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Sunday, September 3, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C61


Chapter 61: Neutral slime.



"Synthetic magic!"


Kanna-san raises her voice in disbelief.


Her black eyes (the same color as her hair ) are now dyed pure white.


"I've heard it's very advanced magic....... That's----."


She gasped.


Corinne-san and the other maids have no idea what is going on. They keep watching the situation under the mansion's shadow.


The two bottles are pulled towards each other after receiving the [Synthesis] spell.


Then the two bottles bend and merge together like twisting threads.


Eventually, it turned into a single bottle.


Neutral slime is complete.


"Neutral...... Slime............?"


I open the bottle's lid.


The reddish-purple acid slime and the light blue soda slime.


The mixture of the two has changed the color to a dark blueish color.


I dilute the neutral slime in lukewarm water as I did before.


"The Soda Slime weakens the Acid Slime nature."


"Hmm? If its nature is weakened, then it can't clean the dirt. Right?"


Corinne-san (hiding her big body behind the hand pump) asks timidly.


"As Corinne-san says. But only a little bit. And the great thing about neutral slime is that it won't rust metal."


"Even if you wash metal, it won't rust?"


"Yes. Using soda slime will also prevent rust. But unlike acid slime, it cannot clean off stains easily. However, acid slime has the nature of slowly dissolving metal."


"I see. Then if we combine the two kinds of slime..."


"That's right. We can make a detergent that won't rust metal and removes stains."


"I still can't believe there's a method like this..."


Even after hearing my explanation, Corinne-san and the others remained skeptical.


"Do you want to try?"


I handed them one piece of armor.


On behalf of the others, Corinne-san decided to try it.


She starts scrubbing it in the basin like usual.


"Ara? Ara, ara, ara....."


Their expressions changed immediately.


Persistent slime stains, old blood stains, and other greases are easily removed.


It took nearly 10 people half a day to wash seven clothes, but Corinne-san finished washing this one in no time.


"It's like magic. It's amazing how well it cleans."


Corinne-san's eyes widened.


After seeing the result, the other maids raise their hands one by one to give it a try. And they start to wash the armors.


When they see the cleaned armor, they are all surprised. Some of them even began to cry.


Everyone is so caught up in the process that they forget that the detergent is slime.


The depressed atmosphere from a while ago has disappeared, and the laundry area is filled with the old maids' lively voices.


"Kanna-san, I was wondering about one thing. Why are there so many old people in the laundry area?"


"That's ----."


Kanna-san looked a little awkward and averted her eyes from me.


Corinne-san laughs and answers my question.


"Wahahaha. About that, Bocchan. That's because we're old.


"Eh? Is that the reason?"


"Look around....."


Corinne showed me her hands.


Her hands are knobby, and there are many traces of peeling skin. They are wrinkled like tree bark and have many dark spots. Her fingernails also looked ragged.


"We can't let the guests see such hands, right? That's why young, fair-skinned maids do indoor work, while old people like us work in the back. This way, we can avoid contact with the guests."


"Oh, my God....."


"Don't get the wrong idea. All nobles do the same thing. It's a kind of etiquette to welcome guests."


That means this custom probably existed even when I was still living in the Tristan family's mansion.


I just didn't notice it.


I didn't know there was such an unspoken agreement among the aristocratic vassals.




"Do you feel sorry for me, Bocchama?"




"But you know what? We are happy. Even though we are like this, the Master continues to hire us. He praises our hands, calling them hard workers' hands. We are blessed to hear those words."


"I see, I see."


"Yup, yup."


"It's more relaxed here than serving the guests."


"Aah. And we don't have to worry about customers touching our butts."




The other maids also nodded their heads.


When I first heard this, I thought it was unfair. Maybe some of these people would rather work inside the mansion than do laundry.


But that's just my assumption.


I think these people are happy with their lives.


It has been the same for my 300 years.


My 300 years of life were the same.


Living away from civilization indeed made me feel a bit lonely.


However, it is not as if all those years were unhappy. There were some happy times too.


I don't want people to think I was unhappy for 300 years.


Now that I think about it, Clavis-san and Fletty-san noticed my loneliness that had been piling up in my heart. But they never called me 'pitiful.'


They invited me to this house after considering my 300 years of life.


Still, they are great.


Clavis-san and Fletty-san......


"But we are women, too. We hope we can do something to soften our rough skin a little."


"If this keeps up, we'll lose our hands."


The maids laugh jokingly.


When I hear that, I respond.


"Oh. I think that's not a problem."


"What do you mean, Bocchan?"


"Neutral slime is very gentle on the skin. Soda slime also protects your hands. So you don't have to worry about rough skin anymore."




"I am happy to hear that."


"I can work hard with this."


"Ahahahaha. How long are you going to work?"


The maids laugh lively again.


It seems they liked it.


Seeing Corinne-san and the others happily doing their laundry, I smile naturally.


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