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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep22: Out of this world




"I've known something was wrong since that snake-like creature launched its first attack without us noticing."


He was able to approach us up to 150m away without being detected by my level 9999 senses and Suzu - the level 7777 gunner.

It's logically impossible.


The crater that had been scooped out beautifully,  blewing off Nazuna's limbs that have high defense power even in Naraku, disappearing, and slipped through the wall... There were many hints, so I came to a conclusion.


If the artificial mythological weapon's ability is “Dimension Slide”, that would explain a lot.

We couldn't see it approaching until that close, and it slipped through the black rectangular wall because it made its own existence disappear from this dimension. Converting its power to attack made the ground disappear from this dimension. In other words, he erased the ground from this world.


Once you know the secret, it's easy to deal with it.


"Although “Dimension Slide” is a powerful ability, it cannot be used continuously. That's why I was able to hit him with the attack magic right after he slipped through the black rectangular wall. If he can stays out of this dimension continuously, he will disappear and keep attacking."


"I see..... That makes sense."


The dwarves start debating with each other after they hear my explanation.


As for other weaknesses, “Dimension Slide” cannot be used while attacking. There are cases where weapons and armor of the same rank interfere with each other and cannot be used simultaneously.


No matter how powerful a mythology class weapon is, it is not invincible.

The great sword Prometheus is powerful but has some limitations and is not omnipotent. I realized this because I already understood these things.

Dagan and his men never touched the mythology class weapon, so they couldn't notice it.


"As expected of Raito-sama, keen insight."


"Kekekekeke! So in front of our Lord, even a mythology class weapon can't hide its true form!"




"Wonderful, as expected of Raito-sama."


While the dwarves are debating, Mei and the others are praising me.

I smile slightly at their words.

Everyone is distracted, but the battle is not over yet......


But the trick has been revealed, so no more surprises.


"Explosive flame, release."


The snake-like creature couldn't withstand Nazuna's attack and tried to escape through the black rectangular wall again, but I stopped him again.

Nazuna does not miss this opportunity.


"Twist Providence, maximize your weight! Prometheus!"


It interferes with reality, and the great sword gains more weight than it appears.

I don't know how many tons it has become, but all the 5 nazunas use their powerful arms to swing their great swords.

It is a simple attack of mass x speed, but the effect is tremendous.




The snake-like creature screams in despair and is cut into pieces as his entire body is showered by the great sword.

The power is so strong that the gray ground cannot contain it. With a loud sound, the impact blows off dust and debris at a very high speed.

Mera quickly guards with both arms to protect the dwarves, who are still arguing.

Mera's dragon skin protects them, but...


"Kekekekeke! It hurts because some of the debris penetrated my scales......"


Gray debris mixed with black grains penetrates her dragon's scales.

Several of them bit into the dragon's scales.

We could easily avoid this, but the dwarves would be killed instantly.


(Nazuna is undoubtedly strong, but ... she doesn't know how to hold back...)


When the White Knights' Commander and Nazuna fought inside the Giant Tower, Nazuna won easily. Without the protection of Elly's magic power, the giant tower would have exploded from the inside, and Commander Hardy would have died before we could interrogate him.

I brought along Nazuna because I didn't know what would happen this time. It was the right decision, but I wish she would learn how to hold back a little bit.


Nazuna has one other weakness.

That weakness is.......


From the rising smoke, Nazuna appears.

With the great sword Prometheus in hand and a big smile, she runs up to me like a puppy.


"My Lord, I have won! Praise me, praise me--."


I throw my Gungnir with all my might at Nazuna, who runs up to me with a smile on her face!

When she sees what I'm throwing at her, her smile stiffens.

Gungnir passes by her head and crushes the enemy's left arm, which Nazuna had severed before.




A final scream echoed from the head of the snake's arm.

The left snake arm was severed from the snake-like creature. I crushed it together with the white cannonballs that had been accumulating inside it. Gungnir automatically returned to my hand without a single scratch.

No matter how many seals are placed on it, it is still a genesis class weapon.

It is only natural that it didn't get any scratches.


Apparently, the snake-like creature had its arms cut off on purpose and was pretending to be dead so he could launch a surprise attack.

It is so intelligent that it is hard to believe it is a golem.


(Geez...... Nazuna is very strong, but sometimes she's just too careless......)


No matter how often I warn her, she doesn't get it.

Nazuna's upper body might have been wiped out if I didn't stop the last attack.

Therefore, I could not leave it alone and made a move.


While checking my Gungnir, I give a warning to Nazuna.


"Nazuna! I know you're strong, but you mustn't let your guard down until the end. Even if your enemy is dead, he might have friends or traps to kill you. You never know what he might do if he's the kind of enemy who saves a trump card in his hand."




"...... Nazuna?"


Even though I warn her, Nazuna still freezes with a smile on her face.

After a few seconds, her smiling face turns into a crying face.


"Ju, just now, My Lord's Gungnir almost hit my face! Byueeeee!"


"I, I'm sorry. But that was to save Nazuna!"


Apparently, she was so surprised because Gungnir almost hit her that she started crying.

I actually moved to help Nazuna, but Nazuna knew Gungnir's real power. Even though she knew it wouldn't hit her, she was still shocked.....


I pat Nazuna's cheek and head to calm her down.




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