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Friday, September 15, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C67


Chapter 67: Evaluation Reason.



"Okay! It's settled......."


Songho-san put his teacup filled with onion tea back on the plate.


Vidic-san beside him is smiling happily too.


I am not the only one who is confused when seeing their behavior. Yanson-san also looks confused.


"What do you mean? You two kind of creep me out."


Yanson-san furrows his eyebrows.


"What's settled?"


"Actually, this staff meal was a test."


"A test?"


"Don't tell me you'll let him work in the kitchen?"


Yanson-san stands up.


Songho-san waves his hand and speaks.


"Calm down."


He pushes Yanson-san to sit down.


"There's going to be a big party at this mansion soon."


"Huh? The next closest party would be the summer festival, right? But we still have a month left."


The summer festival is a festival for nobles that already existed when I was with the Tristan family.


It is held in peak summer. Everyone dresses up and parades around the city. They make ice beds and eat water-related dishes.


Simply put, it is a festival to blow off the hot summer heat. It is slightly different from fertility festivals and harvest festivals.


Rather than a festival, it is more of a party organized by the nobles.


"I decided to introduce my son, Luciel, at that summer festival."


I heard a voice I rarely hear in the kitchen.


I hurriedly turn around and see the family head (Clavis-san) at the kitchen entrance.


"Introduce me?"


"Yes, Luciel. To introduce my proud son to everyone."


I look down.


"Is that... Is that because I'm adopted?"


I and Clavis-san are not related by blood.

So the introduction is to get a lot of people to acknowledge me............ ouch!


Suddenly, I get a decopin on my head.


Yanson is the one who did it.


"That has nothing to do with it. It doesn't matter if you're an adopted or biological son. A duke's son is supposed to show his face to everyone."


Yanson-san explains frankly.


"Yanson....... Even though we're in the kitchen, you're not supposed to hit the young Master on the head. We're in front of our Lord."


"Yikes! That's right. So, sorry. I slipped......"


Yanson hurriedly stands up and apologizes, but Clavis-san laughs loudly and calms him down.


"Guhahahaha ....... Good, good. I'm glad to see you're teaching him strictly. It's much better than spoiling him."


After hearing this, Yanson-san felt relieved and patted his own chest.


"Besides, Yanson is right. The duke's children are supposed to show off their skills to everyone to set an example for the rest of the family."


"The Tristan family also had the same thing---- ouch ouch."


Vidic-san pinches Yanson-san's cheek.


"You talked too much, Yanson. Sorry, Luciel-kun."


"No, it's okay."


I also think there might have been such a custom back then.


I didn't have an introduction party because my father thought it was unnecessary to introduce me.


If the child of the Sword Saint is sickly and weak, people will worry about the family's future.


That's why Father never introduced a weakling like me in front of everyone.


"Luciel. By any chance, is this your first introduction party?"


Clavis-san clarifies.


I nod, and he smiles.


"Yes. Then we should do our best to prepare the food. Right?! Yanson."


"Yeah! I'll do my best!


"Songho-san, Vidic-san, Yanson-san...... Thank you."


I bowed my head.


I am really blessed.


I am surrounded by wonderful family members and co-workers.


Please take care of me.


"Hmmm. ......Luciel. Actually, the story isn't over yet."


Clavis strokes his chin and turns to Songho-san.


'Songho. Do you mind if I tell him?"


'Yes..... It's not a problem."


"Okay. Then----. Ahem."


Clavis-san clears his throat.


"Luciel. Usually, the children demonstrate their special skills at the introduction party, but..... Would you please serve me your monster cuisine?"


"Monster cuisine?"


Then I gasped.


I turn around and see Songho-san and Vidic-san nodding their heads.


Yanson-san finally understood what it meant and clapped his hands.


Clavis-san continues his explanation.


"When I talked to Songho about this. He said, 'Let me test him. He passes the test if Yanson approves him'."


'Hey, why me?"


"Because you are the fairest judge."


Songho-san immediately answered Yanson-san's question.


Vidic-san follows up his blunt answer.


"To Master and me, Luciel-kun is like a grandson. We can't help but have a soft spot for him."


"You're different in that respect, right?"


"You even dare to give him a decopin."


Vidic-san laughs loudly, and Yanson-san's face turns red like a red eggplant.


"Then you should have told me from the beginning."


Finally, he pouted his lips.


When they see him, Songho-san and Clavis-san laugh loudly too.


"If I said that  you will be the judge for his staff meal, it would create unnecessary pressure. Yanson. You think you have a poker face, but it shows on your face more than you think."


Vidic-san laughs wickedly.


When Yanson-san hears it, his lips pout even more.


"Aah! Damn! If it happens again, I'll definitely refuse."


Finally, he turned away.


When I see that, I can't help but laugh as well.


"No, thanks to Yanson. Thanks to you, we had a fair judge. As Luciel's father, I thank you."


"Plea, please stop, my Lord. I can't stop trembling right now because of this. Please stop teasing me."


Yanson-san shows his hand.


Indeed, his hand is trembling.


"Now, there are two things we need to do. The first is to include Luciel's introduction in the coming summer festival. The second is that Luciel will serve a dish to everyone at the party... Is that okay?"


"Yes, I understand. Luciel How Tristan, aka Luciel Grand Letivia. I'll definitely make a dish that makes everyone say, 'delicious.'"


I kneeled before Clavis-san, put my hand on his chest, and made a pledge.


Clavis-san smiled with satisfaction.


"That's the spirit. I'm looking forward to your cooking, Luciel."


"Yes. Leave it to me."


This is how they decided I would serve a dish at my introduction party.


Now, what should I serve?


It's a summer festival, so something cold would be good.


I don't know how many people will attend my introduction party, but I can only think about the dish.


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