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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Episode 56: She once took a loved one in her hands - part 1


The Holy Kingdom of Qualia.

The Great Church of St. Amritate, the parliamentary hall of the Southern Province.

The two ladies were exchanging words in the splendid and gorgeous parliamentary hall built by the God servants.


"Why are you doing this?"


One of them is Soarena, the Saintess of Funeral Flower.

She was supposed to have been defeated by the Witch Eracino when dealing with the Witch incident in Qualia Northern Province.


"Why are you doing this?"


Soarena asks the girl in front of her.

She has repeated this question and answer scene many times.

Previously she had made a fatal mistake and was convinced that she was going to die.

But it seems that her fate still continues, and she finds herself in Northern State with the girl in front of her.

Soarena asks the question again.

What is the fun in this? Or is it going to be fun?

The other girl is dancing around the hall, and she is singing without paying attention to her only audience.

But...... when Soarena is about to say the same words for the third time, the dancing girl finally stopped dancing.

When the girl finally stops her dance, she turns around cheerfully like a clown.


"That's because you wanted to, Soarena-chan."


The girl was called Eracino, the Sipping Witch.


"Me? You mean I wanted this to happen?"


"Of course you did, Soarena-chan."


The Witch is smiling as if she were talking with her long-time friend.

Soarena's body had been controlled by Eracino's unique abilities, but Eracino has returned her consciousness.

But that's only part of Eracino's abilities.....

Soarena was only allowed to speak.

Her spirit is still bound by Eracino. Without Eracino permission, she can't even move a finger of her own will.

It is still unclear what kind of ability she has, but it was certain that it could bind a person's mind if certain conditions were met.


She was prohibited from fighting. She was prohibited from asking for help. She was prohibited from leaking information about Eracino, and she was prohibited from doing anything suspicious.

Soarena was forced to comply with all these prohibitions due to the influence of a mysterious power that even God's blessings could not erase.

Soarena is now a bird in a cage.

Her beautiful cries would fascinate people, but it is only like the chirping of a bird that has been deprived of its freedom.



That's why Soarena asks.

To read Eracino's mind, to understand the reason that moves the Witch in front of her.

To understand the things she couldn't understand.


"I don't want this to happen. You are just trying to get this country into the battle field."


"Eracino-chan has been dragged into this, or there is someone else wanting this to happen? The world is mysterious, right?"


"At least until you came, this country was peaceful."


"There is no guarantee that the future will be peaceful, Soarena-chan. sooner or later, the world will be involved in a great war. Will you live or die in it? That's the important thing now."


Many cities and countless lives have been lost due to the turmoil in Northern State caused by Eracino.

Although the actual population was smaller than in other provinces due to the cold climate, it was still not a negligible number.

Eracino's words are full of contradiction. As if she is saying that she was not responsible for what had just happened.

But there was no doubt that the girl in front of Soarena is an evil being.

This is very easy to prove because the evidence is still scattered in front of them.


"So, why this tragedy is needed?"


The parliament is filled with blood, organs, and flesh.

It was the end of what used to be priests.

They had been cursing at Soarena just a few hours ago, and now the two of them are standing before the Holy God without any disturbance.


With a big smile on her face, Eracino began to dance gracefully, splattering blood all over the place and turning the white cathedral to bright red.

Soarena is watching the scene without moving her eyebrow.


"Yeah, red carpet! That's R18, isn't it? Oh, is that what you call R18G in this case?


The Saintess doesn't reply.

Sometimes she didn't quite understand Eracino's words, and she knew that her poor reply would only please her.

Anyway, that doesn't stop the Witch to keep talking.


"Hey, Soarena. Do you think they were necessary for this country?


At Eracino's words, Soarena's eyebrows twitched, revealing her emotional conflict.


"Every soul is born in this world with a role. It all completes its life under the guidance of Aaros, the Holy God."


"Hmm? Didn't you get the question right? Eracino-chan, did I ask you that?"


Eracino smiled broadly and asked.

Without realizing it, Eracino was already by her side. Eracino looked at her as if making fun of her, forcing her to look away.

Soarena struggled to suppress the contradictions within her and finally spoke again.


"The Face-down Saintess is still in this place. I'm sure the rest of the saints in charge of protecting the holy city - the Diary Saintess and the Divine Spirits Saintess - will find out what you're up to."


"Ah, I don't care about that. Eracino-chan doesn't care about all that. ---Hey, Soarena-chan. Tell me your true feelings."


"True feelings?"



She waved her hands in the air and looked as if she was tired of asking questions.

Soarena's mouth dropped open as if she had been caught off guard by her question.

At the same time.......


"Those people, were they deserve to die?


Realized that was the last thing she wanted to hear, she becomes speechless.


"Were their existence just a hindrance to everyone's life? ---Answer honestly, Soarena-chan. That's an order."


 While pointing to a pile of blood, organs, and flesh, the Witch asks.

Soarena doesn't have the right to make any decision for herself.

She is a bird in a cage; she can speak just because Eracino lets her do so.

She has no power to defy her owner's order.

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