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Friday, September 15, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep25: Library & Treasure houses.


We head to buildings that look like a library and treasure houses found by Mera's detached body.


The place we were in seemed to be a residential area. There is another area further in the back.

Some buildings look like a library and treasure houses in that area.


Our first stop is the library. It is a library with a large number of books similar to the one that exists in Six Principality.

The building is as big as an aristocrat's mansion. A bookshelf collapses when we enter the building, and many books fall on the floor.

Whenever the dwarves picked up a fallen book and checked its contents, they would say "Aaaaah! or "Uhyooo!".

I am also curious, so I pick up one of the fallen books and flip through the pages.

Books excavated from these kinds of ruins vary widely, some with grammar close to modern ones and others that need to be deciphered. This time it seems to be the latter, but I enjoy looking at the book's detailed drawings.


(This book describes many fish monsters we saw on the upper floor. There are drawings of the white fin whale, the flying fish, and saw-shaped head fishes. Maybe it lists all the fish in that artificial sea?)


It also shows many other fish monsters, which makes it exciting.

The dwarves also look very excited, but we can't stay here forever. I urge the dwarves to move on and head to the treasure house.


Although the term "treasure house" gave a glamorous image, the building we arrived at was a large rectangular box-shaped building.

Apparently, the priority was placed on sturdiness without considering beauty in design.


Unlike houses and the library, no doors or windows could be found. According to Mera, her wolf smelled precious metals inside. That's why she assumes it is a treasure house.

There are more than 10 similar buildings.

If there is no door or window, we have no choice but to force our way in.


"Nazuna, please use your great sword Prometheus to cut through the wall."


"Okay, my Lord!"


Nazuna looks happy because I rely on her.

She holds her sword with both hands, thrusts it into the wall, and cuts the wall like using a saw by moving the sword up and down.


"What's wrong, my Lord? Your expression looks weird."


"...... Nothing wrong. I'm just grateful that Nazuna is very reliable."


"Ehehehe, I am very reliable. I'll do my best to be more useful to my Lord!"


Nazuna is happy that I praised her and resumes her work with a smile on her face.

To be honest, I wanted her to make a hole by swinging her sword in a cooler way. I couldn't say that, so I told her a reasonable and deceptive line.

I understand that her method is logical, but...


With Nazuna's help, an access door is safely made.

The hole's position seems just right, and when we peek in, we see that the room is filled with a large amount of gold, silver, and treasures.

I asked Nazuna to open another hole in the next building in the same way and found many magic weapons and items.


Nazuna also made holes in the other buildings one by one.

After making the holes, we check what's inside.

The dwarves look happy and sad at the same time.


The Dwarf King thanked me with a big smile on his face.


"Raito-dono, thank you very much for bringing us here! Infinite stone golem, artificial sea, and many books related to the ancient civilization! Buildings filled with piles of treasures! Thanks to Raito-dono and others, we found a great discovery! It's a discovery that will turn history over if we publicize this! It is the greatest discovery in the dwarves' history! I'm looking forward to researching these technologies. I will tell Raito-dono all the technologies we got, and we will give you all the magic weapons & items and gold and silver treasures that won't be research subjects! We can study ancient civilizations starting tomorrow! Yahoo!"


"... I'm glad to hear that."


Overwhelmed by Dagan's sheer joy, I managed to reply.

We don't need that many gold and silver treasures, low and medium-level magic weapons & items. Still, it would be better to take what we can get to avoid increasing the Dwarf Kingdom's military strength. If there are powerful weapons, I will secure them.


Without paying any attention to my reaction, he continues to talk.


"Raito-dono, you have fulfilled your promise. Now I will fulfill my promise. I want you to take this."


"What's this?"


Dagan took out a golden stamp from his pocket.

The handle resembled a hammer and pickaxe with an entangled snake. It is an excellent work of art to look at, but it seems to be difficult to hold and use.

Dagan smiles mischievously as he hands the stamp into my hand.


"The King's Seal. It is the seal of the Dwarf Kingdom that authorizes anything that Raito-dono does. With this seal and the King's guarantee, any action within the dwarves' territory is permitted. Of course, I will let my men know that you have the King's Seal. With this King's Seal, you have the right to move our soldiers. This seal even gives you the right to take over the Dwarf Kingdom throne."


"Throne? Can I have such a precious thing?"


"Of course. In fact, I think it's not enough. I will give up my throne right now if you want it."


"No. As a human, I have no intention of sitting on the throne of the Dwarf Kingdom."


"Raito-dono is too humble. With such a great discovery and achievement, there is no need to be concerned about the human race or dwarf race. You can crush anyone who opposes you with magic items or force. I think you can be a great King for the Dwarf kingdom. It's just too bad..."


Dagan's tone is calm, but he is serious. "I'll give you the throne right now" is written on his face. His eyes are not smiling at all.

The reason for this is simple enough to guess.

A top-secret research project on books, facilities, and magic items found in this ancient civilization's ruins is about to begin.

He probably wants to retire from his position as the Dwarf King as soon as possible to join the research.


He doesn't hesitate to give his throne to me, a human...


Even if I jokingly agree here, I'm sure he will impose his throne on me straight away.

I am not interested in the throne, but this royal seal and the Dwarf King's full cooperation are very much appreciated.


With these, I can get the Dwarf King to our side and support Lilith to win her throne. It would also make it easier for me to move within the Dwarf Kingdom territory and allow me to even make up charges of treason, tax evasion, and rape against Nano and imprison him as I please.


"What's wrong, Raito-dono? Did I say something that offends you?"


I was thinking about how to take revenge on Nano. My emotions leaked out and scared Dagan.

He asks me apologetically with a pale face, but I hurriedly deny it.


I tell him there is nothing wrong.


And I kept thinking about how to use this King's seal and take revenge on Nano.





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