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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Episode 57: Evil Intentions Can Save People - part 1


Soarena is alone in her office in the Great Church of St. Amritate in the Southern Province government building, looking at a pile of documents.

These documents are evidence of the crimes committed by the corrupt priests in the Southern Provincial Council. Still, the number of documents was beyond her expectations due to the complex and rigid administrative system.

Soarena was a village girl, and she is not very familiar with administrative works.

She reads the contents of documents with sluggish hands. Her speed of reading and writing is like a child who has just started basic education.

There are people suffering behind each of these documents.


"Saintess Soarena! The investigation of the dead cardinals' private property has been completed."


Appearing is the senior Holy Knight Fjord-Weisterk, leader of the Southern Province Holy Knights.

Although he is an old man, his skill is still unmatched, and his technique's brilliance is well known throughout Qualia. Let alone the southern states. There are no priests or even ordinary people who do not know his name.

Fjord, the Holy Knight whose main job is fighting on the front lines, politely bowed.

Soarena nodded slowly and asked him a question in a hopeful tone.


"How was it?"


"In one word.......it's terrible. I had no idea there were so many assets hidden away as the result of double-bookkeeping, roundabout donations, and bribes. I was hoping that these donations from the people had been properly distributed to the poor. I can't help but cursing my own incompetence."


Fjord, who is always calm and never shows any emotion, can't hide his displeasure.

No--considering his character, it is natural for him to be very angry. 

In fact, the holy knight who has been temporarily called in to deal with this situation is almost screaming in outrage.


"God wants us to have a strong will to lead the people. Let's do what we can--How about the potential candidate you asked for?"


"I had informed the priests of each town and village, but they also have their own circumstances, so when suddenly something happens, their response are slow."


It is not easy to rebuild an administrative system that has many holes.

It is not just a matter of assigning capable persons to the job. Still, the candidates must have a certain level of popularity and ability.

However, the priests and cardinals killed by Eracino are the upper brass of the Southern Province administration.

Most of the work is done by ordinary priests, so for the time being, daily life continues like nothing has changed.

However, the peace will collapse within a few days.

By then, they must restore this complicated and disordered situation back to normal.


"Well... you can mention my name if you want, so please continue to persuade them. Right now, we need more personnel."


She even gave her permission to use the name "Saintess", which she should not have given out easily.

Fjord trembles as he realizes how much this means and how much determination Soarena has.

But as he turned his eyes in awe of the Saintess, Fjord remembered that there was something he had to confirm as the leader of the Holy Knights of the Southern Province.


"But is it okay to stop reporting to the central?"


A few seconds of silence, and then  Soarena the Funeral Flower Saintess reply.


"Yes ......, that's fine. If the central were to interfere now, the confusion would be even worse. Of course, it doesn't mean that we will hide it forever. We'll inform them when the time is right."


"Hmm, if Soarena-sama says so......"


 Clearly, he pretended to be deceived.

 Fjord is not just an old man on the verge of retirement.

 He is a senior holy knight whose name is well known all over the continent, and he is the proud hero of Qualia, who has defeated and destroyed more evil than any other person aside from the saintess.

 His experience allows him to read people's minds, which is why he could see some sort of guilts and secrets that Soarena hides.


There is something. That's why Soarena has to hide this serious incident from the central.

He tries to focus on what he can't see and examine the information he had obtained so far.

There must be something ... he must have missed something.

In his hazy consciousness, Fjord saw something in his mind.

The bodies of the priests were scattered all over the place. Soarena and a girl are standing in a sea of blood.

The moment Fjord and his men pulled out their Holy Knight swords and slashed at the girl...


"Yaa! yaa! You seem to be in some kind of trouble! I'm sure you don't have time to talk about it now, do you?


"--! You are....."


"YAHOO! Commander-kun. You've got more dark circles in your eyes? Are you sleeping well?"


The little girl in front of them casually talks to Fjord.

His vision was blurred, and his head ached.

The little girl images overlap each other, her red eyes and her mouth, blood, grin and eerily laugh.

His headache is getting worse, and he is almost unconscious.


"Ugh, Excuse me... my head."


A little more--a little more.

Finally, the Holy Knight Fjord remembers that the little girl in front of him is "Eracino, the Sipping Witch".


"Aryarya... have the effect run out? It can't be helped. Just believe in Eracino-chan, kyaa.♪"


= Message =============


Eracino's "brainwashing" judgment


Judgment: Confirmed success




He greets the holy congregation that he knew so well.


"Mmm ...... what? Oh, Eracino-dono. You're here? Excuse me. I was feeling a little dizzy."


The headache that he had earlier went away as if it was a lie, and his consciousness instantly became clearer.

At the same time, a sense of justice filled his body, and his gentleman side appeared, regretting that he had been disrespectful to the little girl in front of him.


"I wonder if Eracino-chan's cuteness has made you messed up. Don't force yourself to work, Commander-kun."


"Hahaha! I am not diligent enough to make a woman worry and care about me. But, Eracino-dono, There are some things that people can't accomplish, even if they work very hard."


"Something like helping people, perhaps?"


"Yes! That's right! As you know, Eracino-dono, Qualia is about to be caught up in an unprecedented turmoil. It is the duty of the holy knight to be the sword of God and the shield of the people in this difficult situation. Where will I find the time to sleep?"


"Nyaha! Hmm, what a workaholic! If you become the president of a company, it will definitely become a black company ♪ . Well, knight commander-kun, please work as you wish ~."




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