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Sunday, September 3, 2023

TanboHiro: Ch 1 - Ep 25


Chapter 1

Episode 25: Private property


"Jin-dono, what's this?"


Seram asked me as I washed my hands at the washbasin after work.

It's a weight scale on the floor of the changing room.


"If you step on it, you'll understand."


"Step on it?"


I replied casually, and she stepped onto the scale.


"Hmm? Some numbers just appeared."


"That's your weight."




"Hmmm, sixty-- gueh!?"


I glanced at the scale and was about to mention the number when Seram choked me.


"Jin-dono, I'm still a maiden. How horrible of you...?"


"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I won't do it anymore!"


I quickly apologized, lightly tapping her arm, and Seram finally released her grip on me.

Something soft pressed against my cheek, but I couldn't fully feel it due to the tight hold of her arm.


"However, isn't it a rather rude device to reveal someone's weight? Shouldn't it be eliminated for the sake of all the women in the world?"


"No, we need it for healthcare purposes, so please refrain from doing that."


I calmed down Seram, who was emitting intense killing intent.

The scale is innocent, so please don't break it.

It's expensive because it's a high-performance scale that I recently purchased.

I have a lot of expenses, so buying a new weight scale is hard on my wallet.


"Have you noticed any changes in your physical condition since you came to this world?"


"Not really. In fact, my physical condition has improved compared to before. It's probably due to a better diet."


"I see."


I felt relieved upon hearing Seram's response. I would feel guilty if her condition worsened after coming here and started living with me.


"It’s just... No, it's nothing..."


Seram began to speak, but her words were quickly interrupted.


"Don't stop there. It's bothering me."


"It's not something you should worry about."


"No, no. I promised to provide you with good sleep and meals. You must let me know if there are any changes in your condition."


The last thing I want is for her to suppress her feelings and suffer negative consequences later.


After all, Seram is a valuable asset to my business. The efficiency of our work greatly depends on her presence. If something is troubling her, I want her to speak up.


When I give her a serious look, she avoids eye contact and finally speaks up.


"...since I came here, I feel like I've gained weight."


"I, I see... "


To be honest, her words sounded like a complaint. I could envision Seram becoming furious because I had pressured her to speak up.


"It's Jin-dono's fault. Your cooking tastes so delicious!"


"Eh? My fault?"


"And it's also Minori-dono, Shigeru-dono, and Kaito-dono's fault. Every time I see them, they offer me delicious snacks! I couldn't resist eating those things! All the food in this world is just too delicious!"


Seram screamed with tears in her eyes.

Oh! Seram is unfamiliar with the local cuisine, so she happily eats everything.

People enjoy witnessing that, so they always offer food to Seram.

Even though she works on the farm, it's only natural for her to gain weight if she consumes a significant amount of food and sweets.


"Well, why don't you try cutting back on sweets for a while?"


"No way! Eating sweets is my greatest pleasure these days!"


When I suggested a relatively simple dietary adjustment, Seram's expression turned incredulous.


"Sweets are your pleasure? Are you a child?"


"Then, how about reducing your meal portions?"


"Farming is physically demanding. I can't perform well if I cut back on my meals."


I was slightly annoyed at how she spoke, even though she was just a helper.


Well, this season is already challenging. It would be pointless if she suddenly reduced her meals and collapsed.


"If dieting is too difficult, you should focus on exercising."


"May I swing my sword?"


Seram's face lit up in response to my words.


"Absolutely not."


"Ugh, whenever I used to swing my sword, I never experienced drastic weight gain..."


When I promptly dismissed the idea, Seram sat in the corner of the changing room, grasping her knees, and began sulking.


"It can’t be helped. You can't wield a sword in this world. If people see you swinging a sword..."


I was in the middle of lecturing her when I suddenly realized something.

What if we find a secluded place where there are no people around?


"Wait, I know where you can swing your sword to your heart's content."




"Yes, it's my mountain."


"Oh! I recall you mentioned that you own a mountain!"


"There's no risk of anyone seeing you wielding your sword there."




