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Friday, September 15, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep24: Religious painting.


The thread cage slowly lands on the ground.


Suzu gets down first and checks the surroundings in case of traps, enemy monsters, and the like. Then everyone gets down one by one, but everyone is relaxed.

Since entering the large-scale ancient civilization ruins, we have encountered many dangers. Somehow, we can tell from the atmosphere whether the place is dangerous or safe.


This place is safer because the atmosphere here feels normal. I pat Nazuna's head to calm her down.


"The buildings are all the same and look solid, but...... Is this a residential area?"


I looked around and muttered a few words.

I didn't say it out loud, but I could tell everyone had the same thought.

To be safe, we need to check if there is any other destination.


"Mera, please do as usual."


"Kekekekeke! Yes, sir!"


Mera follows my instructions and sends out her birds and wolves to investigate the area.

Since there is no point standing around waiting for the scouts to return, we decide to check our surroundings.

Besides, I am sure that the dwarves can’t stay still in this situation.


"Raito-dono! Raito-dono!"


"...... We don't know what's out there, so don't act alone. Let's all move together while checking around."


Although the atmosphere is less dangerous, we can't lose our guard.

We move forward together.


The first place we head to is the building near us.


The building is made of gray material mixed with black grains.

It is about the size of an ordinary house.

The door is not locked, so we can enter without any difficulty.

The interior is furnished with ordinary furniture, which is a bit weird. I expected something more impactful.

We looked around other buildings in the area, but they were all the same.


"Hmm ...... the upper levels were full of wonderful technology."


The Dwarf King also tilts his head at this. He plays with his beard.


"Let's go further. Maybe we'll find something more rare and unusual."


".....That's right. As Raito-dono says, let's go further."


Dagan responded to my follow-up, and we started walking.


As we proceed to the back of the building, we see a larger building that is somewhat different from the other buildings.

Unlike the others, a bell-like object hangs on top of the building. The atmosphere feels like a church on the surface world.

Since the atmosphere differs from the other buildings, we decided to check inside.


"Is this... a religious facility?"


After opening the door and entering, we see a row of chairs and a stage at the back of the room.

The artificial sunlight streaming in through a small window makes the room slightly gloomy, but it is well-lighted.

Further in, there is something unusual.... Or to be precise, something unusual is hanging there.


"Whoa! That's a big painting..."


"Kekekekekekekeke! My Lord, please be careful. A part of the back wall has collapsed."


Nazuna's honest comment.

As she pointed out, there is a religious painting on the back wall.


On the left side, a figure similar to the snake-like creature that Nazuna fought on the upper floor is depicted. Then some figures look like humans, beastmen, dragonmen, elves, dwarves, and demons.

Some figures with black hair are standing in the center of the painting. It looks as if they are commanding the other races.


(The black-haired people standing in the center... Are they the Masters?)


Unlike other humans, they are in the center and receive special treatment that makes them look like they are commanding other races.

Several of them are gathered together to confront something.


On the right side of the Masters (?) and the six races... Their opponents are monsters.


Dragon, giant, Minotaur, wyvern, giant fish monsters, and a serpent. There are also many smaller monsters such as goblins, orc, insect-type monsters, and so on.


(Monsters are coming out of a giant mouth......?)


Those monsters are coming out from a giant mouth with random teeth. The six races and the Masters (?) are fighting them.

The giant mouth with random teeth looked so frightening. Even though it is just a painting, it has a power that makes everyone scared and fall silent.

If the painter says he drew this picture while seeing the mouth of an evil god that lies underground, people will believe him.


But the picture on the right side is not entirely visible.

As Mera pointed out earlier, the right side of the painting has been crushed by the rubble that fell from above. Especially the face part of the being with an open mouth and random tooth on the right side. Those parts have been severely damaged.

That is why the painting could not be seen in its complete shape.


The rubbles did not fall from above because of our battle a few days ago.

Maybe, the rubbles fell because of the battle between the adventurers sent by the dwarves vs. the artificial mythology weapon (Snake-like creature) a long time ago.

How do I know that? ...... The rubbles are not new. It is older than a few decades by any measure.


(Maybe it was because of the snake-like creature's destructive power....)


It might have been different if someone had controlled it, but this is what happens when a mythology class weapon moves on its own and destroys the surrounding area.

As a result, the rubbles destroyed a part of the painting.

Anyway, this religious painting has a strange power.


"This painting is creepy...."


"You're right, Miss. It's a creepy religious painting..."


Nazuna and the Dwarves (including Dagan) have a bad impression of it.

But I think this religious painting alone is worth all the trouble.


Because the Masters (?), the snake-like creature, and other races on the left side are holding hands while facing the mouth with random teeth that spit out monsters on the right.

Isn't it evidence that there’s an equal or greater existence that's hostile to the Master? Although I don't know how many of them.


We are exploring this large-scale ancient civilization's ruins to search for information that the dragonmen and the demons are hiding.

And to find information about the existence other than the Master. Also, information about a god-like existence that can destroy ancient civilizations.


Perhaps, the being on the right side of this picture is depicted as a god...... An evil God.


The door behind us opens.

A wolf enters, it’s Mera detached body.

The wolf fuses back with Mera.

She checks the memory and speaks up.


"Kekekekeke! My Lord, it has found some buildings that look like a library and treasure houses."




The dwarves' eyes light up when they hear this report.



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