number of barbarians had appeared from the south. 


(It's an impossible way of appearing. Is there any event or something else happening now? ) 


 The first report came from the Long Leg Bug that station around the Dragon Town. Originally their mission is to investigate the Dragon Town mystery and the cause of the barbarians raid... 

 How did it happen? Why is he seeing a sight that he never expected now? 

Anyway, the sight that Takuto saw from the eyes of the Long Leg Bug really made his heart chills. 


(For now, I have to order the Long Leg Bug to investigate the enemy's strength in detail. If possible also dispel the enemy ...No, the first thing to check is enemy power level? No, at this stage I can't slowly decide) 


 As a scouting unit, the Long Leg Bug has excellent reconnaissance abilities. They have a wide range of vision and can see the enemy from a distance, making it easy to assess the enemy battle power. 

Besides, as an insect unit, their power has been increased by Isla's ability. 

The Hill Giants are a formidable enemy for them, but goblins and orcs could easily be defeated. Even though the Long Leg Bug is not a cheap unit, he can summon it again. No doubt that it is better to be offensive here. 


(The number of enemies is ... dangerous. There are 10 stacks !!) 


The approximate number of enemy soldiers was not less than 10,000. 

Although it is a scary number, there is no time to complain. 

Takuto is used to face critical situations and give sudden responses 

Besides, in Eternal Nations, Takuto has survived critical situation for so many times. 

Takuto convinced himself that his destiny still intact while receiving information from the Long Leg Bugs, he calmly instructs them. 

Now he has to reduce the enemy's strength as much as possible. 

He doesn't know what's actually happening now, he only understood that the situation suddenly gets worse. 

Takuto headed to the exit of the royal palace. 

After sensing two little girls also following him from behind, with a short sentence, he asks. 


"Where is Isla?" 


 As King of Minogura, Takht could keep track of the status of all units. 

 Of course, he could find out where Isla is and directly give her orders, but he tried to ask the twin girls here. 

 For one thing, he was concerned that he just treated them carelessly. 

 Besides, he wanted to confirm the importance of what he needed to protect by ensuring their presence. 


"Mother Isla is in the town." 


"Mama Isla-san is planning to visit a building in the city of Mynoghra. Should I call her?" 


"Please--No, it's OK." 


Takuto changes the instruction when hearing a small buzzing sound in his ear 

It seems that Isla also aware of the situation. 

The feather is waving while making a loud noise like the engine of a sports car that made people want to close their ears. 

At the same timing as Takuto went out of the royal palace, Isla landed in front of him with a huge squeaking noise. 


"My Lord, give me an order." 


 That word reminds him that Isla knows all the information about the insects under her control. 

Then he no needs to explain much, because the situation is really urgent. 

It would be fatal to Mynoghra if they have to deal with a large number of barbarians. 

Especially for the dragon Town, the dragon vein hole that they just obtained must not  

fall into the enemy hand. 

 Besides, Takuto also worried about Atou. 

Currently, she is at a dragon Town on a mission to defend the city. 

With her current ability Takuto sure she can handle any number of barbarians. Still, this is a dangerous situation. 

 There is a lot to think about and do. 

 In a game, he could think for a long time because the time didn't go forward unless he let the turn progress. 

 But the reality is not that easy. 

In this time-sensitive situation, a long thought is foolishness and ridiculous. 


However, Takuto is not alone in this world. 

Reliable subordinates are moving with all their heart to support him. 

Besides, he has the most reliable retainers. 


Could it be that her concern has been conveyed? 

He imagined the face of the hero he trusted the most, at the same time he received a call from the person herself. 


"Takuto-sama, I'm sure you already know. There is a massive number of barbarians rushing from the south of Dragon Town! 


"I also confirmed that. It's a hell of a mess. What's the situation there? 


Isla tilts her neck. 

She asked,  



"Are you communicating with Atou?" 

Takuto is answering her question by nodding and at the same time processing multiple tasks in his head. 

The slowness of the initial response may result in a significant effect later. 

He doesn't have time to go back and forth. 

First of all, he must try to collect information as quickly as possible. 


