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Friday, June 25, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep24 Hunting the Adventurer Killer 2




"Shit! Shit! Damn it! Where the hell did that shitty girl go!"


Kaito the elf is in a hurry.

To break through his growth limit, he had been going around killing human adventurers.

Today, he attacked Erio and the other human adventurers, but one of them had escaped.


Kaito is a level 1500 elf, and his opponent was probably no more than level 20.

He was so mad, he slashed at them with his treasured sword, and suddenly a light flashed before his eyes.

When the light disappeared, the girl he had been chasing disappeared.


The incident was so unexpected and strange that he was stunned at that place for more than a minute.


When he realized that he had missed the girl who knew his face, race, features, physical appearance, and fighting methods, it was already too late.

He hurriedly duplicated Grandius' treasured sword and rode it.

He flew around, looking for the girl. But he couldn't find any sign of the runaway girl.

While flying in the sky, he continued to bite his thumb.


"There's no sign of other people around here. Even if she uses some magic item to temporarily disappear, there's no way she can escape my detection sense. Maybe she was using a transfer item to move farther away from here...... No way! Is she already outside the dungeon! No, no, no, no! That's impossible. There is no way that dirty little girl has such a high-ranking magic item! If she has it, why didn't she use it right away?"


This is a situation where her life is at stake.

If Kaito was in the same situation, he wouldn't hesitate to use even the rarest item.


"... Maybe that light was just a distraction, and she was just running away from me. That makes more sense, just like a smoke ball... However, there is no sign of her presence at all...Argh! Did she go back to her friends???"


Kaito turned his gaze towards the entrance of the dungeon and looked for signs of life.

If he is in the same position as the girl, he will head for the entrance of the dungeon too.


"She's trying to run back to her friends while pretending that she's escaping to the dungeon entrance! Then she heals them if they're still alive, gets some more useful items, and escapes again! Damn it! Humans are as weak as bugs, but they are so sneaky!"


After thinking about it, he didn't finish them off because Miya ran away from him, and he knew they would die soon.

Kaito hurriedly changed his course and headed for the location where Erio and the others had collapsed.


It is difficult to imagine that a group of young adventurers wandering around the first level of a dungeon can possess a rare item that allows them to teleport long distances.

Usually, these kinds of items are kept by royal families, noblemen, high-level adventurers, and wealthy merchants to ensure their safety and escape in case of emergency.

There are only a few of these items. They are rare and not even sold at auction.

If sold, it could fetch enough money for a commoner to live for several decades.

Because of its rarity, it would be impossible for a novice adventurer to have it.

It was more logical to assume that she had managed to escape from his detection sense.


By flying with Grandius' sword, he can return to the original location in less than a few minutes.


"......Tsk, she's not here."


Looking down below him, he sees the boys still lying on the ground. When he looked at the last boy he fought, he is still faintly breathing. He is the brother of the girl who escaped. The boy would be dead in a few minutes, but he may be just right as a decoy.

Kaito looks around the area from the air, but no one is around.


"Not here...... She's not here. If so, where the hell did that little bitch go? Did she really teleport with a long-distance transfer magic item? That's impossible! Why does such a filthy girl have a rare item that even the White Knights doesn't have!??"


However, if Kaito himself hadn't found her after searching so far, the only thing he could think of is that she escaped with the transfer item.

In other words, it's only a matter of time before his home country discovers that he's been killing adventurers inside the dungeon.


His home country is a country ruled by an elf queen for generations.


He has stolen the treasured sword Grandius to break through his growth limit.

The Elf Queen country is currently on a full-scale manhunt to find Kaito, the man who stole the treasure sword. To escape from the investigators, he chose to enter a dungeon near the border between the Elves and the Dwarves country.

He decided to stay in the dungeon until he breaks through his growth limit while avoiding the eyes of the investigators.


 However, by letting Miya escape, his home country will surely find out that Kaito is killing adventurers inside this dungeon.

 The Elf Queen country will deploy their strongest forces to retrieve the treasured sword Grandius, prevent their country's scandal from being exposed.


"Tsk!? The White Knights...worst-case scenario that damned Commander will come here!"


He remembers his former superior's face, and he shivers with fear as he clicks his tongue.

