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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep30: Confrontation.



"It's been a long time, Nano.... I've come back from Naraku to take revenge."


I remove my SSR - Clown Mask and talk to Nano the dwarf for the first time after 3 years.

He looks really surprised. His voice sounds nervous.


"You, are you really Raito?"


"Yup. It's not a hallucination, I'm not an imposter, and I don't have a twin brother."


"But it's been 3 years since then. So why haven't you grown up at all? ...... Shouldn't a human child grow up more after 3 years? You look the same. That's impossible..."


"I stopped my growth so I won't forget your betrayal. I want to take revenge on you guys for betraying me, trying to kill and dispose of me like a piece of trash."


Although I did not tell him everything, Nano sensed my anger toward them. The anger that has been piling up like mud in my chest.


"...... seems you are real, not a hallucination. Are you walking alone in the slum area late at night to lure me out?"


"You're right. I am very thankful that you fell for it. I had a hard time holding back my laughter when you came out and stood in front of me."




Nano covers his face with his left hand.

Is he angry that he got tricked so easily? Or does he regret his actions?


"I see you're still alive....."


As I imagine his inner thoughts, Nano speaks quietly.


"These 3 years, I keep remembering the moment when they betray and almost kill you. Why did I just stand by and do nothing? Why didn't I stop them?"




Nano's unexpected words make me think.


(No way, did Nano regret what he did back then? Indeed, he didn't touch me ...)


For a moment, I thought about the possibility of him regretting his actions, but I quickly dismissed that thought.

I raise my guard.

Unlike his words and actions, the evil aura I sense from Nano is getting stronger.

He reveals his face, which he had covered with his left hand.

That expression is an ugly smile filled with a desire to torture the weak.


"I regretted many times why I did not stop them and beat you to death with my own hands more brutally! I can never participate in the search for the Master again, because I got you, the fake Master, and once my dream was crushed! My dream of making legendary weapons was almost crushed! How many times have I dreamed of killing you with my own hands! I wanted to torture you so hard that you would regret you for being born, not an easy death by being eaten by a monster!"


Nano widens his eyes to the limit with bloodshot eyes and yells out.

Even without hearing the words, I could tell just by looking at his expression how much he hated me.


"...... But the Goddess did not abandon me. I was lucky enough to get The Forbidden Sword Manufacturing Book, so I was able to fulfill my dream of creating a legendary weapon! Yes, I am a genius! I am the chosen genius of this world!"


He raises his sword as if to show it off.


The sword in Nano's right hand is simple in design, but the blade is reddish-black, and the handle's texture is like human hair.

Just looking at it makes me feel sick.

But Nano looks extremely excited as if he is holding a masterpiece.


"Behold the sword I created! Behold the magnificence of Fear Sword, which will be called the Legendary Weapon! Raito...... I forgive you for the hardship you have put me through. By becoming the food for this legendary weapon, Fear Sword...!"


"You think you can kill me with that worthless sword? Nano, aren't you forgetting that I lured you here?"


As Nano takes a stance with his sword, he lets out a crazy laugh.




I stare at him coldly as I put on my ‘SSR - Clown Mask’ again and hold my staff with both hands.


"That's why you are stupid! There is no one around here but you! If you are going to bluff, you should have prepared a few tricks to scare me off!"


Nano shouts out and then jumps forward again!

He attacks with a speed a dwarf shouldn't have and swings his sword.

I calmly block it with my staff.


"You can't fool my eyes! Not only your staff and mask that nullify Fear Sword's ability! You wear many other magic items! For example, the bracelet on your right arm!




I pretend to be shaken up and struggle to hold my footing as if I've been affected by Nano's sword.

He thinks that he is right and attacks more aggressively.


"You were lucky enough to be transferred to a treasure room or something and got this staff, mask, and other magic items. They helped you escape from Naraku, right? And you have been looking for a chance to take revenge on me for the past 3 years, but.... You're too naive!"


Nano mocks me and swings his sword.

But he has never been in a real fight for 3 years. His sword stroke is monotonous, and he continues to attack, relying on his weapon's ability.

I easily flick his sword and hit his solar plexus with my staff!




Nano rolls on the ground, screaming like a frog that has been stepped on.

I look down and speak at him.


"Level 300 and you have the Fear Sword.... I already knew all that. Of course I've already taken precautions, so it's only natural you fell into my trap."





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  1. Looks like even with the reunion, Nano seems to choose the MOST moronic move by attacking Light with his "masterpiece". And this is despite a fact that his own furball buddy Garou have failed to defeat the guy with hia own LV 500 familiar¡

    Karma will come at him one wayvor another

  2. Is this series dropped?


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