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Sunday, September 3, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C62


Chapter 62: The Head maid's real identity.



"Thank you, Luciel-sama."


Kanna-san bowed her head calmly.


Her sharp pointed glasses reflected my face with a big kiss mark on my temple.


I looked a bit tired.


I combined acid and soda slime to create a neutral slime and received praise from Corinne-san and the other maids.


The kiss mark on my temple is from Corinne-san.


If Kanna-san didn't force her to let me go, she would have tossed me up in the air by now.


"No, I'm the one who should be thanking you for your help."


"I didn't do anything that deserves a thank you. Still, I was surprised. I had heard the report, but I didn't expect you to use slime's nature to remove dirt...."


"What report?"


"From Songho-san about the plate."


"Aah ......!"


I clapped my hands unconsciously.


"Actually, I was the first to notice the plate's cleanliness... Then I told Songho-san about it."


"I see!"


It is the first time I have heard about it.


So Songho-san's reaction in the kitchen was just an act.


Perhaps he was trying to be considerate of me and keep the incident inside the kitchen.


"I asked Songho-san about it, and he told me it was thanks to your slime."


"I thought we could use the dish-washing method to wash the clothes."


"I was only sort of hoping it works. However, Luciel-sama did more than I could have imagined. I haven't seen Corinne and others happy in a long time."


"I'm glad I could help."


"I want to thank you again for your help. Thank you."


Kanna-san bows her head again.


"No, no. Thank you."


I bow again.


I didn't expect this.


At first, I thought she looked scary..... Maybe her attitude was also proof of her seriousness toward her work.


People in this mansion are very diligent people.


When I raise my head, my eyes meet Kanna-san's eyes.


"What's wrong?"


"Oh. No. It's just that ...... you're different from when we first met....."


"What do you mean?"


"Awawawa... Please don't be angry."


"I'm not mad..."


"No, it's not like that. I'm just saying that Kanna-san looks very kind right now."




Are? Maybe it's just my imagination, but something is wrong with Kanna-san.


Her tone of voice is getting smaller. Her atmosphere is getting gloomier, but her complexion is improving.


What is going on?


"Huh? What's wrong with you?


"Luciel-sama, let me tell you why I was angry at first.


"Ye, yes....."


Then, Kanna-san's eyes lit up.


I couldn't help but scream a little.




Standing there is Kanna-san, who has black hair and pure white skin - with red eyes and fangs.


"Haaaaah! I can't hold it any longeeeeeerr!"


"Eh....... Eeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!"




A pleasant sound echoes.


Kanna-san (who jumped at me) was hit by a big fly swatter and slammed to the ground.




I heard a scream that I couldn't believe came out of that well-mannered Kanna-san's mouth.


Her eyes widened, and she fell down in the mansion's corridor.


"Yareyare. I knew this was going to happen."


Richil is standing by her side. She is holding a big fly swatter and tapping her own shoulder.


"Good thing I kept an eye on you. You can't do that, Kanna. Luciel-kun doesn't know who you are yet."




Kanna-san groans and begins to cry softly with a bump on her head.


"I'm sorry we surprised you, Luciel-kun."


"I'm fine... Eeto. What do you mean?


"Aah, this....... Kanna is a vampire."


"Va, vampire!"


I have never met them before, but I know about their race.


As their name suggests, they survive by drinking animals' and humans' blood, and their lifespan is as long as the elves.


"I heard they're weak against sunlight and can't act in the daytime."


"That's only in fiction stories."


"Yes. By the way, we can't turn into bats. Even though we drink blood, we usually consume it from food. But compared to humans and beastmen, we do not feel a sense of aversion to directly consuming blood."


Kanna-san explains as she is lying on the floor.




"Unlike other races, vampires have a unique sense of taste."


This is the first time I have heard it.


Most of my knowledge was from the illustrated books I read when I was 5. Now that I meet a real vampire, it's totally different.


"So you weren't trying to suck my blood ......."


"No, no, no, no way! I swear I would never do such a thing to Luciel-sama. Please believe me. Also, I was so nervous at first because I was afraid you would attack me if I acted normal....."


"Attack ----......"


I freeze with my mouth open.


Meanwhile, Kanna-san gets up, sits on her heels, folds her hands in front of her breast, and speaks.


"Oh. God."


Richil-san looks at her and huffs out a breath.


"Why the hell did you jump at him?"


"Because he's so cute! Luciel-sama is so cute!"


"Eh...... Cute... I......."


"Yes, Luciel-sama is so cute! Cute is justice! Your personality is great, and you're kind to women. You're perfect! You are the man of my dreams."


"Ahahaha..... It's like you're proposing to me."


"Yes! Yes! I'd like you to marry me now."


Kanna-san's mood rises even higher.


The cool-beauty image in my mind is crumbling away.


She is so excited that she quickly approaches me and asks.


"What do you think?"


"I, I'm honored to be ....... But I'm five years old and ...... as you can see."


"No! Rather, it's just right!"


"Just right!"


"I heard that you have lived for 300 years. That means it's okay for us to get married, isn't it? In other words, it's perfectly legal!"


Is it legal???


No, I don't think so.


I look to Richil-san at my side, hoping she can help me.


It seems that Richil-san is used to Kanna's behavior. She shakes her head and speaks.




"You know, Luciel-kun. You may not understand this world, but some older women love someone like you."


Wha, wha, what is she talking about?


"Eh? But, you see...... I've lived for 300 years, so I don't know anything about this era."


"It's okay. Because my real age is 197 years old..."


"Hun, 197 yeaaaaaars old!!"



I shouted as I stared at Kanna-san. She is puffing out her chest proudly.




By the way, I learned later that Kanna-san has served the Letivia family for 3 generations.


I see.


Everyone accepted me easily when I said 300 years old. Kanna-san must have been a big part of that.




Although I still can't believe it......


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