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Friday, September 15, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C64


Chapter 64: Midnight break.







Lilith yawned loudly in the mansion's hallway. She is carrying a book. She was so absorbed in her reading that she passed her bedtime.


But if she doesn't return the book to her father's bookshelf by the end of the day, she will be scolded. Her maid had long finished her shift and went back to her room, so Lilith must return the book by herself.


On her way to Clavis's study, she saw the light in the kitchen on the first floor.


The lights in the mansion had been turned off. Without the magic of the light in her palm, she could not even walk down the corridor.


But as if a bug is attracted by the light, she goes downstairs to have a look.


She quietly peeks in through the half-open door and sees Luciel working diligently.


Usually, Luciel would notice her presence, but he is so focused on cooking that he doesn't seem to notice Lilith.




She is about to call out to him, but someone shuts her mouth.


A chill of fear runs through Lilith's body for a moment, but she feels relieved when she sees a familiar face.


The person is wagging her tail happily.


"Mildy-san, please don't surprise me."



Lilith lowers her voice.


Mildy (wearing a maid's uniform) chuckles and apologizes.


"I'm sorry, miss."


Seeing her behavior, Lilith remembers that Mildy is Luciel's caretaker.


"What is Luciel doing?"


"I don't know the details, but I think he's preparing the staff meal for tomorrow."


"Preparing? ... Even though it's just staff meal."


Lilith knows what staff meal is, but she only has an image of it as a very simple dish.


She doesn't think it is a dish that needs to be prepared the day before.


"Anyway, he's been working hard since yesterday."


After hearing this, Lilith peeks into the kitchen one more time.


His forehead is sweating, but Luciel's face looks very happy.


"When did he start working in the kitchen?"


"After dinner, when all the other chefs return to their rooms."




"It's been about three hours."


"Three hours!"


He is indeed too hard-working.


After living together, she has learned that Luciel tends to work too hard.


Of course, his physical strength is far above Lilith's and Karim's. But that doesn't change the fact that working too hard is bad for health.






"Help me a little."


"......... Certainly."


After a moment's pause, Mildy smiles and kneels in front of Lilith.



20 minutes later...




Lilith called his name while knocking on the kitchen door.


That's when he finally stops working.


"Huh? Lilith? Why at this time? Huh? What are you doing?"


"That's my line."


Lilith's slightly angry attitude confused Luciel.


Once she reaches the work table, she puts a tea set on the table.


She quietly pours tea into a teacup.


"Smells good...."


Luciel mutters.


The unexpectedly strong aroma floating in the air made his body relax.


"Have a taste."


Lilith offered, and Luciel immediately took a sip.


"Hmm. Delicious......!"


She smiles and takes a sip as well.




She also mutters to herself.


"This is a tea made from lipovi grass, isn't it? It relieves fatigue."


"As expected of Luciel. You could tell right away."


"I am more surprised that Lilith knows about the effects of this herb. I think this herb is not well known."


"Many herbs are good for relieving fatigue, but I like this lipovi grass because it has the best aroma."


"Indeed, it has a nice aroma. I like it too."


Luciel replies with a smile.


Then, Lilith's face blushes a little. She looks a bit nervous, but Luciel can't understand why, so he tilts his head.


After enjoying tea together for a while, Lilith looks at what seems to be prepared for tomorrow's meal.


"The staff meal...... Is it not going so well?"


She muttered worriedly, but Luciel responded cheerfully.


"No, it's going well."


"Then why? Why are you working this late?"


"The first reason is that I'm still getting used to the kitchen..... The staff meal is also a dish, so it takes as much effort as the dish I serve to Lilith and the others."


"I see. I thought they were different."


"Yeah. I know what Lilith wants to say. At first, I had the same thought.

But as long as there are people who eat it, a dish is a dish. I want to make it properly with great care."


Lilith sighs.


She seems disappointed.


"Lilith? What's wrong?"


"I'm a little disappointed."




"Because I won't be able to eat the dish that Luciel puts so much effort into."


Lilith looks at him with sad eyes.


Luciel feels nervous and takes a half step back.


"Bu, but....... I can make it for you someday, so please wait till that time."


"Okay. I'm looking forward to that time."


Lilith raises her pinky finger.


Luciel immediately knows what she is going to do. It is a promise gesture that has existed for 300 years - or maybe even longer.


Luciel entwines his pinky finger with Lilith's pinky finger.


The brother and sister's small pinky fingers gently intertwined.


"Still, you shouldn't work too hard."


'Yes, I suppose so. I'll sleep in a little while. I have to wake up early tomorrow. But----."


Luciel puffed.


When she sees that, Lilith's thin gold eyebrows furrow.


"What's wrong?"


"No... Today Lilith looks like a big sister."


Lilith blushed, but she quickly smiled as if to challenge him.


"Ara? Did I ever say I will be your little sister?"


Of course, Luciel is much older than her.


But sometimes Lilith looks more mature.


Luciel holds up his empty cup.


"Thank you, Lilith."


"You're welcome."


Thanks to you, I can add one more dish to tomorrow's meal.


Luciel spoke excitedly.



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