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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Episode 54: Battle power strengthening (2) - part 2




Takuto also tried to comforts Gia. Elder Mortar believes Gia can get through it, so he didn't want to say anything more.


It was the same in every world. Man treats other men harshly.






"But my King, one thing I'm curious about ..."




"This ammunition ... isn't it? We are using it abundantly for training, but isn't it quite expensive?"


So, Gia, the poor man, is left alone, and the story continues.

Elder Mortar's concern is about the ammunition needed for firearms training.

All of them were being produced by Takuto's emergency production.


It doesn't matter how many Brave Quests gold coins can be used to supply magical power. One day those coins will run out.

If they are wasting the ammunition now, he feared that the supply would be cut off when there's an emergency situation in the future.

But Takuto had already solved that problem.


"Oh, it's OK. Gia, you've already search and collect as many cartridge cases and bullets as you can, right? "


"Of course, after the training is over, all the warriors are collecting it."


"The ammunitions were created by the king. I won't waste any single shot!"


"Then it's OK."


Gia, who was slumped, quickly stood up and reported his work result.

Is he trying to recover his pride, even a little bit of it? The momentum is tremendous.

He grinned proudly, and Takuto nodded with satisfaction.


"Because bullets and cartridge cases can be exchanged at a reasonable rate as metal.

 It's actually almost free, right?"



Lead, brass, mild steel.

The materials used to make bullets and shells, which can be divided into several types, are valuable as metals by themselves.

And if they have value as metals, of course, they can be converted into "magic power" at the "market".

It contains some special raw material that is also treated as a mineral, but that was not a problem.

Even for Takuto, the ammunition cost that can be recovered at almost zero cost is too much for a cheat.

A gun is a gold eater not only because of the gun itself but also because of its bullet.

Of course, to train and raise the skill to a level that are battle ready, it is necessary to train with real shooting, and ammunition is required for that purpose.

Normally, huge costs would be incurred, and the maintenance of the army would not be possible.

However, the cheat combo in this world gave Mynoghra the power to make it possible.


"Only explosives and grenades cost a little, so we can't use them carelessly."


"But the battlefield will change dramatically with the sniper rifles and assault guns we are currently training with. This is exactly the army of God. With the help of the king, we were able to gain greater power."


Elder Mortar is looking down in a good mood.

A wise man like him could easily understand how vicious modern weapons power would rage on the battlefield.

Takuto has the same opinion.


However, Takuto can't forget the bitter memories of Isla.

There are various paranormal beings in this world.

No matter how powerful their firearms are. If beings like Brave Quests Shitennous and Demon King appear, there is no guarantee that they can easily defeat them.

They still have a lot of work to do. They should never be relieved by this.

And no matter how powerful modern weapons are, there is a fundamental problem.


"The force that firearms bring will shake this world. Other countries won't dare to start a fight with us. But……"


"Overwhelming shortage of personnel..."


Apparently, there weren't enough people.

Approximately there are dozens of warriors under Gia.

Even if those who had recovered from illness or malnutrition and wished to join the warrior corps were included, the number would barely reach 100.

The current number of people is far from four digits. It clearly did not meet the minimum number required for the military.


"If I gave Homunculus a firearm, he will explode."


"That's It would make them killed each other by mistake.."


As a solution to this problem, the idea of equipping Homunculus, a citizen peculiar to Mynoghra, with firearms initially emerged.

If this is possible, they can quickly prepare the army by taking advantage of Homunculus' high reproductive rate.

Weapons are treated as equipment items in "Eternal Nations".

An example of a primitive long-range weapon is a bow. In that case, even a Homunculus army could use it without any problems. So he was hoping that idea will work, but the reality is not that sweet.


Homunculus has the property and setting that it is not good at intellectual work.

In Eternal Nations, he was able to equip primitive weapons such as swords and bows, but not complex weapons such as crossbows and siege engines.

With this background, it was not surprising that they could not handle firearms.

That means the insufficient personnel must be brought in from somewhere else.

Those who have a basic intellectual level and pledge allegiance to Mynoghra.

And Takuto had a plan for that too.


"Well, I do have a solution. It's about time I fulfilled my promise to you.


" Oh! Does that mean?"


 Elder Mortar is clearly pleased to finally hear the words he had been expecting to hear.

 The same goes for Gia, who was listening from behind.

 Finally, they can welcome their fellow Dark Elves who have been persecuted and are still in exile.

 It was initially planned so but postponed due to the messy situation.

In interaction with Fawncaven, they found out that there are some Dark Elf refugees in Fawncaven.

Takuto just has to call them in.

The number is not too many. But in these situations where they even *want to borrow a cat hand, those dark elf refugees can help Mynoghra.

He is thinking about some plans after that.

Based on the Long Leg Bug information that was investigating around Dragon Town, Takuto came up with a method that could solve the labor shortage at once, although it is a little tricky.

The only thing left is to negotiate with Fawncaven.

Although it is unclear how the other side will respond, he thinks it won't be too troublesome because both sides are aware of the threat from the outside world.

Regardless of what may happen in the future, both countries are still allies for now.


"--Your majesty! I have a report for you!"


When Takuto is developing a strategy in his brain and thinking about the future scenario, a dark elf ascended to the administration building in a hurry.

Seems he need to reports something. After he knelt down and caught his breath Takuto slowly asked him to speak.


"What is it?"


"A messenger has come from Dragon Town. He said he brought a letter from Pepe, the staff bearer of Fawncaven for the King!"


"I see, it's just the right time."



 Takuto clapped his hands and nodded at those words.

 At the same time, another strategy came to his mind, and he couldn't help but smile.

 No one can think of it, but it is an effective and deadly strategy.


"I'll call Atou back. Let's gather the main members for a meeting right away."


There are various things to consult. Even though Mynoghra's policies have changed,  listening to the Dark Elves' opinions is still important.

What news that Fawncaven bring?

Takuto is in a good mood. He is walking out of the administration building. Elder Mortar and Gia follow him from behind. They are deeply impressed because the situation changing so fast and also at the king's attitude over the past few days.



Translator note :


*want to borrow a cat hand

猫の手も借りたい (neko no te mo karitai)

It means that one is extremely busy; so much so that they would appreciate the help of a cat.




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