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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep21: Artificial Mythology Weapon Ability




Nazuna splits into five persons and furiously attacks the snake-like creature created by the ancient civilization with her great sword Prometheus.




With a threatening voice, the snake-like creature tries to escape Nazunas attack, but his attempt is in vain.

Instead, he gets injured.


"Daaaaa! Here!"


The great sword Prometheus cut off the snake-like creature's left serpent arm.


"Yeah! It was hard, but I finally cut it off!"


"I won't lose!"


"I also won't lose!"


"Let's see who'll be the first to kill that snake-like creature!"


"The first one is the winner!"


The five Nazunas rush to the snake-like creature to finish him off. Still, the opponent is an artificial mythology weapon created by ancient civilization. It is not something that can be easily defeated by brute force alone.

The snake-like creature's right snake arm opens its mouth wide, and countless small white cannonballs are shot out.

Because they were shot randomly at close range, Nazuna couldn't avoid all of them.


"Ouch! He just blew off my left arm!


"He blew off my right leg!"


"I'm the toughest person in Naraku, and he wiped out a part of me. What the hell was that attack ......?"


"It's really an artificial mythology weapon."


"I must ensure his attacks don't hit my Lord and the others!"


While Nazuna is wounded, the "Snake-like creature" quickly takes a distance.

Perhaps he saw an opportunity to win when his attack successfully wounded his opponent.




But those wounds are not enough to defeat Nazuna.

Nazunas raise their great sword Prometheus.


"Twist Providence, heal my wounds! Prometheus!"


Nazuna and her clones' wounds are healed as she shouted.

Rather than healed, it was more like she had rewritten the reality, so she didn't have any wounds in the first place.


If one of them survived, the sword Prometheus would twist providence, heal their wounds, and split them into five again.


"All right! Double payback!"


When Nazuna and her clones confirm their wounds have healed, they quickly get ready and start running.

The snake-like creature's head is covered by a helmet, so we cannot read its expression, but its entire body is emitting madness.

The right snake arm shoots small white cannonballs again. Since Nazuna has already seen them, she blocks them with her great sword and closes their distance.


"First in line! I got you!"


One of the Nazunas closes the distance and swings down her great sword, but her sword ends up slicing the black rectangular wall.


"...... Where the hell is that? Where's the snake thingy?"


"It went into the black rectangle wall."


"I saw it, too."


"Oh, there he is!"


"Next is my turn!"


Like an optical illusion, the snake-like creature went into the black rectangular wall and moved further back.

Nazuna and her clones that spotted the "snake-like creature run toward it like a dog that has found its prey.




The snake-like creature made threatening noises and shot small white cannonballs randomly.

Looks like he realizes that fighting head-on with Nazuna and her clones is not a good idea, so he changes his strategy to fight them from a distance.


(Golems on the higher floor only charge and attack when they spot an enemy, but they can't make tactical decisions...... That artificial mythology class weapon can do that. I wonder how great the technology used to create him......)


Even more impressive is the snake-like creature's ability.

He slips through irregularly arranged black rectangular walls at will.

On the other hand, Nazuna and her clones cannot quickly close their distance because of the black rectangular walls.


"Don't run away! Fight me fairly!"


"Cowards! Caterpillar! Snake!"


"Use your brains and provoke him!"


"Then do it yourself."


"Hey! Bastard! How dare you target my Lord?"


The "snake-mimic" planned to reduce Nazunas' number by targeting us.

As he planned, 3 Nazunas ran toward us and blocked the small white cannonballs from hitting us.

The other 2 chase him, but the black rectangular wall blocks their way, and they can't catch up with him.


(It's a basic strategy, but the golem tries to divide Nazuna and her clones......)


It is true that Nazuna's great sword Prometheus is a mythology class weapon with powerful abilities, but it is not omnipotent.

If he can devise a strategy, he can stand against her.


Especially when fighting using their brains like this, Nazuna has a weak spot. If she uses her brain more and utilizes her great sword Prometheus, she should be able to defeat him easily. But.....

But thanks to her, I now know the snake-like creature's ability.

After all, her opponent is a golem.


I take out 1 Infinite Gacha card from my pocket to help her.


"Nazuna! I'll stop his movement. At that moment, closes the distance and attacks him."


"!? Ro, roger that!"


Nazuna and her clones chase after the Snake-like creature.

I observe the snake-like creature's movement and release the card's power when he passes through the wall.


"Explosive flame, release!"




Immediately after he passed through, attack magic that ranks among the highest in the tactical class created explosions at a short distance.

Instead of passing through his body like he did when Suzu attacked, SSR-Explosive Flame created an explosion and flames that stopped the snake-like creature's movement.


(Yup, just as I predicted.)


" " "As expected of my Lord!" " "


I mutter to myself while Nazuna and her clones swing their great swords.

The three Nazuna who are near us also immediately rush to attack him.

The dwarf king raises his voice in confusion.


"Ra, Raito-dono! Why did your attack work! Until now, only that young lady's attacks worked on him!"




Not only Dagan, the dwarves, Suzu, and the others are also looking at me curiously.

They wonder why their attacks didn't work and why my attack magic worked.

It's not something I have to hide, so I explain it to them.


"I was able to attack him because that artificial mythology weapon's ability is “Dimension Slide”."




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