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Sunday, July 23, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep18 Forbidden Sword, Manufacturing





One of Raito's revenge targets, Nano the dwarf. He resigned from his job to make the Forbidden Sword.

He moved to a house in the suburbs.

The walls are composed of stone and metal, while the gate is made of metal.

It is a two-story house with a garden, but it is not well maintained. The building is designed to be sturdy instead of decorative.

Therefore, it resembles a small fortress rather than a noble mansion.


The fund is not a problem because he still has the reward for killing the suspect Master.


The house Nano moved into was originally built for blacksmithing research, so it was very suitable for manufacturing the forbidden sword.

There is also a research room in the basement to prevent secrets from leaking out.


The former owner also worked to create legendary weapons like Nano, but he died before he could fulfill his dream.

Ironically, someone who is also trying to create a legendary weapon moves in.


"Hello. It's me, Hisomi."


A human merchant shouts at the house's front door.

The human merchant also knocks on the door knocker to catch Nano's attention.

The merchant comes to the house with the ordered goods on a wagon covered with a thick cloth.


The merchant is about 170 cm tall, slender, and wears very ordinary clothes. The leather bag he usually carries on his shoulder is inside the wagon.

Overall, nothing special about his appearance.

Perhaps his only distinguishing features are his string-like slanted eyes and shady smile.


After a few moments, the door opens a little.

The interior is dark, even though it is still daylight.

Maybe this is because no lights are turned on.

Despite this, Nano's eyes are shining as if filled with light.


"Oh, Hisomi...... Do you bring the stuff?"


"Of course, I have brought all the goods that Nano-sama ordered."


Hisomi tells him with a shady smile.

Nano gave a sign with his chin to go behind the house.

They're going to unload the goods through the back door.


Hisomi seems to be used to it and goes behind the house.


She pulls the wagon near the warehouse entrance.

Hisomi takes out a memo from her pocket and reads out the goods he brought.


"I brought food, alcohol, daily necessities and consumables, as well as iron ore, coal, and various alchemy materials. And I also brought three barrels of special materials this time as well. However, these special materials are a little too heavy for me..."


"I understand. Geez, you humans are weak.... But it is an important material. I will carry it myself, so don't touch it."


"Oh, thanks, that's very helpful."


Nano snorts once at Hisomi and quickly gets to work.

Nano carries in a big barrel.

His level is around 300.

He can carry such a big barrel easily.

Meanwhile, Hisomi carries in small items like groceries.

Because the two of them work together, it doesn't take much time to carry in the goods.


After bringing in the goods from the back door, Hisomi speaks to Nano while facing each other inside the storage room.


"Then I will take the payment from your Adventurers' Guild account as usual."


"Okay, here's your check."


Nano hands Hisomi a check for the amount of money he has prepared in advance.

This would allow him to collect money from Nano's Adventurers' Guild account.

Hisomi puts the check in his wallet and then casually begins to talk.


"How is your work going? If there are any materials or supplies you are missing, I can find them for you right away."


"No problem. It's going very well. Look at this."


He makes a lunatic smile and pulls out one of the knives from his waist.

The knife is slightly reddish. If one looks closely, a faint black haze comes out of it.


"I made this knife as an experiment by following the book I bought from you. Although I only used one human for the material, I managed to create a relic class knife easily! Hihihihihi! Isn't it a wonderful result?"


"Yes, it's a wonderful result. It is so good that I wish I could sell it."


Hisomi heard the words "I only used one human for the material", but he responded without changing his smile.


The forbidden sword they are talking about is a powerful cursed weapon that is rarely discovered in ruins.

Although it is called a sword, it basically refers to all kinds of weapons.

Basically, they are cursed weapons that reduce the user's life span, make the user crave the living blood of others, or consume the mind and make the user lose their mind.

It is said that some heroes in fairy tales have mastered the forbidden sword with their mental power. But generally, they are treated as dangerous things.

Therefore, they are called Forbidden Swords, Cursed Weapons, Evil Swords, etc.


Even under the six-country agreement, forbidden swords are treated as dangerous things and must be reported immediately when discovered. Any intentional violation of the law can result in the death penalty.


Nano bought a book about manufacturing forbidden swords from Hisomi and actually made the knife using a human being as the material.


Nano is pleased with the merchant Hisomi's reply and speaks in a good mood.


"I see, I see! As I thought, even an inferior human would understand the excellence of this knife when seeing it! ......No, isn't it because of my talent as a blacksmith that I can make such a wonderful knife from a useless human being? Maybe the Goddess sent dwarves to this earth to create legendary weapons....."


He enters his own world in the middle of his speech and starts bragging.

There is no way that a forbidden sword created from a human being doesn't affect its creator.

Nano's mind is corrupted without realizing it, but he only feels a pleasant urge to create legendary weapons.


Special material - One of the big barrels starts to rattle and move.

Reacting to the sound, Nano stopped moving.

Hisomi scratches his head and excuses himself apologetically.


"Ah, it seems that the drug didn't work well. I'm sorry, he woke up early."




Nano doesn't respond to Hisomi's apology but puts his hand on the rattling barrel and opens the lid.

Then he peeks inside and sees a man whose hands, feet, and body are tightly tied.


"...... He's a very lively human. This would make a wonderful weapon. You are lucky. By this genius's hand, you can be reborn into a legendary weapon that will be spoken about forever. I will turn useless humans into legendary weapons without wasting a single heart, bone, skin, grudge, pain, madness, or drop of blood. Be grateful, you should be grateful."


"Nngh! Nnnngh! Nnnngh!"


The man in the barrels trembles at Nano's statement and shakes his head with tears in his eyes. He can't move because he is tightly tied with ropes.

Nano carefully closes the lid again and carries the big barrel.

Looks like he is moving it to the basement workshop.


"I will be busy from now on. Hisomi, I need more humans. Please supply me with more humans."


"Yes, sir. Leave it to me."


Even though he sees his own race treated cruelly, Hisomi's smile does not waver as he replies in agreement.

He gets into his wagon and leaves the house.


While driving the wagon, Hisomi mutters to himself.

Hisomi slightly opens one of his slanted eyes and ponders.


"So there is no movement so far.... or is it already moving but I just don't notice it? If so, it's a bit troublesome. No, it's very troublesome ..."


Without anyone hearing it, his mutters were swallowed by the sound of horses' footsteps and the wagon's movement.




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