"It's a vast area, so you can freely use magic or run around as you please. It would be beneficial for Seram to exercise and relieve stress. What do you think?"


"I want to go! Please, take me there!"


Seram nodded and leaned forward in response to my question.



This mountain that is my private property, is located behind my house.


After driving the light truck for about ten minutes, we arrived at the mountain.


I continue driving as far as possible, and then we leave the light truck.


"Is this Jin-dono's mountain?"


"Yes, it's more like the entire area around here."




Seram was surprised when I showed her the extensive area I own.


"How big is this whole place?"


"It's hard to give an exact measurement. But it covers a large area around here."


"Even though it's your land, is it fine to be so casual about it?"


"Unlike in the city, there is plenty of land in the countryside. The people here are very relaxed, and nobody really minds."


There are signs at the entrances and fences of private lands that warn people to stay away, so there shouldn't be any issues.


"Alright, let's head up."


"Just give me a moment."


Seram stopped me as I was about to lock the car and proceed.


I turned around and saw that she was taking her armor out of her backpack and putting it on.


She even brought those things with her.


"You're putting on the armor now?"


Climbing while wearing armor sounds like a better workout.


"Oh, I get it."


It seems fine to wear armor here. Since there's no one around, it's alright to put it on.


"Sorry for the delay. I'm ready to go now."


Before long, Seram is fully dressed in armor, with only the face part of her helmet open. She retains the appearance of a female knight, just as she did when I first met her. We start climbing up the mountain slopes.

There are no properly maintained concrete roads; instead, we walk through a rough dirt path. I can hear the sound of armor plates clattering against each other from behind.

Looking back, I see a stunning blonde woman dressed in Western armor.

It's a truly surreal sight.

We proceed cautiously, making sure not to get our feet stuck in the muddy ground or tangled in protruding roots.

Despite wearing heavy armor, Seram effortlessly keeps up with me.


She seems accustomed to walking on unstable terrain, indicating that she must have trained extensively.


After approximately twenty minutes of walking, we arrived at an open area.


"I'm sure that no one will come here."


"Oh, is that so?"


The land is mostly flat with very little slope. It is surrounded by lush trees, making it an ideal space for movement.


Before coming here, I had checked the ground. I found no signs of anyone trespassing or any presence of wild animals.


Well, I'm sure Seram would have no trouble dealing with one or two wild animals if they appeared.


"Ji, Jin-dono ......"


As he calmly observes his surroundings, Seram says excitedly.

You can draw your sword now.




After I granted my permission, Seram slowly unsheathed her sword.

Simultaneously, Seram's expression became more serious.

Although Seram sometimes looks unreliable due to the differences in common sense and culture in this world, she displays a dignified demeanor as a female knight from another world when she wields her sword.


"...Jin-dono, are you thinking something inappropriate?"


"It's just your imagination."


I couldn't help but wonder if her intuition is sharpened just by having her holding the sword, more so than usual.


"I understand. It can be embarrassing to be observed up close like that..."


"I apologize. I was simply curious to witness how a true knight wields a sword. Is that inappropriate?"


"...It's not inappropriate."


When I expressed my intention to observe, Seram responded with a shy whisper.

She took a few steps back and took a deep breath to calm herself.

Her focus shifted from her daily life to her practice.

Her half-closed eyes narrowed, and I could sense the intensity radiating from her.

She positioned her legs, and with precise movements, she swung her sword once, twice, and then three times.

Despite observing from a distance, her movements were so swift that I couldn't even catch her initial strike.


As I watched in awe, Seram continued to swing her sword. Her speed was astonishing, beyond what an amateur like myself could comprehend. She wielded the large sword with grace and ease that it was difficult to believe.


Yet, there is no pause in her sword swings.

In the dimly lit mountains, several silver flashes glisten.

It is a remarkably beautiful and unexpectedly mesmerizing sight.

I sense that every ounce of her dedication and skill is encapsulated within her sword.

It must have taken immense effort and hard work to attain such skill.


From a distance, I observe Seram as she gracefully wields her sword.


I found a Female knight in a rice field in the countryside, they think she's my wife



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