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Sunday, July 23, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C59


Chapter 59: The head maid, Kanna-san.



"Luciel-sama, I need to discuss something with you!"


A maid is standing in front of me.


She has dark black hair (which is rare in this region) and white skin.


Her height is average, but she's taller than me, and she looks sharply at me with her sharp-angled glasses.


I couldn't help but step back because I felt a fear different from facing a knight or a monster.




Who is it? I think I've met her once.......


She's kind of scary. Did I make a mistake?


I haven't done any naughty things lately. Since I came to this mansion, I'm sure I never troubled anyone.


When I try to recall her name, she begins to speak.


'I'm Kanna Hadlov, the head maid."


That's right. She is Kanna-san, the head maid.


I couldn't help but clap my hands in my heart.


Most of the people in the mansion are kind to me.


When we pass by each other, they always smile at me. Even though I am the adopted child that Clavis-san brought from the mountains.


Perhaps that is part of their job, but I feel their loyalty and trust.


Still, that trust is not in me. That trust is in Clavis-san.


So I know some of his retainers distrust me or gossip about me behind my back.


Though I don't know if Kanna-san is one of them.....


"What do you need to discuss with me?"


It's about the training you did a few days ago: ......"


"Oh. Slime de-crystallization training."


"Yes, that's right! I'm having a hard time thanks to that training. I heard it was initiated by Luciel-sama."


She is furious, but her words are polite.


In fact, her words don't match her facial expression at all.


"I was not the initiator, but I was the one who led the training."


"What have you done?"


Kanna-san gets much closer to my face.


From my angle, I can see Kanna-san's big ...... breasts swaying.


It's not related to this story, but I wonder why the people in this mansion are so well-bred. There are many women.


Is it Clavis-san's personal preference? No, no, no, no......


"Luciel-sama, are you listening? I ----."




Immediately a pleasant sound echoed through the corridor of the Letivia house.


Kanna-san fell forward.


"It hurts~!"


With tears in her eyes, she turned around to see a devilish-looking Richil-san standing there.


I never saw Richil-san so angry. I stepped back unconsciously.


"Hey! Richil! What the hell are you doing!"


"You too, Kanna. What are you doing? Luciel-kun is the son of our Lord."


"It doesn't matter! Clavis-sama also won't show any mercy. If you do something bad, he will scold you. If you do something good, he will praise you."


"But you still shouldn't be the one questioning him. Because your way of speaking is too sharp."




It seems that Kanna-san has cooled down a little after being pointed out.


"My apologies."


Kanna-san bows her head.


I hurriedly shake my head.


No, I don't mind. I'm the evil ----."




"Aah! No, never mind. Anyway, what do you want to tell me?"


I cleared my throat to cover my mistake, and Kanna-san explained.


Kanna-san is in charge of managing all the maids in the Letivia family's mansion. The main work of the maids ranges from serving food to cleaning the mansion and doing laundry.


The problem is the laundry.


Richil-san and I responded in unison.


When the slime is given a certain amount of damage, it becomes a magic crystal and disappears.


That's why the slimes never stuck on the clothes and armors before.


It is because I taught them how to decrystallize...


"I'm sorry."


I immediately apologized.


If I had put more thought into it, I should have expected this to happen.


But I was so proud of myself that I......


"It's not really your fault, Luciel-kun. Isn't that right, Kanna?"


"Eh? Oh, we, well..... That's right. Clothes after training are always dirty. I'm sorry. I was frustrated because my work didn't go well....."


Kanna-san also bowed her head.


Her white cheeks are a bit blushing.


Kanna-san and I kept bowing to each other like two people at a Matchmaking meet-up.


Watching this, Richil-san huffs softly and exhales.


“You two, stop bowing to each other. Now, we have to get rid of that slime, right?:


Slime is sticky, so it will stick to a smooth surface like armor and not come off.


If it has fibers, it will be even more difficult to clean it.


"Why don't you try scrubbing it with a wire brush?"


"That would damage the armors and weapons. If the armor worn by the knights is covered with scratches, the Letivia family and Clavis-sama will be laughed at."


"If you use a wire brush to clean clothes, the clothes might tear off."


"Excuse me...."


I raised my hand.


"There is one solution."




"Yes, there is an easy solution to remove the slime from the clothes and armor. As an apology for the trouble I've caused you, will you leave it to me?"


I asked her to let me handle the problem.


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