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Sunday, September 3, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C63


Chapter 63: Selection.





After dinner, I help clean up the kitchen like usual. Songho-san speaks to me.


It is unusual to see Songho-san in the kitchen after dinner. He usually leaves the cleanup work to me and his apprentices (Vidic and Yanson) and goes to his room to rest.


He usually wakes up early or works till late at night to prepare the menu for lunch and dinner for the next 3 days.


So when we enter the kitchen, the menu is ready. Vidic-san and Yanson-san use it as a reference to place orders with the supplier or go to the market themselves to buy the ingredients.


It may sound rude, but staying up late gets harder as we age. I also usually wake up early.


I am an old man, so I understand Songho-san's behavior very well.


"Boy ....... Do you hear me?"


"Eh? Oh, I'm sorry."


"You were thinking of something else... Well, never mind. But more importantly, 3 days from now, I'll leave the meals to you."


Songho-san pointed at me.


"Leave it to me?"


Of course, I understand the word staff meals.


It means food for the kitchen staff.


Songho-san and the others eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, but I have never eaten the staff meals.


Although I help out in the kitchen, I always eat breakfast with Clavis-san and his family.


"Are you sure, Songho-san? Isn't it too early?"


Yanson-san, who was listening to our conversation, interrupted him.


But Vidic-san reminds Yanson-san.


"It's not too early. It's been almost a month since he started working here. And you have been working here for almost a month when you made that sweet stuff."


"Oh, that! I thought it was salt, but it was sugar----. Aah!"


Yanson-san's face turned bright red as he tried to defend himself. He was about to reveal his past mistakes but stopped halfway through.


People who mistake salt for sugar really exist.


I chuckle.


"So, what do you think?"


"I'll do it! Let me do it!"


I immediately answered.


Songho-san and the others have tasted my monster cuisine once, but I still have many other recipes.


I want to hear his opinion as a chef.


"Um. Then ask Yanson for the details. I'll leave it to you, Yanson."


"Eh? ......Ye, yes!"


Yanson-san immediately stands upright.


Then Songho-san returns to his room with his apron still on.


It seems that he keeps it on because he is aware that he is the Letivia family's head chef until he returns to his room.


"Though I haven't been told anything about it."


"You're the one making the staff meals now, aren't you?

And if he trusts you to teach him, it means that your cooking is also recognized by the Master."


"Is that true?"


Yanson-san scratches his head, but he looks a little happy.


If Songho-san trusts me, then I will do my best.


Yanson-san's lesson started after breakfast the next day.


Venson-san was supposed to give me history class, but he canceled on short notice, and I came to the kitchen.


Yanson-san was waiting for me while sharpening a knife.


"Sorry, I'm late."


"Aah. It's okay. I already heard from Venson-san. We don't have much time. Let's get started."


Yanson-san and I are the only ones in the kitchen.


Songho-san is meeting with Kanna-san to discuss the day after tomorrow's menu. Vidic-san is shopping at the market.


Vidic-san is very busy. He is only in the kitchen when he is cooking.


He also buys plates and tableware and checks on the growth of the crops on the Letivia family's farm.


Songho-san is in charge of the work in the kitchen, and Vidic-san is in charge of the outside work.


I only work in the kitchen, but I can learn many things.


I have learned that being a chef is not just about making food.


I have learned many things in the past month. They put a lot of effort and thought to bring smiles to the faces of the people who eat their food.


However, the meals I have been entrusted with this time are slightly different.


"The difference between staff meals and regular meals is that there are limitations on the ingredients."




"Staff meal is something eaten by the kitchen staff. The chef has to use his skills. The more orders they get, the more profit they make. But staff meals are different."


"It's not profitable because the kitchen staff eats it."


"That's right. And the ingredients used will be the same as what the customers eat. Do you know what will happen?"


I think for a moment, then answer.


"We need to keep the ingredients cost down."


"Not exactly. In the first place, there is no ingredient cost for staff meals."


"Eh? Then how are you going to get the ingredients?"


No matter how good the chef is, it is meaningless without the ingredients.


If it were me, I would be able to go for a short run and gather nuts and wild vegetables from the mountains. But Yanson-san cannot do such a thing.


"The answer is simple: use leftovers from yesterday's cooking.

And maybe leftover vegetables and leftover eggs that we didn't use in cooking."


"That means ----."


"That's right. That means you can't make monster dishes, which is your specialty.

......Do you think you can do it? You can back out if  you're scared."


"I'll do it!"


A dish that doesn't use monsters as ingredients.


Isn't that great?


That's what I want.


In fact, I prefer it that way.


I don't know if it's for me to say this, but monster cuisines are rather unorthodox.


I use ingredients people don't use, and many parts surprise them.


When I was washing dishes, I realized that my cooking skills were not even close to Yanson-san's.


I have 300 years of experience in the kitchen, but my cooking skills are mostly self-taught.


On the other hand, Yanson-san's and Songho-san's techniques have been passed down from generation to generation and refined over the years.


The number of years is more than 300 years.


Perhaps this staff meal will test my cooking skill.


There is a fear of being judged, but if anything, it's......




"Ha ha ....... This kid's eyes are shining."


"Yes! I'm excited!"


"Hmph! Well...... Do your best."


Yanson-san gently tapped me on the back and encouraged me.



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