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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Episode 55: Battle Strategy Meeting - part 2


Surrendering a land is not something that can be done with half-hearted determination.

Dragon Town is enclaved land, so in particular, it's difficult to manage. Still, it can also be a bridge to future national expansion.

That's not all. When it comes to transferring one city to another country, even if it was a peaceful one, even if it was given to an ally country, the people's distrust will increase significantly.

If that is the case, they will naturally be thinking of a return equivalent to the trouble.


"No doubt, it must be the battle strength.”


Takuto muttered to himself.

Fawncaven's most urgent problem is their insufficient battle strength.

The fact that they have not responded satisfactorily to the current situation has been exposed when they asked Mynoghra for cooperation to defend the city.

It's clear that their forces are still insufficient as they can't expand their military force overnight.


"But, my King. Even if Fawncaven has asked for our forces, we are still preparing for other threats. Even though we are allies, we can't afford to lend them any more forces......."


"Yeah, that's right."


Elder Mortal's concern is valid.

Although he didn't dare to say it, one of the causes why they had lost Isla because the splitting of their force.

They should not make the same mistake again and put the nation at risk.

Of course, Takuto understands that well.



"Let's sell them our weapons."


Takuto's words quieted the place down.

In the past, he would have felt uncomfortable in this kind of situation, but now that he has made up his mind, Takuto is rather comfortable with everyone's surprised reaction.


Without realizing it by themself, humans will continue to grow. Suddenly Emul yells frantically because she got a very bad feeling.


"Wait, please wait, your majesty! That's too dangerous! They may abuse it if such a powerful thing goes to another country! There is a possibility that those weapons could be directed to our country!"


Emul spoke for everyone who's present.

Firearms are powerful weapons that need to be handled with great care.

The modern weapons by Ira Takuto's power are the new swords and shields that Mynoghra had acquired.

Providing weapons just because the other party is an ally could cause disadvantages and put their country in a dangerous position.

But ...... they forgot a crucial point.


"Abused? How?


"Of course ............Ah!


All weapons and bullets can only be produced by Ira Takuto.

In other words, no matter how many firearms Fawncaven receives to increase their strength, if they don't constantly trade with Mynoghra to receive ammunition supplies, their power will be consumed in no time.

And the technology used in firearms and ammunition is a product of science and technology that belongs to another world.

No matter how hard they try, it is impossible to replicate them in this world.

In other words, this powerful weapon could be taken away at any time at Mynoghra's mercy.


And Fawncaven won't be able to resist the charm of this overwhelming power.

Fawncaven force is roughly estimated to be about 10,000 to 20,000. Most of them are warriors who're used to close-quarters combat.

The number of cavalry and archers that cost a fortune is not many. There are only a few soldiers with the fighting strength comparable to Holy Knights.

Look at Dragon Town's defense troops; even though they have beastly physical abilities, their skill level is still low. In terms of quality, their military strength is lower compared to other countries.


Those vulnerable armies can be equipped with weapons provided by Mynoghra and become a strong army.

At the very least, they can say goodbye to their previous pathetic life—a pathetic life where they always worry about the barbarians and have to desperately defend their country.


It's not hard to imagine how attractive this powerful weapon is to those who have lived in Southern Hydragia. The barren land is known as the Dark Continent. They have lived under the threat of the Holy Kingdom and the Spiritual Alliance.

Fawncaven doesn't have many options.


On the other hand, this strategy also gives an attractive benefit to Mynoghra.

When there is a war with hostile forces in the future, they can form a joint force with Fawncaven's army equipped with modern weapons.

Since Mynoghra tends to form a small elite soldier group. The possibility to have a sizable number of powerful soldiers is very appealing.

It is possible to set up a powerful formation in which the front line is maintained by the Fawncaven army, and the Mynoghra army conducts raids and infiltration operations.


 Firearms and ammunition will be provided to Fawncaven.

 This is a two-layer strategy. Increase the ally's strength, gain an advantage in the coming wars, and at the same time, make them dependent to Mynoghra.


The wise peoples instantly realize the intent behind this strategy. They're laughing when they realize that the other party is in a checkmate position.

For the other party, it's not a bad deal. In fact, they will get a lot of benefits.

Fawncaven won't be able to resist this deal...


"I see. As usual, our King is impressive. I have nothing but admiration for your deep insight and wisdom....... But this time, this deal is still a little unfair for us. My king, what else would you ask of them?"


Elder Mortal smiled and asked a question.

Strengthening military power is what Fawncaven wants the most at the moment.

Regardless of the intentions behind selling the Dragon Town, this point won't change.

If so, there is no doubt that they will bite the bait. They will accept the idea of importing firearms.


The compensation is ....... People, I guess. Whether it's people who are in trouble with their lives or even a criminal, there aren't enough people right now."


Takuto's choice is the people.

It's the one that Mynoghra wants the most at the moment.


"That's a great idea, Takuto-sama! I'm sure the people of Dragon Town will be touched and cry if they can live under the protection of the great Mynoghra!


"Though they will become evil."


"It, it's surprisingly comfortable.... and I don't feel like I've changed much."

"That's right. That's right."


Those who have become evil nodded.

Apparently, his own people also have the same opinion.

If so, Dragon Town residents most likely will accept the idea.


Of course, Takuto is not thinking of forcing them or do things like human trafficking.

If it were a hostile nation, that might be possible, but Fawncaven is still an allied nation.

They will call for applicants, but it would be a very large undertaking if it actually starts.


"But if this works, it will solve our population problems at once, Takuto-sama!"


Takuto nods at Atou innocent, happy reaction.

He doesn't know how Fawncaven will respond to Mynoghra's request.

But judging from the fact that they are planning to sell Dragon Town, they are also thinking about moving their personnel.

The reason that they mention the transfer in the letter maybe because they want him to consider it in advance.


"Now, let's select the weapon to sell. Do you have any other opinions? We need to consider what the Dragon Town has in mind, so we don't miss anything."


While watching his subordinates exchanging opinions, Takuto's thinking about Pepe.

He is cheerful, friendly, and cannot be hated.

However, Takuto had a hunch that there was more to him than that.


"I'm looking forward to the meeting day."


The world is changing so fast.

If there are other beings from the game world like them, there will come a time when those beings will collide with them.

He believes that. As if that thing is whispered by someone who is not here.


"By the way……"


"Yes, do you have any concerns, Mr. Takuto?"


Atou immediately reacts to Takuto's words.

But Takuto finally answered the question by shaking his head from side to side.


"Nope... nothing."


Takuto has avoided her question and didn't mention his concern.

Then ... until that time came, he told himself that he had to confirm his abilities.

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