They will be fine. Incidents of this level should be easy enough to solve. 

Takuto accurately understood his own abilities. 

He made the right decision optimistically. 

The barbarians invasion can also increase hero strength. 

If they can fight the siege, it is a good event for Atou and Isla to gain valuable experience by fight the barbarian tribe. After defeating them, they can focus on investigating the cause.  

Takuto was thinking that way. 

However ... 


“But first, I have an urgent report. We just defeated the Hill Giant before this outbreak. 

 Suddenly, the body disappeared, and a gold coin was dropped. We've confirmed that the coin is not from this world. 





 Takuto shouted unintentionally. 

 That possibility had been completely overlooked. 

 No, it would be better to say that he was aware of the possibility, but he had driven it out of his thoughts. 

 If they came to the world as game characters, it shouldn't be strange for other people to experience the same thing. 

Takuto tried to analyze the situation caused by his own carelessness. 


(What a disgrace! I overlooked that! No, I was aware of it, but maybe  I assumed it impossible... Damn!) 


He feels that all the information is rapidly converging into one. 

Qualia is busy with incidents in the northern region. 

What if that incident happened because of a summoned civilization like them? 

What if the holy knight Qualia ordered by the Saintess to investigate the Daijukai because previously there were also signs of a new civilization? 

And now, a new miracle appeared in the south of Dragon Town. 


They are reborn in this way and are trying to build a new nation. 

As long as there is a living example here, there is no guarantee that other countries didn't experience the same thing. 


(Did it came from an Eternal Nations? If so then the apocalypse of the Guo-Guo-Guwago Big Family or Apocalypse Natural Disaster Committee is the strong suspects) 


 A list of possible nations appears in his head. 

 Barbarians - Goblins, Orcs and Hill Giants - exist in the Eternal Nations. 

 The civilization that produced them as units and civilizations that can accept barbarian units to become their military force. 

The risks cannot be measured if they are also involved in this situation. 

Both are evil civilizations, and they nearly have no intention to cooperate with other nations. 



(No, the possibility that civilization came from Eternal Nations is low) 


 That is unlikely. 

 Takuto makes an instant decision. Not to go into details, but from what he heard from Atou, the enemy are entirely different from them. 

 If that true, maybe they came to this world in a different way with Takuto. 

 Analyzing the information that had been gathered so far, the occurrence of the barbarian’s raid increased in stages. 

 Usually, when they defeated the barbarians, then the corpses should remain there. Still, from Atou reports earlier, the bodies have been disappeared, and a gold coin was found at the same location. 


(The barbarians that appeared regularly are they just scouts? 

Should I assume that they are summoned unit when their corpses disappearance phenomenon occurred? 

 Is the increase of barbarian's number some kind of sign?) 


A large number of barbarians suddenly appeared as if they waited for the right time, 

A crisis occurs in Fawncaven, and the soldiers are forced to defend the city. 

As if it a sign for the beginning of some story ……. 


(The number that can be confirmed by the Long Leg Bug vision is abnormal. It is not number that a civilization can immediately prepare after they transferred to this world. However, until now, there is no sign that other civilizations existed.) 


If such a massive horde could be prepared, the size of the enemy nation must be enormous. 

If so, it would be nearly impossible to completely hide their existence. 

Until recently, the undeveloped areas in the southern part of Dragon Town had been investigated to some extent by Long Leg Bugs. 

The entire territory was land, if there were traces of civilization, they should found it already. 

At this stage, Takuto was half sure that his opponent is an enemy army from another world.  


"Atou. Do you have the gold coin on hand? I'll use the vision share.” 


"Yes, I have it.” 


In a moment, the view is shared. 

Takuto observes the clear image projected inside his mind.  

He can't cut corners. He must collect all information. 

In the worst-case scenario, Mynoghra may be destroyed. 

Takuto feels a little frustrated, but he continues to flip his memories pages without losing his calmness.  


"It's a gold coin I've never seen. It seems that it is different from the civilization derived from Eternal Nations ... Probably made by an advanced civilization. Do you know about it Takuto-sama?" 


