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Sunday, September 3, 2023

TanboHiro: Ch 1 - Ep 26


Chapter 1

Episode 26: Italian-style hiyamugi (cold noodles)



"I apologize for keeping you waiting for so long."


As I dozed off in the car seat, I was awakened by a knock on the window. When I opened my eyes, I saw Seram standing outside.

I had descended the mountain before her and had been waiting for her, and it had already grown dark.

"It looks like you had a good workout, didn't you?"


"Yes, thanks to you, Jin-dono, I could swing the sword to my heart's content for the first time in a while. It felt great."


"I'm glad to hear that."


Seram's expression, peering out from her helmet, looked truly refreshed.


It was worth the effort to bring her here.


"Then, let's go home."




Seram removed her armor and placed it on the back of the truck. She then got into the passenger seat wearing a rough shirt. Her body was damp with sweat, likely from hours of practice.


Her golden hair stuck to her skin, and her white shirt revealed patches of bare skin. Her underwear caught my attention the most, which was clearly visible on her chest. It was tight and sticky from the sweat, and the seatbelt further accentuated her cleavage.


I couldn't help but find this sight more alluring than seeing her naked.


"...... Seram."


"What is it, Jin-dono?"


"If you have the jersey, you should put it on."


"Why? I feel so hot right now after my workout."


Seram looked confused when I pointed it out, but as her gaze fell on her chest, she realized what was happening.


Her cheeks turned bright red, and she swiftly grabbed the jersey from the back of the truck, put it on, and returned to the passenger seat.


"I'm sorry! I've shown you something unsightly."


No, that's not true... I almost said it but shut my mouth, as I felt it would only be considered sexual harassment.


"Then let's head home."


"Yeah, you're right. Thank you so much."


I said cheerfully, trying to push aside the awkwardness of the situation. Seram also responded cheerfully, seemingly going along with my attempt.


The atmosphere felt strained, but we drove the light truck back home.


Upon arriving home, Seram immediately went into her bedroom.


She's probably cleaning up and changing her shirt to freshen up.


Meanwhile, I cleaned and filled the bathtub, then prepared hot water.


Returning to the living room, I took a pitcher of cold barley tea from the fridge.


I poured it into a glass filled with ice and quickly stirred it.


"Puhaaaa! Cold barley tea is the best in summer, after all."


While soda and juice are enjoyable, I find barley tea the most refreshing.


Seram joined me as I poured myself a second glass of barley tea.


She had changed from her sweaty clothes, and I was relieved that her underwear was no longer visible. I prepared a glass of barley tea for Seram as well.


"I've prepared hot water for you, so feel free to bathe."


"Thank you, Jin-dono. I'll finish this barley tea first."


Seram quickly finished her drink, placed the glass on the table, and went to the bathroom.


"Now, I'll start preparing dinner..."


It was already dark outside, visible through the window.


Dinner will be delayed if I wait for Seram to finish her bath. That's why I made the decision to prepare dinner by myself tonight.


I have some freshly harvested tomatoes that need to be used up soon. Since it's just me today, I don't want to make anything too complicated. A light and simple dish would be perfect for this late hour.


"Hey, Seram. About dinner..."


I turn around and call out to her, but there's no one beside me.


"Of course, she's in the bathroom."


We've been cooking together for many days, so I asked out of habit.


At that moment, I realized how accustomed I had become to Seram's presence in my daily life. I had taken it for granted without even realizing it.


Being alone had never bothered me, and I had always been content being alone. But now, things felt different.


Perhaps my senses had changed after living alone for so long. Having someone around has become the new normal for me.


As I continued to analyze my thoughts, I noticed a packet of hiyamugi on the shelf. It had been sent to me as a mid-year gift.


"Okay, I'll make Italian hiyamugi," I decided.


Since the hiyamugi seemed to last a while, I wanted to use it while I had the chance.


I prepared two pots and turned on the stove to boil water.


While waiting for the water to boil, I sliced the tomatoes into rings and chopped the onions.


