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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep20 Great Sword Prometheus




"Raito-sama, please be careful. That creature has no level."


"No level?"


I could not immediately respond to Mei's words properly.

A snake-like creature suddenly appeared in front of us as an enemy. It is about 10 meters in height, has two arms and a snake-like lower body, and wears armor on its upper body and face.


It has no level - does she mean that that thing is outside the concept of level?




The snake-like creature moves closer, making a sound like a real snake.

Suzu shoots at him again!

She shoots magic bullets with a speed of over 1000 rounds per minute, but the snake-like creature doesn't care at all and charges at us head-on.

The magic bullets fly into the face, arms, and torso, but they all slip through and hit the ground behind him.

All of Suzu's attacks are meaningless.




She (?) is surprised and grits her teeth in frustration.

Then Mei gives her a warning.


"Suzu, it's no use. Your attack won't work on it. It is probably an artificial mythology class weapon created by the ancient civilization. Nazuna, it's your turn!"


"Okay! Leave it to me!"


At Mei's instruction, Nazuna runs forward with a great sword on her back.

She is not intimidated by the 10-meter tall snake-like creature.




Head-on crash!

She swings her great sword. Nazuna's blow is too strong, forcing the snake-like creature to stop his momentum and retreat.


Nazuna holds up the great sword calmly.

Suzu's magic bullet passed through him, but Nazuna's great sword forced him to retreat.

I finally understood what Mei was pointing out.


"It has no level on it... So that's some kind of artificial mythology weapon created by the ancient civilization--similar to the golems."


When a sword is appraised, the level won't show up.

Only the class, ability, name, etc., are displayed.

This is because weapons and armor do not have levels.

So that snake-like creature is like a moving weapon, similar to the golems.


"Besides, it's a man-made mythology class...... I've heard that ancient civilizations can make mythology class weapons, but I didn't expect to see it myself."


But thanks to this, I understand why Suzu's attack didn't work.


In general, weapons and armor are ranked - but what are the criteria?

Experts have different opinions. But generally, they are as follows.


Genesis class - creates the world itself.

Mythology class - interferes with the world and affects it in some way.

Fantasy class - has an overwhelming effect on surrounding objects, etc.

Epic level: Affects surrounding objects (not as much as the Fantasy class).

Artifact class -- Affects surrounding objects, etc. (not as much as the epic class).

Relic class--affects surrounding objects, etc. (not as much as the relic class)

Rare class -- the main body has some power (increased sharpness, flames on the blade, etc.)

Ordinary class-- ordinary weapons and armor.


That's all.


Genesis and Mythology classes only appear in legends and have never been seen or heard of by experts, so their existence is uncertain. The Fantasy and lower classes are mainly used as weapons. Mythology and Genesis class weapons are said to have some kind of extraordinary ability. In other words, they have the power to interfere with this world.


If the snake-like creature is a mythology class weapon created by the ancient civilization, no wonder Suzu's attack passed through it. It must be the result of its ability to interfere with this world.


Only Nazuna and I can deal with it because we have the same class or higher weapons.


After recovering from the shock, Dwarf King Dagan understood why Mei had told Nazuna to come forward and pointed at her with his trembling finger.


"Ra, Raito-dono... The appearance of the artificial mythology class surprised me, but is her great sword a mythology class?


"? You didn't notice it?"


I assumed the dwarves didn't care about Nazuna since they weren't interested in her great sword.

Dagan shouts vigorously.


"It looks like an ordinary great sword with few ornaments, but ...... that girl was playing with the waves and digging holes in the beach with that sword! Normally, no one would use a mythology weapon so carelessly!"




I can't deny it, so I fall silent and look away.

The mythological class weapons only appear in legends. No country in this world has this kind of weapon. It will become a national treasure. Even if a nation possesses it, the government won't let the public know about it.

In fact, the Queen Elf Nation and the Dwarf Kingdom only have fantasy class weapons.


Despite this, Nazuna has used it as a shovel, left it behind at the Naraku training grounds and other places, accidentally spilled milk on it, and so on - she doesn't treat it carefully.


But the fact is that the great sword is a mythical sword, and only Nazuna can use it.


Without paying attention to the conversation between Dagan and me, Mei gives her instructions.


"Since we don't know how he blocked our attack, you are the only one who can fight him. Nazuna, please take care of him."


"Leave it to me, Mei! I'll protect my Lord and the others!"


Along with her shout, Nazuna's figure became blurry.

She made a powerful leap.

She disappears from the dwarves' sight. Then in a flash appears in front of the snake-like creature and swings her sword.


The sound of metals clashing with each other at high speed.

The sound is so loud that it hurts ordinary people's ears.

The dwarves reflexively cover their ears.


Meanwhile, Nazuna laughs happily.


"It's harder than I expected! I'm glad that I can finally get a little more serious!"


She smiles as she raises her great sword Prometheus.


"Twist the providence! Prometheus!"


With her shout, the great sword Prometheus interferes with the world, and Nazuna splits into 5 people.


"Nugaaaa? She's split into five!"


"What is that? Is that some kind of advanced technology that allows her to move at high speed and look like she's split into five persons?"


"No, it is not. Each one of them is Nazuna, with the same weapon and level."


Adding to the Dwarves' amazement.

Prometheus (Nazuna's Great Sword) has twist providence ability.


What does "twist providence" mean exactly? ...... It can interfere with the world and cause events that are impossible to happen.

The Great Sword Prometheus can create multiple clones with the same weapon and level.

In other words, it can create multiple clones exactly the same as the person.


Nazuna can face Elly and Aoyuki simultaneously, and Mei feels she can't match Nazuna because of this sword's ability.


However, 'Great Sword Prometheus' is not omnipotent.

Naturally, there are limitations.

First, it can only create 4 clones with the same equipment, level, and memory at the most.

The level and weapons decrease if more than 4 clones are created, and the maximum number of clones is limited to 1,000.


In addition, if the user forcibly "twists providence," the backlash will return to the user.

In the worst case, the user may even die.


The first target of the interference is the user, Nazuna herself.

Next are her belongings.

Then inorganic objects (stone, iron, ground, etc.) and things that contain magical power.

Finally, others.


It is almost impossible for twist providence to weaken or lower the other party's level in a real battle.

It is possible to do so if one forces himself, but the backlash is too great.

There are more disadvantages than advantages.


Rather than using it on others, it is more effective to create Nazuna clones and attack in this way.


"Come on! Snake!"


Five persons (including herself and her clones) charge with the great sword Prometheus in their hands.


"Oryaaa! I'll cut you into pieces!"




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