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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Episode 56: She once took a loved one in her hands - part 2


"Were their existence just a hindrance to everyone's life? ---Answer honestly, Soarena-chan. That's an order."


 While pointing to a pile of blood, organs, and flesh, the Witch asks.

Soarena doesn't have the right to make any decision for herself.

She is a bird in a cage; she can speak just because Eracino lets her do so.

She has no power to defy her owner's order.


"Abuse of power to enrich themselves. Abuse of power toward boys and girls who attending church that shouldn't be mentioned. They are not worthy as a guide to the people."


That mysterious power made it easier for her to expose contradictions within the Holy Kingdom that she had never explicitly mentioned before.


"I see, I see. Then, they are dead...is that a good thing?"


"... It's a good thing."


Soarena, who had been trying to keep calm, has changed, her face filled with bitterness.

When she said those words, her anger swells.

Her anger is not toward the Witch.

She is angry with herself, who can't do anything even though she's a Saintess.

And to the fact that the Witch who is laughing in front of her did a good thing........


"If so, you should be happy! At least, now no one will cry because of their evil deed. If we don't call this a justice then what is justice! We did the right thing, Soarena-chan ♪."


Is it okay to call this justice?

They just killed those who got in their way.

The northern province of Qualia has a particularly large number of corrupted priests.

Most of the high-rank priests, including cardinals, are involved in corruption. Their cunning ways and people's fear of God's wrath are the reasons why no one has caught their tail until now.

They are disobeying the laws set forth by the Holy Kingdom. But without valid proof, no judgment can be made.

That is what a nation is, and that is what law is.


All that...... was overturned by Eracino with her arm swing.

With force, with violence, with malice, with no consideration, just with innocence.......

She is right; this tragedy will save a lot of people.

No doubt, they will be saved.

...... This makes Soarena wondering what justice is all about.


"I have no idea what you want from me, Eracino."


Her beliefs crumbled, and the grudges of those she couldn't save became hallucinations that are whispering into Soarena's ears.

Soarena, no longer able to think anymore, just shakes her head from side to side in dismay and asks the Witch Eracino.

With her biggest smile ever, Eracino began to answer Soarena's question.


"Eracino-chan and Eracino's Master learned that to conquer this world, we can't just push everything forward by force. We have to take the right steps and get the right people on our side."


 Soarena had heard the word "master" a few times.

It seemed to be Eracino master. There was an overflow of respect and affection in Eracino's voice when she spoke the person's name.

Soarena doesn't know where the Master is, but indeed she trusts her Master with all her heart.

The fact that there is a being that even a Witch trusts make Soarena feel as if her heart is being stirred.

But without knowing what is inside her heart, Eracino's words continue to flow out.


"Hey, Soarena. Eracino-chan interests and yours are in line here. Eracino and the others want a country where they can be free. Soarena-chan also wants a country where she can be free. If the two of us work hard together, I'm sure we can create a wonderful country."


"A wonderful ...... country?"


"That's right! A country where no one suffers, where no one is sad! It's a country where all people can live in happiness! The only thing Eracino-chan wants is an army, so I'll leave all the details to Soarena-chan to do as you please! You can save people in need as much as you want!"


"You've killed a lot of people, and now you're talking about this? ......


"Well, that's not Eracino-chan, but ...... it's okay! It's the same thing."


She couldn't help but reply sarcastically to Eracino, who talked about her dreams in a somewhat frivolous manner. But it is also true that greed was born in Soarena.

The destruction of the Northern provinces' high-rank priests would eventually be known to the other provinces and the center.

But before that happen, if she used her position as a Saintess, she can cover it up.

Each state of the Qualia Holy Kingdom has been given a fairly wide range of autonomy by the central government.

If it is limited to the Northern provinces..... It is possible to create an ideal country, as Eracino said.


"The important thing to remember is that Eracino and Soarena are already in this together. If she doesn't gain more power here, she's sure to be swallowed up sooner or later. The game has already begun. She can't get out of it, a game with her live on stake!"


Soarena couldn't settle her mind and get silence, but Eracino continues to speak.


"I'm sure Soarena-chan has been wondering about this too. About the evil that was born in the Daijukai ♪."


Only a few people know about the existence of a disaster in Daijukai.

And now she heard about the prophecy from a Witch.

This is really ridiculous. Previously she even had to beg the cardinal to investigate it...


"Let's defeat them together! Let's work together to defeat the bad guys! As we did today, as we have done so far! And then we'll have the peace we want!"


She is at a loss for words.

It's too alluring; it's too attractive and irresistible.

If all goes well, she can create an ideal country. It is a sweet temptation.


Then she could repel all evil and create real peace. It is like a girlish fantasy.

If she were an average person, she would not have given this kind of sweet offer a second thought.

But her freedom is tied up, and more than anything, the voices of those she had lost are confusing her mind.


"Life is gambling, Soarena-chan. People decorate it with beautiful words like "fate", but in the end it's just a matter of whether the dice came out good or bad."


Soarena just pondered in silence.

If the good that she believes in couldn't save anyone, and the evil that she hates can do justice, then she might as well bet on it.

She can't do anything herself anyway.

Even Now......and until now.


"One ... can you promise one thing?"




"No more unnecessary killing."


"Of course!"


There are no guarantees. It seems that she just answered randomly, or she was planned to do so from the beginning, so she agreed immediately.

Eracino accepted the only thing Soarena wished.


"Whether it's on or off, that's the most important question, Soarena-chan ♪"


The Witch laughs.

Her words are superficial, and there is no such thing as trust.

But at the same time, Soarena thinks.

Where are the people who can be trusted in this world in the first place?


Those people she used to believe in had ―――― her.


She can hear the sound of armor clanking in the distance.

It seems that the holy knights who have sensed something unusual are heading to the council chamber to fulfill their duties.

Soarena quietly takes her breath.

Then with a heart that understands the truth, she decided to take this ridiculous proposal.

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