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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep29: Fear Sword.




Late at night, when the sun has completely set.

Most of the bars are closed, but there is a faint light coming from a bar where a few high-spirited drinkers gathered.

The laughter and chatter of dwarves can be heard.


The main street is usually crowded during the daytime, but now the main street is very quiet.

The sky is covered with clouds, so there is no moonlight. It is too dark for humans to walk around the street.




Nano the dwarf looks at the main street from the back alley as if searching for prey.

He hides his face under the hood and looks at his artifact class Forbidden Sword inside his cloak.


Nano strokes his sword sheath with an enchanted expression on his face.


(Just wait, Fear Sword. I'll let you taste delicious blood again tonight.)


Nano has been targeting and killing human and dwarf adventurers who walked alone at night for the past few days. Then, he fed their blood to his sword.


It is common sense to avoid walking alone at night for safety reasons, but some don't follow this.

Usually, these people are either not thinking straight. Maybe too young, reckless, or too drunk to make good judgments...... Or very skillful.


Nano was killing people using an artifact class Forbidden Sword.


Nano named it Fear Sword because everyone was terrified when confronted with the sword.

Fear Sword has the power to cause a strong sense of fear in its opponents.


In the middle of a battle for life, it is very dangerous to have a strong sense of fear.

One may not be able to use his skill and magic spells like usual.  One may not even be able to walk properly.

This is why Nano named it Fear Sword.


He felt that each time he let the sword suck blood from a living person, the fear-evoking effect of the Fear Sword was getting stronger.

To strengthen his sword, Nano hides in the back alleys and looks at the main street to find prey.


(But...... I have been too aggressive, so there is no prey. People are moving in groups now, so I can't attack them.)


Because of the recent serial killings targeting those who walk alone, the number of people who go out at night has dropped, and fewer people are walking alone.

Only security guards or groups of people who occasionally pass through the main streets and back roads.

He has not seen anyone walking alone tonight.


(Oh... I can't wait to feed my Fear Sword with blood. And I must grow him up to become a legendary sword. If I can’t find a prey tonight, maybe I'll target those homeless in the slum area.)


But his worry is unnecessary.


(...... Oh, a 12 or 13-year-old human child? No, is he a dwarf?)


A man wearing a black hooded cloak and holding a staff in his hand walks casually along the main street.

There is no moonlight, but there is no hesitation in his steps.


Nano is an adventurer who has fought many monsters and endured many hardships.

His level is around 300.


The target seems to possess martial arts skills and is very confident in his ability to handle a surprise attack. Nano concluded this based on his experience.

At first, he thought it was a 12 or 13-year-old human child based on its stature. The dragonmen, demons, and beastmen have horns and tails that give them a distinctive silhouette even when they wear a cloak. Besides, it is impossible for an elf child to walk around the dwarves' capital city at night.

There is no such thing as a skillful human child, so the only possibility left is a dwarf.

Perhaps it is a dwarf adventurer returning from drinking.


Nano makes up his mind and licks his red lip.


(Hihihi, Hihihihihi... Apparently, the sacrifice for tonight has been decided)


He doesn't immediately chase after his target but disappears into the back alley darkness.

He follows the black cloak through the back alley.

The black cloak stops.

After a moment, the target walks toward the slum area.


(? Why does he go to the slum area at night......? No, this way is also towards the inn area.....!)


The Black Cloak is not going into the slum area.

To be precise, he is passing through the slum area to get to the inn area.

That would be a shorter route than going through the main street.


Nano's caution quickly dropped. Now Nano is sure that the black cloak will be perfect prey.


Because the border of the slum area separates ordinary people from slum people, residents of both areas do not approach each other carelessly.

This is because they do not want to get into trouble.


Nano covers his mouth to hold back his laughter.


How convenient! Maybe it's because the Goddess is helping me, the genius blacksmith!)


With his level 300 physical ability, he holds his breath, walks soundlessly, and gets ahead of his prey.

Since he is a local, getting ahead of his prey is easy.

He quickly passes his prey and blocks the path.

He draws the Fear Sword from its sheath and waits for his prey.

Even in the dark, the Fear Sword looks redder and darker than before.


A few minutes later - the black cloak comes and stops a few meters from him.


At this moment, Nano's eyes widened in surprise.


"I thought you were a dwarf adventurer coming back from drinking this late...... Hey, are you a human child?"




Although Nano is taller, he can tell his opponent's details by facing him from the front.

The target is wearing a black hooded cloak, a staff in his right hand, and a mask on his face. It is difficult to see through the cloak, but the body is slender. He is not muscular and thick-boned like a dwarf.

It is a human child's physique.


Nano strokes his beard with his left hand and ponders.


"How could a human child walk alone in the middle of the night like this? ...... Did your senior adventurers ask you to go out and buy something? If that's true, then humans are really stupid. They don't even know how dangerous it is to walk around alone at night......"


While lowering his caution, his mouth begins to grin.

He imagines the slaughter that is about to begin. His excitement rises as he imagines his Fear Sword grows stronger as it sucks blood.


"Just because you're in the city you get so careless. This proves that you're just 2nd class... No, you're just a 3rd class adventurer...... Even in the city, there may be people like me who will attack you!"


With his last words, Nano jumps to get closer.

The black cloak human child is surprised at his speed, but he grips his staff with both hands and takes a defensive stance, which is unimaginable for a Dwarf.

Nano almost laughs out loud when he sees the child's defensive stance.


Fear Sword has the power to cause a strong sense of fear in its opponents. Just by being struck by the sword at close range, the opponent will be consumed by fear.

All that is left to do is to slay the opponent who has lost his will to fight.

Nano has killed several human and dwarf adventurers with this power.


(Above all, no weapon or armor can block my artifact class sword! I'm going to kill you and use you as his dinner!)


Nano swings down his Fear Sword with his level 300 arm strength!




But his opponent's staff unexpectedly blocks his Fear Sword firmly.

And as Nano is surprised, the black cloak kicks his abdomen.




Nano immediately moves away.

But the black cloak's leg is faster than him, so he suffers some damage.


Nano frowns while holding his stomach with his left hand.


(Dammit! Looks like his staff class is higher than I expected. Besides, I didn't expect he could counterattack without being affected by my Fear Sword ability..... He is just a human but is he stronger than he looks?)


He is surprised at the staff class. Above all, he is frustrated that his Fear Sword ability does not affect the black cloak.


Nano knows the black cloak is confident in his strength, but... Nano did not expect him to be able to resist Fear Sword's power.

High-level and strong people can naturally resist and nullify Fear Sword's abilities...

Nano calms himself down.

He realized that his opponent might not be as weak as he thought.

Nano worries that if he lets his opponent go, his identity will be revealed, and Fear Sword will not be able to suck blood in the future.


But such worries are blown away in an instant.


"Your blacksmithing skill aside, your battle skills haven't changed much since the old days."


"!? What? No, no way, that's voice! You, you still alive!?"




The black cloak removes his clown mask to reveal its true face as he listens to Nano's words.


"It's been a long time, Nano.... I've come back from Naraku to take revenge."


Raito meets Nano the dwarf for the first time after 3 years.





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