(This! I've seen this pattern somewhere!) 


The decoration on the gold coins 

 is a character-like thing, it is drawn in the center of a symbol that imitates the round sun.  

Takuto frowns. Something stuck somewhere in his memory. 


 Events from his past flow through his mind like a projector spinning at high speed 

, from the present to memories from a few days ago, and then a few weeks ago....... 

 Time goes back and forth and finally goes back to the real world before he came to this world - to the events in the hospital room. 

 The conversation he had with the doctor in the hospital room. The news he saw on TV. The books he read in his spare time. 

 And when the content extends to the various video games, he has played in the past....... 


"I see, this crest is ..." 



Takuto found out the identity of the gold coin and unintentionally spoke.  


Takuto has the impression that the situation is too good to be true and it looks like event inside the game. 

However, he noticed that the situation did not randomly happen, and it made his face stiff. 

No--it has begun. At this moment, a magnificent story has started. 


Then this is the worst situation. 


(This is bad... the ability of the other party is unknown) 


Takuto is gritting his teeth.  

He was frustrated that his failure put him and Atou in a dangerous situation. 

However, he is not mentally weak enough to scream at that stage. 


After gave Atou a simple instruction and Atou decided to interrupt the conversation. 

He told her to keep the telepathy connected to report the situation once a while, so she can concentrate on defending the city.  

 First, he has to establish a basic policy with Isla. 

 When Takuto returned from the sea of thoughts and looked up, the twin girls had disappeared. 

Takuto guessed that Isla had thoughtfully sent them to call Emul and Gia. His turned his eyes to Isla. 


"Isla. The situation get worse--" 


"What’s going on?" 


He could feel the tension in Isla's voice. Although it doesn't suit her appearance, usually Isla is very calm and relaxed. 

Isla realizes how serious the situation is given Takuto’s unusual condition. 

But how much did he anticipate this situation? 


"It's like an enemy country. An entity just like us is coming." 


"Like us? In other words, is it came from Eternal Nations? Is it possible to communicate with them? If we can negotiate with them, I think it's best to settle the conflict in peaceful way ...” 


"We can't. Probably we can't talk with them. They don't have such a mechanism. They move according to the laws of the world that are different from us... " 


Isla takes a breath after she heard Takuto's words. 

Inside her brain, she repeatedly verified the shocking words said by her Lord, 

He knows Takuto already makes some speculation about the enemy true nature in this situation.  


"You have any clue my Lord?" 


 Takuto nods to reply to Isla's question. He remembers the pattern of the gold coin shown by Atou. 


''It's just a guess, but probably 9 out of 10 it's correct. The enemy is—“ 


“It's from an RPG game.” 


The game he once played. 

Certainly, the same logo as the title is written on the gold coin. 

Set in an unknown world 

The armies from different worlds, which impossible to clash in the first place, is about to meet... 


= Message ============= 


A new force has been summoned to this world. 


[Brave Quests Demon King Army] 




= Message ============= 


<! > Error number 447 (abnormal operation was performed) 

<! > The summoning of heroes by automatic response has been suspended. 

The world protocol does not support 



  1. OMG Civilization Vs Rpg Game wow

  2. Amazing, this story is getting more interesting.

  3. Getting real good. Good translations as well.

  4. thanks for chap really appreciate it

  5. Hmmmmm good. So now its Civilizatiin Vs Warcraft 3

  6. 4x with rpg ? This will get more tangled than the gordian knot. Anyway the hero system does relate to that. P.S. Thanks for the translation

  7. this is getting good was confused to what was happening a few chap back but i can't wait to read more

  8. "As King of Minogura, Takht could keep track of the status of all units"

    Isn't this should be

    "As King of Mynoghra, Takuto could keep track of the status of all units"

    So far I read the translations on this novel seems to be inconsistent on some parts which may cause confusion, especially on the usage of subjects ("he," "she"). On a lesser extent inconsistency in regard the name of the Great Cursed Forest is also prominent. Though, the thing I suggested is very obvious.

    Perhaps building up glossary can help?

    Anyway, thank you for the translations!


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