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Sunday, September 3, 2023

TanboHiro: Ch 1 - Ep 27


Chapter 1

Episode 27: Grasscutter



It is a slightly dim morning, and the sun has not fully risen.


After breakfast, Seram and I went outside.


"We're going to cut the weeds today."


"Are we going to pull weeds in the field like usual?"


"No, we will do it on a much bigger scale. Specifically, we will cut all the weeds around the house and farm."


Yup, weeds had overgrown around my house and farm. With summer approaching, the weeds were growing vigorously and attempting to invade my property.


It was clear that they needed to be dealt with.


"That sounds like a lot of hard work."


Seram's expression became tense as I explained the extent of the area that needed to be cleared.


"Don't worry. We won't be doing it manually. I have a machine that will make the cutting much easier."


As Seram looked at me with eager eyes, I retrieved the grass cutter I had prepared for the day from the warehouse.


"It's called a grass cutter."


"Oh, whoa? It has a round blade at the end, but how does it actually cut the grass?"


"I'll give you a quick demonstration."


After instructing Seram to step away, I switch on the drive button.


I pull the cord and move it to the warm-up position and then to the drive position in a sequence.


Then, the grass cutter's engine starts.




As the engine roared, Seram screamed and quickly stepped back. She seemed quite startled.


I firmly hold the clutch and press the gas pedal button on the handle, causing the metal blade at the end to emit a high-pitched sound and spin rapidly.


Observing Seram, who had been peeking at the grass cutter from behind the house, I could see her trembling with fear.


After briefly demonstrating how to operate the grass cutter, I pressed the stop button and halted the rotation of the blade.


"This is how it cuts the weeds, with the blades spinning at high speed."


"Is that really a weed-cutting machine?"


Seram asked timidly.


"It's a professional weed cutter."


"Isn't it too dangerous? If you use it on people..."


The loud engine noise and the high-pitched, high-speed spinning blades make the grass cutter appear quite intimidating.


However, Seram's perception is not wrong. While it is a useful machine, it can be dangerous if mishandled.


"You should never attempt something like that, and you have to be extremely cautious to avoid any injuries."


"I, I understand. The usefulness of things depends on how they are used."


It seems she understood my point.


Seram came out of hiding, nodding her head in agreement.


"First of all, clothing. It would be dangerous if pieces of cut weeds flew over us. You should wear clothing that covers your body as much as possible and sturdy shoes like boots."


"I see. Jin-dono, I have an idea. Wait here for a moment."


"O-oh, really? "


Seram said as much and quickly went back to the house.

I wondered if she had any other useful clothing for the task.

As I waited, the front door opened shortly after, and to my surprise, Seram appeared wearing full-body Western armor.

With a clattering sound, she carefully closed the door and stood before me.


"...... Surely that would be safe."


"I know, right?"


I didn't expect her to wear armor for cutting the weeds. Her entire body is well covered, including a helm to protect her eyes. It ensured that any flying weeds wouldn't pose a threat to her. She would be well protected even in the unlikely event of an accident, such as the blade hitting her leg. In fact, the blade would probably be more likely to break against Seram's defenses.


"I had prepared some work clothes and boots for Seram, but I guess you didn't need them."


"Eeh! Are the work clothes like the ones Jin-dono is wearing?"


"Yes, they look similar, just a different color."


"I want them!"


"But you're wearing armor, aren't you?"


"Yes, but I want to wear them at work! Jerseys are fine, but those work clothes are more suitable for farming!"


Seram approaches me in her armor.


When a knight in full armor approaches you, it's strangely intimidating.


Well, even in the countryside, not many people work on the farm wearing jerseys.


Most of them are dressed in breathable and protective clothing or work attire.


Seeing other farmers, she feels she wants to have her own work clothes.


"Okay, okay. I'll give it to you next time."


"Oh, thank you! I appreciate it!"


She seemed relieved after I assured her I would give her the work clothes.


"Now that you're properly equipped, all that's left is to learn how to operate the machine."


"Oh, can I really operate it?"


"Don't worry. The one you'll be using is a different model from mine and is very user-friendly. Just push the switch right here, and it will start up."


After I taught her, Seram pressed the button to activate it.


"Oh, wow. It's a lot quieter than yours, Jin-dono."


"That's because this one is an older model running on gasoline, while that one is the newest electric model."


