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Sunday, September 3, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C60


 Chapter 60: Surprisingly pure white.



Kanna-san leads me to the mansion's laundry.


The laundry was located near a well outside the mansion. They use a hand pump to draw water from the well. They wash clothes and armor by scrubbing them with their hands and stomping them with their feet.


Piles of clothes and armors lay beside the well, waiting to be cleaned, but the work doesn't seem to progress.


There are only 7 pieces of clothing and armor hanging on the pole.


According to Kanna-san, they started working early in the morning. Clearly, their work progress is too slow.


No wonder Kanna-san was so angry.


It is rude to say this, but I can only see old maids. There are no young women here.


Even though there are many young maids like Kanna-san in the mansion.


"Corinne-san, how is the progress?"


Kanna-san called out to a big woman.


"Oh, it's you, Kanna. As you can see. Totally no progress."


Without looking at Kanna-san, she answered loudly while continuing to work. She might not be angry, but that was her normal voice.


"Geez....... The Knights have brought us troublesome things. I hope they at least consider the feelings of the people who wash them. Hey, Kan----."


Corinne froze there with her mouth open.


Our eyes met. I could only reply with a bitter smile.


"Bo, Bocchan!" (Young master)


Corinne-san is not the only one who noticed me.

The other maids stopped working and straightened their backs.


"So, sorry, Bocchan..... I didn't mean to insult you."


"Don't mind me. It's true that I have caused trouble for everyone."


"It is not....... Wa, wait, wait! Kanna! You ran out just now. Did you tell Bocchan?


"I told him clearly. The slimes make the work very difficult."


"Aah! Geez! This girl....... Bocchan is Clavis-sama's precious child. You should be more polite..."


"Corinne-san was also angry, right?"


When Kanna points out, Corinne shakes her head. Her cheeks are shaking like a bulldog.


"No, no way! (Hey! Kanna, what the hell are you saying?)."


Corinne-san lowered her voice, but her voice was so loud that I could hear her.


"I don't mind, Corinne-san. It's true that I have caused problems for the maids."


"Luciel Bocchama, what brings you here?"


This place is for backstage people.


Seems that the Letivia family members rarely come here.


But Clavis-san and Sophinie-san sometimes come to check on Corinne-san......


It is quite rare for a child like me to come here.


"Seems Luciel-sama has a solution to clean the persistent slime stain."


"Do you have a way to get rid of this stain?"


Corinne-san and the other old maids immediately approach me.


"They must be very desperate to know the solution."


"Yes, leave it to me."


First, I prepare a basin full of lukewarm water.


Then ----.


"Luciel-sama, what is this?"


"It's acid slime."




Kanna-san gulps.


Yes. It's the acid slime that I used to use to wash dishes in the kitchen.


I dilute it in warm water.


"This should be enough."


"Eh? Just that?"


Corinne-san's eyes widened.


"It's okay. This is all I need to get rid of the stains."


I quickly borrowed a piece of clothes and put it in the lukewarm water.


"If you leave it this way for a while, the slime stain will disappear on its own."


"Is that all we need to do?"


"That's just too easy to be true...."


Both Corinne-san and Kanna-san look in disbelief.


But their doubts will be cleared after 10 minutes.


"Maybe it's about time."


I pull out the clothes from the diluted acid slime water.


" "----!!!" "


Kanna-san and the other maids gasped.


Corinne-san takes the clothes from my hands.


She holds the clothes up to the sun, searching for the stains with her eyes.


But the clothes are pure white and swaying in the pleasant breeze.


Corinne-san's eyes begin to glitter.


'It's surprisingly pure white!'


Her loud voice echoes through the mansion.


"Amazing! Not just slime, but stubborn grease and old blood stains are gone....."


Kanna-san wipes her glasses, puts them back on, and then stares at the clothes.


It is as good as new. Amazing. It's really like magic.


"We just soak it in the water. It's so easy."


"If it still doesn't come off, gently scrub it off. If you don't have time to soak it, just soak it in hot water once and scrub it."


I take another piece of clothing and demonstrate how to wash it in the basin.


As I explained, the stain and slime were easily removed.


It's as if I'm being tricked by a fox.


Corinne shakes her head.


"But what about armor? Some of them are made of leather, but most of them are made of metal."


It is true that iron and other metal objects may rust.


But there is a solution to that.


I take out another bottle the same size as the one containing the acid slime.


While the acid slime is reddish purple, this slime is light blue. There are also fine bubbles inside it.


"What's that? It's got bubbles in it, like a barley wine."


"This is soda slime, another kind of slime. This slime is similar to acid slime and can dissolve things. The only difference is that acid slime is acidic, while soda slime has strong alkalinity."


"Eh, alkalinity? I'm sorry. I'm not an educated person."


Corinne tilts her head.


"The point is that it has the property of neutralizing acids. If you pour water on a fire, the fire and the water will disappear.

It's similar to that."


Kanna-san explained simply.


"Let's talk about the details later. First, let's try to mix these two together."


"Eh? If we do that, won't they both disappear?"


"It's okay."


I smile and put the two bottles in front of me.


I raise my hand and concentrate.




Suddenly, a magical light floats above the two bottles.


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