I arranged the sliced tomatoes in a heatproof container, sprinkled the onions on top, and put them in the oven toaster. Then, I added cheese and baked it to make a baked tomato salad.


Feeling a bit lonely with just one dinner dish, I quickly prepared a side dish.


Meanwhile, the water in one of the pots started boiling, so I placed the tomatoes in that pot to soften their skin. I didn't need to cook them fully, just enough to make the skin easier to peel.


As the tomatoes softened, I swiftly scooped them out and peeled off the skin by hand.


I cut the peeled and softened tomatoes into bite-sized pieces using a knife.


I boiled the somen-like hiyamugi, drained them, and cooled them in cold water.


Next, I arranged the hiyamugi on a flat plate and topped them with sliced tomatoes. I mixed olive oil, soy sauce, pepper, and garlic to create the sauce. I poured this sauce over the noodles and tomatoes.


I sprinkled some canned albacore tuna and shredded basil on top for added flavor and texture.


And the dish is now ready to be enjoyed.


The toaster oven dings just as the hiyamugi are ready. I quickly sprinkle cheese on top and bake it again for a minute.


After one minute, the baked tomato salad with melted cheese is ready to be served.


As I carry the dishes to the table, Seram has just come out of the bath.


"Oh, perfect timing. Dinner's almost ready."


"I ended up leaving everything to you, Jin-dono. I'm sorry."


"Don't worry about it. I made it because I wanted to eat it as soon as possible."


With a polite bow of her head, Seram sits on the cushion, and I sit across from her.


"I prepared Italian hiyamugi and a baked tomato salad for tonight's dinner."


"Hi? Hiyamugi? Isn't this somen?"


When I briefly explained the menu, Seram tilted her head.


"It's similar to somen, but it's called hiyamugi. The difference between somen and hiyamugi lies in the thickness of the noodles."


"Oh, I see! The noodles are thicker than the ones I had the other day!"


Seram gazes at the noodles, her voice filled with surprise as she notices the distinction.


"Then, are there any other differences besides the thickness of the noodles?"


"Yeah. Generally speaking, the finer the noodle, the better it tastes and the more expensive. The Nagashi Soumen we had is considered high quality, you know?"


"Really? I wasn't aware of that."


There are seven grades of somen, and the ones we received as a mid-year gift are the second highest grade.


The one above is sanshin, a rare product made by only a few craftsmen in the union and is available for a limited time.


"Enough with the explanations. Let's eat."


After concluding our conversation, Seram and I clasped our hands together before starting our meal.


Seram adeptly picked up the noodles with her chopsticks and slurped them down.


Initially, she struggled to hold the noodles with her chopsticks, let alone slurp them. But now she has truly become skilled at it.


"When I taste them, I can sense the difference in thickness! These noodles are much more firm and satisfying!"


After hearing Seram's impression, I try the dish for myself.

The slightly thick noodles are well coated with the Italian sauce, creating a delicious combination. The tomatoes and tuna gives a nice sour and gentle sweetness balance. The scattered basil adds a nice flavor.


"Ah, it's delicious."


The smooth and bouncy texture of hiyamugi noodles cannot be achieved with thin noodles.


Hiyamugi is neither udon nor somen.


Some people call them "half-baked" noodles, but I enjoy their thickness.


"Jin-dono, may I have another serving?"


As I picked up a plate of grilled tomato salad, Seram spoke while setting down her empty plate.


"You eat so quickly! Are you still going to eat?"


"It's been a while since I've exerted myself so much, so I can't help but feel hungry."


"... Weren't you working out to lose weight?"


It's already nighttime. We'll go to bed soon, so you shouldn't eat too much.


"....... It's, it's okay. I'll continue to exercise regularly. So please give me another serving."


"I, I see."


After thinking about it, Seram asked for another serving, so I cooked more noodles.


In the end, Seram ate six bundles of hiyamugi just for dinner, which led to some weight gain the next morning.


I found a Female knight in a rice field in the countryside, they think she's my wife



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