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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep28: Killing passersby to test the new sword.




"...... What the hell is going on, geez."


Sitting in my office, I look at the document and mutter.

The document is the latest information about Nano.


I successfully conquered the large-scale ancient civilization ruins, which the Dwarf King had requested.

I even received the King's Seal from Dagan, allowing me to make up charges of treason, tax evasion, or rape against Nano and imprison him as I pleased.


Therefore, I was thinking about how to take revenge against Nano and was searching for his current position to make a concrete plan, but...

"Nano was killing people on the streets...... Why was he doing such a thing?"


I am so confused that I can't help but tilt my head.

A little while ago, Nano was a blacksmith working in a well-known workshop. He was in a position that could be called elite among the dwarves, a position that would normally be envied by others. And even if he is dissatisfied, it shouldn't change a professional blacksmith like him into a serial killer.

Ice Heat is dressed as a maid and stands in front of me. She responds to my question.


"He started street killings very recently. Apparently, he attacks adventurers and dwarves who move alone at night to test his sword."


While I was exploring the large-scale ancient civilization ruins, Ice Heat was in charge of Naraku.

Ice Heat is a girl with flame-red hair on her right side and ice-blue hair on her left side.

She has a serious personality and high fighting ability, so she often acts as my bodyguard.


Normally, this is Mei's duty. Since Ice Heat is in charge of Naraku this time, I asked her to report the latest information about Nano.


"What kind of sword is Nano holding in his hand?"


"As far as Aoyuki-sama can see through her monster eyes, it is a very creepy sword."


"And after killing the adventurers, he did not immediately leave the crime scene. Instead, he stabbed the sword into the corpse for a long time so that the sword would absorb the blood.

Nano seems to have lost his mind. According to Aoyuki-sama, there is a high possibility that the sword is a forbidden sword."


"A Forbidden Sword? So, is it really a cursed sword? Where the hell did Nano get such a thing? The Six Nations Agreement forbids the possession of the Forbidden Sword, right? It's not something one can easily get...."


It is indeed powerful, but it is not worth using.

Possessing it violates the Six Nations Agreement, and death is the worst penalty.

From an ordinary adventurer's perspective, nothing good can come out of this.


I once heard a story about a plan to create a group of prisoners who would be given the Forbidden Swords, and they would use them to conquer dungeons and exterminate monsters.

But when given the Forbidden Swords, they attacked each other and ignored orders. They attacked their supervisors and lost their lives.

As a result, the plan failed and was abandoned.


In other words, the Forbidden Sword is poison.

So why would Nano possess a sword that has nothing but bad things? Besides, it's not something that can be obtained so easily.....

Ice Heat responds to my inward questions.


"As for how he obtained the sword, we have summarized it in the document. It may not be so accurate because we did the investigation in a hurry after we found out about the street killing."


"............Nano himself created the Forbidden Sword?"


"Yes. Though it is just our speculation."


Since I have been focusing on the large-scale ancient civilization ruins for a while, I didn't pay much attention to information about Nano.

According to the document, Nano quit his job and moved to a house on the city's outskirts.

Doesn't seem like he's simply got tired of working and bought a house to retire and live comfortably.

The only person who visits his house is a male human merchant, and Nano never leaves his house.


The merchant carries food, daily necessities, iron ore, and various materials for blacksmithing and alchemy-related items.

He also carries human slaves.


"The slaves were carried in large barrels to hide them from the public eye. At first we were puzzled over the reason behind it, but...... Now we can guess that they were used as materials for making the forbidden sword."




I frown at Ice Heat's answer.

Why can Nano make a Forbidden Sword?

I don't know why he makes a forbidden sword. If human slaves were used as materials for the Forbidden Sword, that is not a pleasant thing to imagine.


But Nano makes a Forbidden sword, which means...


During my Races Union days, Nano once told me about his dream at a drinking party.

He spoke passionately of his dream to create a legendary weapon like the one in the story with his own hands.

His passion was so hot that it almost burned him. It was memorable to see Nano's eyes sparkle like a child's, even though he usually only shows a grumpy expression on his face.

I was convinced he joined the Races Union to obtain the materials to create a legendary weapon.


It seems he has literally stepped into the taboo to fulfill his dream.

There is a story about a hero who has a forbidden sword and is treated as a legendary weapon. The hero uses his strong mental strength to control the sword, but... It's just a story. In reality, people are usually corrupted by the forbidden sword.

That is why the forbidden sword is banned in six nations.

I never expected Nano would make a forbidden sword.


Thanks to this, I remember the old days. He uses human slaves to create a Forbidden Sword, which gives me an idea of how to take revenge on him.

I'll stop Nano's barbaric actions and put him into despair.

I chuckle inwardly at the method of revenge I suddenly came up with.


Ice Heat continues her report.


"According to Aoyuki-sama, the human merchant who visits Nano's house is strange. We investigated him, but....."


"Did you find anything suspicious?"


"No, he is an ordinary human merchant. But....."


"Too ordinary?"


"Yes. It is too clean, as if he has been prepared to be investigated from the beginning.... And on the contrary, that makes him more suspicious."




He is too suspicious that Aoyuki is also keeping her monster at a distance to observe him.

I put my hand on my chin and think.


(Aoyuki sensed something strange and investigated him. The investigation result is too clean... Is he the type who just wants to be clean and stay hidden? Or is there another possibility? ... Maybe we should be careful with that human merchant.)


It seems that I need to talk to Aoyuki directly, just to be safe.


I turn to Ice Heat again.


"Ice Heat, make an appointment with Aoyuki to talk with me about Nano and that human merchant. His brutality must be stopped. I will take revenge against Nano. Depending on the case, I'll also take care of that human merchant."


"I understand. I will contact her immediately."


Ice Heat bows and leaves my office.


This is how my revenge against Nano is about to begin.




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