Rumor said that the level of the leader of the White Knights is over 3000. Such a leader will bring a group of knights with levels over 2,000 and 1,500. Each of them has weapons and armor comparable to the treasured sword Grandius.

Kaito will be executed to destroy the evidence without any chance to fight back.


"Shit! Shit! Shit! I am the future hero. I shouldn't be killed in a place like this! I have to get out of the dungeon and move to another country. With the Grandius' flying ability, there are practically no borders! Next, should I go to a human kingdom? No, I better move to the demon race territory to get some distance from the Elf Queen Country."


"No, there's no way out for you."




When Kaito asked himself that question, a voice answered him with an ominous tone that was dignified and clear, yet heavier and darker than coal tar.

Surprised, he hurriedly distanced himself from the voice's owner.


When he realized it, he sees a group of people that looked familiar standing there.

One of them is wearing golden full-body armor and taller than Kaito.

Another is a beautiful young girl with a scarf covering her mouth. The girl's face is so beautiful that it can be seen even in the dark.

The last one is a boy in a black robe and wearing a clown mask.


(How did these guys get so close to me? The surrounding area is grassland with nowhere to hide. I may not notice the women and children, but there's no way I didn't notice a shiny golden knight approaching me! Did they approach me from the sky while hiding their presence? But even so, there's no way I, a man with level 1500, can't notice them. So how did......)


Until now, Kaito attacked the adventurers without sound or being detected. But this time, the situation reversed. But he couldn't understand how they did it.

He doesn't know that they were using a combination of the Infinite Gacha, SR - Flight, and SSR - Presence Concealment cards, a technique more advanced than his own.

The boy in front of him started to speak.


"If I look closely, you're the guy I warned against. He was trying to cut in when we first came to this dungeon. I never expect that you are the adventurer killer... "


"Oo! No wonder he looks familiar! My Lord, that was almost a month ago!"


"As expected, Dark-sama! You have a wonderful memory!"


A boy called "Dark" is reminding them about their previous encounter. The golden knight and a girl who looks like a fairy queen praise him all at once.

Kaito remembered them when the boy pointed out about their first encounter.


(Aaa! Those rude Humans who warned me when I first came to this dungeon!?)


It reminds him of the humiliation he suffered about a month ago. It also reminds him of his lust for the beautiful girl, whose beauty he had never seen even in the Elf Queen Country. He has been thinking of taking the silver-haired brown woman as his personal maid.

His body instantly heated up with excitement and lust, but he didn't want to waste time on them right now.


"You seem to have misunderstood something, but I didn't do any of this. I noticed something is wrong, and when I approached to check it out, it was already like this. I want you to stop treating me like a criminal."


"No need to make up such a bad lie. We already secured Miya-chan, and she told us the details, so we just came to catch you."




Kaito seemed to remember the name of the human girl he had just missed.

When he heard the masked boy's words, the expression on his face changed.

Then suddenly, Kaito smiles happily.


"Lucky...... I am so lucky I am! Hehehe, hahaha! I didn't think that some idiot who knows the whereabouts of that runaway human bitch would show up in front of me! I am so lucky! After all, I am a future hero loved by the Goddess!"


"Hero? No, you're not a hero."


The boy denied Kaito's words.

Kaito responded to the boy's words and stared at him.

The boy continues to speak from beneath his mask.


"You're just a stepping stone to raise our adventurer rank. Don't worry. We already have the evidence to prove to the guild that you are responsible for the Adventurers Killing. I'm going to kill you with my own hands, right here, right now. I won't let you live, not after what you've done to Erio and the other humans."


Then the boy took out a card and muttered the word "release".

At the same time, a light wrapped Erio and the others, giving them a recovery effect and protect them.


"Of course, Gold and Nemumu in the back won't help me. Do you two understand? Ah, but if this Adventurer-Killer tries to escape, you can interfere."


"Mm, Roger that, my Lord!"


"As you wish, Dark-sama."


Gold and Nemumu behind me answer casually.

Kaito's pride is hurt by their replies.


"... Mm, I am the future hero, and you humans are bug, how dare you say that you won't let me live!?...... I'll kill you. I will peel off your skin alive, stuff it in your mouth, and cut off your feet!"


Kaito is furious, and his blood is rushed to his head. He raised his fantasy class treasure sword, Grandius.

The boy in a black robe holds a wand in his hand and laughs softly behind his mask.


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