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Sunday, July 23, 2023

Episode 54: Battle power strengthening (2) - part 1




The training ground construction site is far from the city center.

The trees in that place have been cut down and equipped with basic facilities for military training.

They had everything from scarecrows and wooden swords to tent covers for camp training and a supervisory platform.

It may look primitive, but the facilities are more than enough for the Dark Elves, who never had organized training.


However, the facility where new recruits were supposed to receive basic training currently is used for a completely different purpose.


"You guys are practicing."


Loud sounds that shake the trees echoed over and over.

The scarecrow at the edge of the arena and the ground around it exploded each time the sound echoed.

At the training ground entrance, there is a group of dark elf warriors commanded by Gia, and in their hands is a weapon that shouldn't exist in this world.


A weapon that uses the power of gunpowder to shoot bullets and kill opponents.

The warriors were training with a gun called the Dragunov sniper rifle.


"Oh, Your Majesty! Thank you for coming. --Line up!


"Don't mind me. Everyone continue your training."


Maybe Gia, who was watching over the soldiers' training, sensed that Takuto arrived at the training ground. He glanced at Takuto then shouted the order in a hurry.

At the same time, the soldiers put down their weapons and lined up in an orderly fashion, as if they were a single entity.

Takuto nodded in satisfaction at their discipline and told them to continue their training.


"It's looking good, but....how is your progress?"


"The sound and shock are still a bit disturbing... The hit rate also has improved. But it is different from the bow. We're still not ready for real battle."


In order to listen to Gia's report, Takuto and his friends climbed up to the administration building built on the nearby tree and avoid the noise from the shooting training.

Compared to the disciplined lineup earlier, it seems the shooting skill level is still not sufficient.

Gia's words sound bitter. Maybe Gia felt regret, and his pride hurt because he couldn't meet Takuto's expectations.



But for Takuto, the result is good enough.

It was the first time for them to use a firearm. They had never touched or seen one before.

It is completely different from the bow, even though both are long-range weapons.

Besides, unlike a typical elf, the dark elf does not have high bow skills.

Takuto understood that it's impossible for them to quickly master it.


"Hmm, then Gia, why don't you try shooting that target?


 Elder Mortar chuckles as he looks at the gun on Gia's back.

 The gun he carried is an anti-materiel rifle that is larger than the one held by the soldiers.

 Its destructive power and effective range are incomparable, but it is also difficult to handle.

 One-shot, and the barrel would kick back hard. It can make the shooter fall down from the recoil.

 The old man knew very well that Gia was having a hard time handling it. The firearm is like a rampaging horse.


"Ugh... then please have a look, your Majesty."


Takuto could more or less guess his skill from Elder Mortar's grin.

But before he could say anything, Gia held his firearm on his knees.

Their place now was the balcony of the building overlooking the training ground.

Gia wants to hit the target of the training ground below them from their position.




After a few seconds of silence, a loud noise was heard, and the wooden floor shook slightly.

At the same time, they saw scarecrow shoulder, which became a target far away, exploding.

His skill is at a medium level.

It may be a little disappointing that he couldn't hit in the middle, but that shoot could incapacitate a low-ranking Holy Knight.

However, Takuto is impressed by his skill in hitting the target with the rifle.


(No, it's quite impressive.)


Takuto was quite satisfied with the results. On the other hand, Gia showed an indescribable expression of regret, perhaps because he didn't hit his target properly.

In fact, what Takuto expected from the warriors' training with the sniper rifles is to make effective use of the Dark Elves' unique aptitude for the dark.

With their dark elves' vision, they can move at night like in the daytime, it will make assassinations and attacks in the darkness of the night much easier.

And looking at Gia's skill level as a captain, Takuto judged that they could reach the required level.

A troop that can unilaterally attack the opponent in the dark.

That is the dark elves' role.


"If you can shoot on your knees, that's good enough."



"--Ugh! I'm not worthy to receive your praise. I will train harder."


Takuto has given his words base on the current situation, but it looks like Gia still has some regret.

Apparently, he thought Takuto's words only means to comfort him.

Takuto doesn't intend to do that, but he leaves it as it is, hoping that will inspire him.

…… In fact, the results they have shown have already surpassed his expectation.

In the first place, the anti-materiel rifle is not something that should be used while sitting on his knees.

They couldn't understand the awesomeness of being able to handle things that weigh more than a dozen kilograms so easily because they don't fully understand the guns.

However, if Gia has reached this level, then soon, the warrior corps led by him will be useful in the actual battle.

Only a few people can avoid the sniper rifle bullets with a range of several hundred meters to several kilometers.

If their enemy is a barbarian with a strong body such as a Hill Giant or a powerful soldier such as a senior Holy Knight, maybe it can withstand the gun's killing power. In that case, they only need to outnumber the enemy.


So Takuto is pleased with this situation.



BOOM! A louder sound than the previous shooting sound can be heard from the immediate side of Takuto and others.

They turn their gaze toward the sound source.

Mearia is holding a huge anti-materiel rifle that was one size larger than the one Gia has. She is practicing sniping while standing.


"Wow! Very impressive,  Oneechan-san!"


"Shoot with the eyes of your heart."


The older sister, Mearia nods with satisfaction. While being pestered by her sister's Cearia, she throws away the rifle as if she were throwing her toys.

The younger sister received the riffle lightly. She is excited and takes a position to shoot like her sister as if she is holding a wooden stick.

If Takuto's memory is correct, that weighs just a little less than 20 kg. Actually, it shouldn't be used in that way.

Since the weight and power are more than an ordinary gun, it should be operated by a team, including observation and transportation.

Of course, when shooting, the gun must be fixed on the ground and the sniper in a prone position.

Otherwise, the sniper will be blown away immediately by the recoil of the shot.

Of course, hitting the target is out of the question.


"You mean like this: ......? Eii! I hit it!


Along with the sound that was shaking the eardrum, the scarecrow target bursts into pieces.

Although it is not a living thing, it feels pitiful to see it shattered into pieces.

It was an excellent shot that completely impressed their mind.

No living organism would survive from death if hit by that.

After that, the twins continue to destroy the scarecrows while giggling like normal girls.

How should it be described? The only word that comes to mind is "extraordinary".


Of course, the pathetic dark elf cannot be pleased and let it go.

After being shown a somewhat unrealistic skill, Gia's shoulders slumped as he felt his pride crumble into pieces.

Gia, a famous Dark Elf warrior and feared for his name, was defeated by two little girls on this day.


"I, I'll do my best..."


The voice was so thin that it could only be heard if one listens to it closely.

He is completely depressed.


"Those, those two are special cases..."


Subconsciously Takuto spoke comforting words.

If Takuto was in the same position, he might also be depressed, so he sympathized with Gia and tried to cheer him up.


There is a reason why the twin sisters were so extraordinarily talented.

This is because they are witches and heroes who inherited Isla's power.

Even without the moon's magical power that boosts their power, their potential and talent are already enormous.

Instead, it could be said that Gia is doing well against them.

Elder Mortar already heard from Takuto about the twin's condition. He just continues to laughs without comforting Gia.

Unnecessary words can hurt Gia's pride as a dark elf warrior. Anyway, Elder Mortar believes that Gia would be fine even if he leaves him alone.




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