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Friday, September 15, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep23: Final Destination.


 I pat Nazuna's head to calm her down.

Fortunately, the dwarves' ears are hurt by the impact sound, and Mera is standing in front of them and blocking their sight so they don't see Nazuna crying.

After regaining our composure, we all gather around the snake-like creature that Nazuna defeated while watching out for other enemies or traps.


The artificial mythology class weapon's right arm has been severed from the shoulder, and the chest armor has been ripped open. The core within appears to have been chopped in two. The tail was also severed, and the pressure we felt before disappeared completely.


Instead of craters that look like butter scooped out with a hot spoon, it seems like it has been crushed with brute force.

The artificial mythology class weapon stopped moving and is now half-buried in the rubbles.


Dwarf King snorts and asks excitedly.


"Raito-dono. May I approach, touch, analyze, lick, and eat that artificial mythology class weapon?"


"...... I think it's fine because it has stopped moving. Just don't try to eat it or put it in your mouth because it will hurt your stomach, and Nazuna might imitate you."


I gave them a warning, but once I gave them permission, the dwarves swarmed around the broken artificial mythology class weapon.


In this world, no matter how much effort or time is spent on it, it is not possible to create a mythology class weapon.

Despite this, past civilizations have been able to artificially create mythology class weapons. If there is evidence of this, it is no wonder that the dwarves are excited.


"Uhyoooo! It's made out of some metal I've never seen before!"


"Look at the core! It has a laminated and complex structure.

This must be the reason it was able to make such complex decisions."


"Guaaah! Both of the snake heads on his arms have been crushed! They would have been good research material if they were still intact!"


"Show me more! I want to know how this mythology class weapon can use “Dimenson Slide” ability!"


As if a riot has broken out, the dwarves shout and make a commotion.

After this, maybe they will try to touch Nazuna's great sword Prometheus.....

I must be careful to keep Nazuna from getting angry and beating them.

Honestly, I'm getting a headache now.


(Think positively...... I'm glad they don't know about the genesis class weapon I hold in my hands, the God's Arm Gungnir)


Thanks to the impact sound when Nazuna finished him off, and Mei covering the dwarves, they did not see me use the God's Arm Gungnir to stop the left snake arm.

I don't know what they would do if they knew that I also have a genesis class weapon.

It will be best to keep it a secret.


"Kekekekekeke! My Lord, may I speak with you?"


As I watch the dwarves gather around the half-buried artificial mythology weapon, Mera speaks to me.

She is holding a cleanly severed sword, a sword that belonged to an adventurer who came here before.


"Kekekekekeke! One of my detached bodies found the next hole.

No sign of anyone having passed through it, and they found this near the hole."


"This is..."


"From the smell, maybe it belonged to one of the adventurers sent here by the Dwarves."


"I don't know how they got this far...."


They seemed to reach this place after passing through the Infinite Stone Golem floor and the Artificial Sea floor.

But as expected, they were no match for the artificial mythology weapon and probably lost their lives here.


"Did you find any other remains?"


"Kekekekeke! I'm sorry, that's all I found."


Since it is a top-secret mission, it cannot be published, and it must have happened hundreds of years ago. If there are any remains, I want to return them to their families. But it seems that all I found was the broken sword.

Perhaps I should consider it lucky that the broken sword remains after being attacked by that artificial mythology weapon.

After informing Dagan and his men, I decided to bring back the broken sword to the surface world.


"I see. Thank you, Mera."


"It is my pleasure. So, would you like me to lead the way to the next hole?"


"Ah... About that...."


I take a look at the dwarves.

Their excitement hasn't stopped, and they act like small children taken to a playground.


"...... I think we should wait a little longer for them to calm down. Besides, it'll still be a while before the rest of your detached bodies return."


"Kekekekekeke! Roger that."


After Mera replies to me, she begins to be on the lookout for other enemies, traps, etc., just like Mei and the others.




It took a whole day for the dwarves to calm down.

They stayed up all night, gathering around the artificial mythology weapon and continuing to examine it. We helped them remove the rubble during the process.

We also helped them put back all the body parts to their original positions.


As a result, we found out......


"With our current technology, we can't understand it at all!"


The Dwarf King affirms vigorously.

As expected, it is impossible to understand and reproduce ancient civilization technology in a day, but...


His smile as if to say...

"Understanding that we can't understand something is also progress. Even if we have to spend time in dangerous places, it's not a problem."

Dwarves really love research. I can't help but shrug.


Not only me, Mei, Nazuna, Mera, and Suzu also have similar reactions.

I couldn't push the dwarves too hard, so we rested at the cottage before moving on.


Mera's detached body had found the next hole.


We move on to the next hole and go down using Mei's thread cage.


We pass through the hole, and then there is...


"Is this......a residence?"


The world that spreads out beyond the thread cage's window of the thread box is lined with buildings and trees. Although some of the upper levels have collapsed, we recognize that it is a place for people to live.


Everyone intuitively understands that this is our final destination.




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