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Friday, September 15, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep26: Consideration of revenge methods.



I cleared Dagan's misunderstanding and accepted the King's Seal of the Dwarf Kingdom.

I also showed him the broken sword left behind by the adventurers on the upper floor. I told him I wanted to bring it back to the surface world and bury it.


The adventurers have died, and their relatives are probably not alive since the sword is hundreds of years old.

Anyway, I asked Dagan's permission because it is a relic from the ancient civilization ruins that belongs to the Dwarves.


There is no need to bring the broken sword back to the surface world and bury it.

I just thought that bringing it back to the surface world and burying it would be a better appreciation to the fallen adventurers than leaving it in this ancient civilization's ruins.

In a sense, it is only for my own self-satisfaction.


Dagan gladly grants me his permission.


"I don't mind. Raito-dono. I'm sure the fallen adventurers are happy that you have thought of them that far."


Dagan replied with a gentle smile.

I nod at Dagan's words and express my gratitude.

I have mixed feelings about the fact that there are bad dwarves like Nano and good dwarves like Dagan. But these mixed feelings soon turn to amazement.


"Well... We've done the first stage. I will stay here and do research!"


"King Dagan, you still have work on the surface world! Just go back and do your job! We'll take care of it!"


"What work are you talking about? How can I go back and leave all these miraculous discoveries?"


"No, no way!"


"Even if I have to sell out my family and borrow money, I will stay here and do my research!"


"Then you should understand my feelings! Forget about the King's work and let me do my research!"


When talking about the artifacts, Dagan starts to act selfishly like a child.

The other dwarves try to persuade him, but he doesn't listen to them.


...... I won't say the same words as the other dwarves because I have nothing to do with it. But I feel sorry that he has to return to the surface world after seeing all these research subjects and still has to work as a king! It's a real temptation! Dagan gets even more stubborn and persistent.

I hope they can persuade him...




"My, my Lord. Is it okay if we don't stop them?"


Suzu and Nazuna are surprised by the fight that suddenly started; they ask me in a worried tone.

Although I have only known them for a short time, I understand their temperaments.

I sigh and then reply to their question.


"Suzu, Nazuna, don't worry about them. We just have to watch out for monsters and traps."


Both of them are confused, but they go back to their posts.

Meanwhile, the dwarves continue their discussion with a fistfight.





As a result of the fistfight, Dagan returns to the surface world and promises to prioritize his work as the King over the research of this discovery.

They also need to prepare a procedure to research the discovery in secret, so they cannot start their research immediately. It seems that they used this as a bargaining chip to convince Dagan.


While Dagan and the others punch each other, Mera's detached bodies have returned.

According to their report, there are no monsters, no traps, and no holes to go down any further.

Therefore, they returned to report their findings.


We continue searching to see if there are any magic items, books, etc., in other buildings.

Because there are so many of them, we had to camp here.

The dwarves literally did not sleep or eat as they continued their investigation.


We found some low-level magic weapons and items, but nothing more.

As my first hunch said, this is a residential area built to shelter the ancient civilization people.

Low-level magic weapons and items were also found in the houses, indicating that they were used for self-defense.


But the dwarves are not satisfied with only investigating the ancient civilization ruins...


"Miss, just a little bit! Just a little bit is fine!"


"Stay back! Don't get any closer! I'll tell my Lord!"


The dwarves approach Nazuna to analyze her mythology class weapon, the great sword Prometheus.

I ended up seeing the level 9999 fighter running away with teary eyes.

She is scared, so I stop and warn the dwarves not to bother her.


"As expected of my Lord, you're awesome!"


Her respect for me increased even more.

I am happy that her respect for me has increased, but I also wonder if it's okay to get more respect for such a thing.




After completing the investigation, I used 'SSR - Transfer' with the dwarves.

We rejoin the group waiting at the port city.

We will first prepare a place where we can secretly study the books, magic weapons, and items that we have discovered. Gold, silver, treasures, magic weapons, and items that are relatively more useful and powerful than others, were taken to Naraku after I spoke to Dagan about them.

In the future, we will use 'SSR - Transfer' to transport the researchers to the last floor of the ancient civilization ruin regularly.


As I discussed with Dagan and others, building a research facility on the last floor of the ancient civilization ruins would be easier and more effective than building a top-secret facility on the surface world.

We were planning to build the facility on the surface world, but it would be difficult to keep it hidden from the dragon and demon races. It would be extremely difficult to manage and hide that many books, magic weapons, and items on the surface world.


Long-term research will likely be conducted on the last floor of the ancient civilization ruins.

Of course, all research results will be communicated with Naraku.


Dagan was grumbling and complaining, 'I want to retire from the King's position as soon as possible and devote myself to research.

I think he won't complain much because it's top-secret, but...

I'll pretend I didn't hear it because hearing his complaints any longer seems troublesome.


We safely return to Naraku after finishing all the work.

I also feel tired, so tell everyone to take a rest.

I return to my room and lie down on my bed.


I let out a sigh as I rolled over the bed.


"I'm tired of dealing with Dagan and his men..... Not physically, but mentally. But thanks to this, we were able to confirm the existence of a being other than the Master at the ancient civilization ruins. I also got the King's seal of the Dwarf Kingdom and their promise to fully cooperate with me. With this, the Dwarf kingdom will help me and take revenge on Nano."


Though, I still haven't figured out how to get revenge against Nano.


I wish for revenge that gives me satisfaction like the one I had with Sasha......


As I roll over on my bed, I think about how to get revenge on Nano.




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