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Friday, September 15, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C66


Chapter 66: Evaluation Results.



Although the dish is oyakodon, my staff meal is quite colorful.


The green is made from the outer leaves of Chinese cabbage, and the red is made from carrot peel. On top of it, I put a beaten egg and silver-colored rice. It is surely very appetizing.


But my oyakodon is much more than that.


I was also particular about the taste.




Vidic-san raised his voice.


'It's not just the look and smell. It tastes delicious."


"Is this because of the chicken broth? No, you've also added vegetables."


Songho-san tilts his head.


"Yes, I use the water used for boiling the vegetables."


"Oh! Come to think of it, you've been keeping them since the day before yesterday."


Yanson-san clapped his hands.


"Boiled vegetable broth is very nutritious and contains vegetable flavor. It's perfect for soup stock. I like it."


"Thank you."


When I saw Vidic-san's smile, I reflexively bowed my head.


"I see. So you were working so hard the day before to prepare the soup stock. Hmm? Did you use something other than Chinese cabbage?"


"I used carrot stems and boiled the leaf part. Please try to add it to the soup."


I offer him a small plate next to the rice bowls.


"The texture of the stem and peel is nice."


"Yes...... The egg is soft and tender, and the soup stock is made from chicken and vegetable broth."


"The boiled rice is also delicious. The texture is nice and crunchy! The taste is a little strange, but what is this?"


Yanson-san found orange-colored grains in the soup.


"It is the orange peel leftover from making fish sauce. What looks like pulp is crushed orange peel."


"Hou. That's a good idea. They suppress the carrot leaves' peculiar taste and give a refreshing taste to the dish."


Songho-san chews and slaps his knee.


Finally, the head chef compliments my dish.


I am surprised but hurriedly bow my head.


"The silver rice is also soft and delicious. It is hard to believe that the rice has been re-cooked."


Vidic-san squints his eyes. His pale cheeks become as shiny as silver rice.


Beside him, Yanson-san puts down his spoon.


Half of the oyakodon bowl is still left.


Then he turns to me and stares at me.


"But I have one doubt about this rice bowl."


When Yanson-san said that, Songho-san and Vidic-san nodded their heads.


I suddenly felt uneasy and grabbed my chef's hat from the table.


"What is it?"


"I'm sure Luciel realized that too, right? It's chicken meat."


"Oh. If it's about the chicken meat......"


"I know. One of our chickens died yesterday. You want to say you used that chicken meat, right?"


That's great. He said what I wanted to say before I did.


How can he tell just by eating it?


"Using dead chickens is not against the rules. The meat of a dead chicken is not against the rules, but an old chicken's meat is too hard to be served to the Lord. It was supposed to be a servant's meal, but they gave it to me. That's about it, isn't it?"


"Yes. I confirmed with Yanson-san in advance that any ingredients not used in the kitchen here are the same as if they had been thrown away."


"Yeah. I also got some old chicken meat before..... That's why I know, Luciel."


"What do you know?"


"As I said before, the meat from an old chicken is very tough.

The meat on top of this oyakodon is tender. It is so tender that it is hard to believe it is from an old chicken. You can't make it this tender even if you use sake or sugar water."


"That is ----,"


"Did you actually use chicken meat from the kitchen?"


Yanson-san pointed at me.


He was right.


An old chicken's meat is usually tough.


But I didn't use young chicken meat.


"What is your answer, boy?"


"Answer honestly."


Songho-san and Vidic-san also stare at me.


Finally, I speak up.


"Okay, I'll answer honestly. I did not use young chicken meat. And I don't use magic or monster ingredients."


"Then how do you explain the tenderness of this chicken meat?"


"I used this."


I took out a bag of mushroom slices.


"That's ----."


Maitake mushrooms!"


Songho-san and Vidic-san unconsciously leaned forward.


"Maitake mushrooms?"


Yanson-san tilted his head.


"Yanson. If you marinate maitake mushrooms with meat, they tenderize the meat."


"Eh? Really?"


Yanson-san is surprised.


"I'm surprised that you knew that."


Songho-san is also impressed.


"Monster meat is usually very tough, so I tried various methods. Maitake mushrooms are the best one."


"I see. Indeed, monster meat seems to be tougher than chicken meat."


Vidic-san takes up the spoon again and scoops the chicken meat, which is covered with a beaten egg.


When he puts it in his mouth, he looks happy again.


"Mmmm. It's delicious. I can't believe it's old chicken meat."


"The maitake mushrooms are leftover from yesterday's risotto. You used them well."


Yanson-san clicked his tongue.


"And lastly, please drink this."


The last thing I serve is tea.


At first glance, it looked like ordinary black tea. Everyone surprised me when they drank it.






"This... could it be!"


They all frown.


"Yes. This onion tea was boiled with the outermost skin of the onion."


“Oni, onion tea!”


"Outermost skin"


Vidic-san and Yanson-san frown, but Songho-san looks at them curiously.


"Luciel, this is way too bitter."


"Onions improve blood flow, suppressing inflammation, reducing swelling, and helping our body stay warm."


"Why, how do you know that?"


"Because I saw it with my [Dragon's Eyes]."


I let one of my eyes shine.


When Yanson-san sees it, he shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head.


"I forgot you're that kind of guy."


In the end, he smiles bitterly.



This is how the chef's breakfast ended.


Now it is time for my staff meal to be evaluated.


"Yanson, you decide."


Songho-san said bluntly.


Yanson-san is panicked when he is suddenly asked to decide.




"You're Luciel's teacher, aren't you?"


“I taught him the basics of cooking. I'm not a teacher.....”


"Yanson-san, please."


I also want Yanson-san to be the judge. I think he is the one who sees me as a chef among all the chefs here.


Most importantly, he's my closest senior.






"It's very salty. There are no restrictions on seasonings, but that doesn't mean you can use as much as you like. In the first place, the salt is too strong and kills the vegetables' taste. Even though you use vegetables' soup stock, the seasoning is too much and ruins the dish."


That's right......


I didn't have enough time to make the soup stock, so I added more seasoning.


He can tell just by eating it.


As I thought, Yanson-san is a great person.


"There's no end if we talk about the details, but that's the point. You have to trust the taste of the ingredients more."


"Eeto... So my staff meal didn't pass the evaluation?"


"Huh? What are you saying? Of course, it passed. You saw how we enjoyed it......."


"Eh? But ----."


"It's good enough as it is, but there are things that you can improve on. There is no such thing as 'this is good enough' in cooking. If you're into cooking, you should know that."


Yanson-san is right.


There is no limit in cooking.


It is only about how to make it more delicious......


It's all about the taste.


"Your staff meal was delicious."


Yanson-san taps my shoulder.






That is the highest appreciation for a chef.


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