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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep19 Nazuna




We descended from the floor guarded by infinite stone golems and arrived at a small island surrounded by the ocean. Then we flew to the south with SR - Flight.

We were attacked by a giant fish, winged fishes, and saw-shaped head fishes on the way but safely made it to an island.


There is a giant double-spiral building on this island, similar to the one we saw on the floor above. We also found a half-destroyed lid and a hole in the ground.

We did not go down immediately and stayed overnight on this island, but...

Naraku's strongest fighter's nose twitches, and she speaks to me.


"My Lord...... I feel that we should be more cautious when entering this hole. I smell danger."


She imitated the dwarves and burst into tears when she drank seawater and was so excited like a child when she saw the Giant White Fin Whale. Still, Nazuna is the best fighter in Naraku.

Even if Elly and Aoyuki teamed up, she could match them. Mei also said that even if she joined the battle, she wouldn't make a difference.

Nazuna is actually very strong.

It would be safer to take her warning seriously.


After putting back the cottage card to the Item Box, Mei creates a thread cage with magic thread, and we go down the hole like before.




Since everyone has already heard Nazuna's warning, the atmosphere is tenser than before.


"Raito-sama, the end of the hole is near."


Mei noticed the end of the hole and informed us.

Everyone gets even more tense with her words.


We go down through the hole. Mei makes a window so we can see outside, but...


"......Maybe Nazuna is too wary."


Sunlight-like light pours down from the ceiling as usual.

This light continues to shine throughout the day.

The light allowed us to see the scene below us.


Random black rectangular walls.

The ground is made of gray stone mixed with black grains that we have seen at the ruin's entrance.

It is a material that the dwarves could not destroy even after many years. Nazuna was the only one that could break it.


The gray ground was scooped, melted, sliced, and even formed a crater. The black rectangular wall was partly destroyed on top, Scooped out on the sides, and smashed to pieces at the bottom.

A large number of battle traces were left behind.


This means that there are beings in this place that can easily break the gray material.

Now I can understand why Nazuna senses danger and gets wary.


The thread cage lands on the ground.

We get down first to check the area, followed by the dwarves.

This is the third time, so we are used to it.


"...... Mera, I want you to investigate from the air and the ground as you did before.

Make sure to instruct your detached bodies to be careful of enemies."


"Kekekekekeke! Of course, My Lord. Thank you for your concern!"


Mera replies cheerfully. Perhaps she is glad that I worry about her.

She creates birds from her arms and a wolf from under her skirt, just like before.

After seeing off Mera's detached bodies, Dagan speaks up.


"Raito-dono...... would you mind if I investigate this floor until they get back?"


"...... I can't allow you to move alone. But if you move together with the other, that's fine. Of course, please be careful."


"Thank you!"


Perhaps asking the dwarves who have a strong curiosity to hold back in front of all these things is impossible.

Above all, I also have many concerns about this floor.


We all move together while carefully watching out for enemies.

First, we head toward the crater.


"To gouge that material so cleanly...... What kind of attack did this? Magic?"


"Isn't it impossible for offensive magic to scoop through that damn hard material so cleanly?"


"Then how about a fantasy-class magic weapon?"


"What about chemicals? I've seen an acid-spitting monster that melts armor."


The dwarves start a discussion in front of the crater.

I kneel down and touch the crater.


(It is like butter was gouged out with a heated spoon. How can such a hard material be so beautifully scooped out?)


I'm not a dwarf, but I can't help but ponder it.

Even if I use infinite cards, it's difficult for me to cleanly scoop it out like this.

It would be a different story if I fully unseal Gungnir's power...


( It can't be a Genesis class weapon. But if someone uses a mythology class weapon, maybe he can do something similar. ---!?)


"? Raito-dono, what's wrong--?"


"Get down!"


Everyone except the dwarves notices and reacts immediately.


A white cannonball-like object is fired at high speed!

Mei creates a wall with magic threads to block the attack.

Normally, this should be enough to block it completely, but... the wall disappeared.

It disappeared as if it were scooped out, just like the crater on the ground.


"My Lord! Behind me!"


"Mera, don't touch it! Leave it to me!"


Mera quickly takes a stance in front of me, with huge dragon arms coming out of her hems.

The dragon arms are steel-colored and covered with Mera's hardest scales, but Nazuna instinctively senses that won't be enough to defend against it. She steps in with her big sword in her hand.




A flash of chi!

It hit the white cannonball and deflected its trajectory.

The shell scooped out the gray grounds and disappeared without any explosion.

Looks like this strike was the one that created the crater in front of us.


A snake-like creature suddenly appeared about 150 meters away from where the white shell was fired. Its body is about 10 meters long.


( To get this close without being noticed by me, Mei, or Nazuna.....)


I did not lose my guard while checking the crater.

Nevertheless, it got this close to us.

It is as if the 10-meter-long creature can teleport.


His upper body is covered with armor. His lower body looks like a snake wrapping around a black rectangular structure. The air is wavering slightly around his snake-shaped arms.

The earlier shot seems to have been fired from its arms.

Part of its body that resembles the human head is covered by a full-face helmet, so its facial expression is invisible.


Suzu immediately takes a stance and fires back.




"It's payback for the earlier attack! Be grateful and eat this, snake!"


Countless magic bullets were fired from the muzzle of the long spear-like musket gun.

Maybe the snake-like creature couldn't react, it didn't move an inch, and its entire body was showered with magic bullets.




" He is not affected! No, did we miss it? No, it can't be!"


Suzu & Rock sound shocked.

That's only natural.

They thought all the magic bullets hit their target, but they all missed.

To be exact, the bullets passed through the snake-like creature and hit things behind it.

Everyone is stunned by this impossible phenomenon.


In the midst of all this, Mei calmly checks our opponent's name, level, etc., with appraisal skill... But even after a while, she didn't say anything.

While taking a stance with my staff, I look at Mei and call out to her.


"Mei, what's the level of that snake-like creature? To be able to avoid Suzu's magic bullets, he's not an ordinary enemy!"


"Raito-sama, please be careful. That creature has no level."


Not only me, but everyone made a surprised expression at her unexpected words.






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