The grass cutter roars, but its sound is significantly quieter than mine.


In fact, we can converse easily, even from a distance. My gasoline-powered one is so loud that we can't converse nearby unless I shut off the engine.


"The newest electric version?"


"Anyway, it's lightweight and easy to handle, and the sound is minimal."


"I see! That's a big help! With this, I can operate without fear!"


After summarizing it in an easy-to-understand manner, Seram nodded in agreement.


Well, the expense was quite painful, but considering the lifespan of my old gasoline-powered grass cutter, it's about time to replace it. So, purchasing the new electric model isn't a bad decision.


With Seram by my side and two grass cutters at hand, I feel confident that the issue of overgrown weeds won't be a problem this summer.


As I reassure myself, I grab one of the grass cutters and head outside.


Our first task is to tackle the unruly weeds in front of the house. They have grown so extensively that they are encroaching onto the concrete path. If we neglect them, the weeds will continue to spread and cause further damage. We must take immediate action.


"Now, when operating the machine, remember to pivot using your hips to turn."


Instead of using your arms to push the grass cutter, focus on rotating your hips to move it forward. Seram observes my movements closely and mimics my hip rotation.


"Now, it's important to pay attention to the direction of the blade's rotation. The blade moves from right to left. If you try to move it from left to right, which goes against the direction of rotation, the weeds will get tangled and clump together."


"I understand."


"Remember, this is the key point to remember. Avoid doing it the opposite way."


I ask Seram to step back as I start the grass cutter's engine, causing the blades to spin rapidly. With a rhythmic movement of my hips from right to left, I cut through the overgrown weeds, accompanied by a high-pitched sound.


I repeat this motion, moving the grass cutter back to its starting position, then forward again, and moving from right to left. It's a simple operation, but it requires consistent repetition.


After cutting approximately 5 meters of weeds, I switch off the grass cutter engine and bring it to a stop.


"Like this. Can you do it?"


"No problem!"


Seram replied confidently and stepped into the weedy area on the other side.


She pressed the acceleration button, causing the metal blade at the tip to rotate. As I had taught her earlier, she moved her hips, applying the blade from right to left to cut the weeds.


As expected of an athletic person, she moved steadily.


The loud noise and the blades spinning at high speed initially intimidated her. Still, with the added protection of the armor and the use of a quiet electric grass cutter, Seram felt more at ease.


However, seeing a knight in Western armor operating a grass cutter was quite weird.


"Is this okay?"


After cutting the weeds in about 10 meters, Seram asked for confirmation.


"No problem. Just keep on cutting the weeds around the house."


"All right!"


"And be careful of big rocks or trash on the ground."




I leave the weeds around the house to Seram and go to the sloped area near the farm to cut the weeds there.


Working on such a slope with unstable footing can be challenging, so I'll handle this area myself.


I press the acceleration button, causing the blade to rotate and knock down the weeds one after another.


"Still, the growth during summer is fierce."


I had only cut the weeds a month ago, yet they have already grown to such a height.


Usually, I would have taken care of them earlier. Still, with the recent tasks of picking up Seram from the rice field and other responsibilities, I got delayed.


However, that can't be an excuse. Neglecting weed control not only attracts insects but can also lead to crop diseases.


We need to make sure these troublesome weeds are completely removed to help our delicious vegetables grow.


After approximately 20 minutes of weed cutting, I cleared about 80 meters of the area. The task wasn't too difficult, but holding the grass cutter for an extended period was tiring.


I stopped the blade and took a short break. Seram approached me, indicating she had finished cutting most of the weeds around the house.


"Jin-dono, isn't that area Minori-dono and Shigeru-dono's farm?"


Seram was correct.


The area I just cleared does not belong to me but to Mr. and Mrs. Sekiya.


It's not that I accidentally went too far without realizing it.


"That's right, but it's usually the people who have some spare time that take care of these things. I was busy the past couple of times, and Shigeru-san helped me by cutting the weeds."


"I see! Neighbors are helping each other out! Since they've been kind to me, can I cut the weeds around their house?"


"Yes, that's fine. Just make sure to ask for their permission before you start."


"Got it! I'll go ask them now!"


I watch Seram rush off with the grass cutter. Even now, I can't help but worry that some strange rumors might start circulating.


I found a Female knight in a rice field in the countryside, they think she's my wife



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