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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Episode 55: Battle Strategy Meeting - part 1






In Mynoghra, the determination of government policy is usually done through conferences.

This is done not because they are democratic but it was intended to train dark elves to think and make their own decisions.

After the war with the Brave Quests Demon King Army, Ira Takuto changed that policy significantly.

This is a 180-degree change. Policies that previously focused on peace have now become policies aimed at conquering the world. This also showed that the Dark Elves' ideas and decisions were not respected as much as before.

However, the meeting is still held to grow the Dark Elves' independence.


But the conference, which should have been smooth before, hit a dead-end for the first time here.


"This is ... how should we judge this?"


"Hmm, I think it's safe to think that there is something behind it. No, it's... hmm."


The people gathered in the meeting room of the Mynoghra Palace had indescribable expressions on their faces.

The number of people gathered is small.

Obviously, Takuto and Atou are there. But on the Dark Elves side, only Elder Mortar and Emul attending the meeting.

This is because only those with the best insight were gathered to judge this issue.

They didn't invite anyone else because they didn't want to tie up too many people for a topic that is too difficult to understand.

Takuto is also struggling to make a decision, which means this topic is very confusing.

What is the topic.......?


"I never thought ....... Dragon Town would offer such a thing."


It was a proposal to sell Dragon Town by the multi-ethnic nation Fawncaven.

The specific thing is not written.

Of course, the circumstances leading up to this offer are not written.

Pepe and the other staff bearers, as Fawncaven representatives, only submitted a request to hold a meeting to discuss this matter as soon as possible.


Nothing else in particular.

Apart from that, all that was written were thank you notes for the previous war's help.

Atou sighed while tilting her head many times while looking at the letter. The letter's intention is unpredictable even though she had read it so many times.


"It's a very nice offer for us if we accept the content as it is, but it's too suspicious..."


"Even if it's the letter's real intention, directly conveying such important matter is unheard in diplomacy. It's reasonable to suspect this as a trap, but if that's true, it's just like a childish prank. I don't know what's going on.


"Even if it's a handwritten letter, in diplomacy directly convey such an important matter is crazy. It's reasonable to suspect this as a trap, if that's true, this is more like a childish prank. I don't know what to think."


Even Elder Mortar, who was supposed to be the wise man, groaned and could not even guess.

Although there is only one topic to be discussed, it's like a difficult puzzle. They hit a dead end as soon as the meeting started and can't make any progress at all.


"My King...what shall we decide?"


Elder Mortar, who couldn't make a decision, finally asked Takuto's help.

Takuto had negotiated many times in the game, but it is the first time he experiences this pattern.

Maybe..., with his experience level, he could make a decision, but his decision is a gamble.


However, he has to make the final decision.

There is a lot of work to be done by Mynoghra, and he wants to make a decision on this issue by the end of the day.

For this reason, Takuto turned to Emul and told her to sort out the information and try to break the situation.


"Emul. As far as we know, what's the current situation at Fawncaven?


Emul began to quickly flip through the documents she had been gathering.

After a while, the information that everyone in the room was aware of was reported again for confirmation. Then some of the latest information was brought to light.


"--Lastly, there are quite many peoples leaving Dragon Town now. I had contacted the mayor, but it seems he is in the mid of confusion that he is late responding to our questions."


Takuto thank her and thinking for a while.

Because of their alliance with Fawncaven, they can obtain more information on Dragon Town.

Mynoghra is also still in a mid of confusion after the war. Anyway, unlike in the game, a victory is not the end of the game, so it seems it will not end there.


"The people are leaving? Emul, why did that happen?"


"Atou-dono, probably it's caused by the previous war. Emul, can you explain in detail?"


"Yes. In the first place, the city is far away from Fawncaven's home country. It was difficult to maintain security due to the thugs that entered the city. During the previous war, their home country almost didn't give them any help. It is not strange that some kind of chaos will occur. If so, it is presumed that the residents have escaped from the city to run away to their home country territory."


While Takuto summarizes his thoughts, Atou and the Dark Elves begin to understand the situation.

Takuto quietly listens to those informations and accurately grasps all the situations.


"Hmm. In other words, the Dragon Town is collapsing?"


"Atou-dono......Maybe it's already collapsed. It's only a matter of time before the city stops functioning anyway."


The peoples who attend the meeting are peoples with good intuition. With just a few hints, the meeting progressed dramatically.

Like Takuto, they were able to make a rough guess, and although they couldn't be sure, they were slowly coming up with a more accurate answer.

No - it's easy to understand if one put himself in the shoes of a Dragon Town resident for a moment.

They were living in a land far away from their home country, then suddenly a horde of barbarians appeared.

And with no reinforcements from their home country, they were left to defend themselves with another country's army.


It is only natural that some people would flee to their home countries for safety, and in some cases, it would not be surprising if riots broke out.

There is even a possibility that some people may be seeking protection and want to become Mynoghra citizens.

Takuto never knows the Dragon Town mayor personally. Still, he feels sorry for the mayor as he had to deal with this situation.


"If the city's functions are going to collapse, the people who would suffer would be the weak and powerless. To protect those people, they might have thought it would be better to trade the city to us?"


"Besides, in this war, our country, Mynoghra, is the one who has actually sent out reinforcement. They are already struggling to defend the city and can't do any military operations. Perhaps they are even struggling with the personnel to maintain security."


"I see. It sounds bad, but they're trying to curry favor with Mynoghra here. Is that what they're trying to do?


Atou summarized the conclusions.

It was a very blunt statement, but she was right.

In simple words, Fawncaven is in a difficult situation.

That's why they played their cards so boldly. They took the lead position from Mynoghra at the negotiating table.


 Takuto doesn't know who came up with this idea first, but the person must be quite smart.

Or the person is a ...... special no-brainer?

The face of Fawncaven's leader, who recently become a friend, suddenly slipped on his mind and disappeared in a wave of thought.


"By surrendering the Dragon Town, we will continue to have a friendly relationship in the future. In return, they're trying to obtain something too...is that their real intention?"


"There is no doubt that they want the magical power source in the dragon vein hole.

Well, it is not a problem because in the first place we agreed to have joint management..."




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