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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep27: Trying out a new sword.




A house on the outskirts of the Dwarf Kingdom capital.

From the workshop in the basement, the sound of "clank clank clank" is heard.


The forge is filled with hammers, anvils, furnaces, and other work tools. But there is also something else that is unusual: a pile of human corpses.

Not just 1 or 2.

There are more than 10 of them.


No one of them is still alive.

Their hearts have been gouged out. They have been killed for sure.


If one only looks at the scene, it is a mass murder crime scene.


But the only moving person, Nano the dwarf, didn't kill them for pleasure or hatred.

To Nano, they are just raw materials.

He killed them. Sometimes he even gouges out their hearts while they are still alive and uses them as weapons, just as if he is making weapons out of monster parts.


This is all to create legendary weapons.




Nano swings his hammer with his whole heart.

The heat from the furnace heats his entire body, causing his sweat to pour down like a waterfall.

But he doesn't stop his hand and puts the sword inside the chemical he created by mixing water, blood, and various alchemy materials to take the heat away from the sword and put his strength into it.

He took it out again and absorbed himself in the blacksmithing process.




A few hours later--.


"It's done..."


Nano sweats and mutters in front of a sword.


It is a red-black double-edged sword created by mixing crushed bone, iron, and alchemy powder. For the handle, he turned human hair into non-slip material through a special process.

The sheath is also covered with skin.

The blade and the handle are simple in design, but the result is a bizarre weapon with an evil aura.

As a blacksmith and adventurer, Nano has encountered many kinds of weapons and armor.


Although he does not possess appraisal skills, he can tell it is an artifact class magic weapon.


Nano sweats and mutters in front of a sword.


"Kukuku... hihihihi! I am not a magician, but I can create an artifact class magic weapon by myself!"


In this world, it would normally take years to finally create a relic class weapon.

Nano created an artifact class magic weapon, one level higher than the relic class weapon.


The artifact class magic weapons are considered the highest class weapon by the adventurers and are only possessed by S-class adventurers.


Although the sword was made by following the instructions in the Forbidden Sword Book, Nano could not help but laugh at his achievement as a blacksmith.

With the completed Forbidden Sword in his hand, he slashes at any nearby objects.

A wooden table, a corpse, and even the stone ground are easily cut in half.


Despite this, as far as Nano can tell, there is no crack on the forbidden sword.


He laughs like a maniac at his achievement.


"Hihihihihihihi! Genius! I am a genius! I am a genius blacksmith chosen by the Goddess! I was chosen by the Goddess to create the legendary weapon!"


Forbidden Sword is a cursed weapon with powerful power.

It can shorten the user's lifespan, make the user crave blood, corrupt the user's mind, and go insane.

--Of course, the Forbidden Sword maker cannot get away from the side effect.


Nano stops laughing and mutters a few words.


"Not enough... It's still not enough..."


He continues to mutter in front of the reddish-black glowing sword.


"There is no point in cutting things or corpses that don't move. After all, I can't know the true value of a sword unless I actually cut down a living thing."


He ponders for 10 seconds and then sheathes his sword.

Once he leaves the workshop, he returns to his room, takes out his gear from his adventuring days, a hooded cloak to hide his face, and prepares to go out.

As he prepares to go out, he happily mutters.


"This is a sacrifice necessary to create a legendary weapon. No, this will be the stepping stone for the genius blacksmith to create a legendary weapon. Isn't it an honor?"


No one disagrees with Nano's words.

He is the only one there.

As if fired by his own excitement, Nano's pride and insanity intensify.


Nano changes into clothes that cover his identity and leaves his house with the recently completed Forbidden Sword in his hands.

Under the cover of night, he heads out to try out his Forbidden Sword.


Nano's face shows no guilt, only a dark desire to test his sword's power.





There is a shadow that is spying on Nano.


Hisomi, the human who sold him the Forbidden Sword Manufacturing book. He is watching Nano's back as he leaves his house behind the darkness.

As if breaking in the silent night, Hisomi mutters to himself.


"It seems he couldn't resist and went out... The forbidden sword's poison has completely consumed him, so it is the final stage. Now, let's see how he will act..... Hopefully it will be to my benefit so that all the work I've done so far won't be in vain. Yareyare, it can't be helped since there is not enough manpower. It would be great if I could get a few more people, but no point wishing impossible things."


Nano is on his way to kill people, but Hisomi doesn't condemn or report him to the security guards. He just mutters and shrugs his shoulders casually.

From Hisomi's perspective, it doesn't matter what will happen.


He sees Nano off and disappears into the shadows again.


No sign of him remains, as if no one has ever been there from the beginning.




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