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Friday, July 14, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep16 Versus Giant White Fin Whale




The Giant White Fin Whale roars as if expressing its will to never let us escape. Its roar reached us in the sky.


(It is so big that I wanted to show it to Yume and everyone in the Naraku if I have the chance. I didn't want to hurt it because of its rarity, but if it attacks me ......, that's a different story.)


I look down with cold eyes and give instructions.


"Suzu, Mera, can you beat it?"




"Kekekekekekeke! Leave it to us, my Lord! We'll sink that oversized fish who dares to interfere with us into the sea in no time!"


Suzu nods vigorously while Mera replies cheerfully.

Suzu takes a stance with Rock to counterattack, and Mera prepares to create a chimera for an underwater battle.


"Kekekekekeke! Sorry, but please buy me some time. I need some time to create an underwater chimera."




"Mera, leave this to us."


As Rock speaks, Suzu aims and pulls the trigger on the white whale!


Magic bullets shot out of the gun's muzzle at super speed. The Giant White Fin Whale quickly dives into the sea.

As the magic bullets hit the ocean, they lose their force before reaching the Giant White Fin Whale.


Despite its 30-meter-long size, the Giant White Fin Whale dives and swims faster than expected.

The whale occasionally emerges from the water and shoots seawater spears from holes on its back to attack us.




Suzu takes this opportunity and hits it with bad status magic bullets. Still, it is difficult to hit her target because of the many seawater spears. The Giant White Fin Whale quickly dives into the sea and uses the water as a shield.

I am impressed by the Giant White Fin Whale movement.


(To take advantage of the terrain and successfully prevent Suzu's attack... That Giant White Fin Whale's intelligence is higher than I thought.)


Suzu's level is 1.5 times higher. She should be able to beat it easily.

In fact, even if the White Knights' level were below 4000, they could easily be defeated by Suzu and the others.

Even so, the Giant White Fin Whale can match her because it makes good use of the terrain conditions.


( When it comes to avoiding bullets, isn't it better than The White Knights?)


"However, our victory is certain. Because the other one is UR - Chimera Mera, level 7777."


"Kekekekeke! Sorry to keep you waiting, giant fish! I have prepared a custom-made Chimera for you!"


Mera's skirt swells up to create an underwater chimera.

It is an Orca. A 10-meter-long fish chimera with large horns, the upper half black, and the lower half white. Orca falls into the ocean below.

When it hits the water's surface, it creates a big water pillar. It dives into the sea, then strikes the Giant White Fin Whale with a swift movement.


When the enemy submerged  back into the water, Orca hits it hard till its body emerges.

Suzu didn't waste this chance.




"Ora! Eat this!"


Magic bullets accurately land on the Giant White Fin Whale's body.

The magic bullets were charged with a bad status spell, but since the opponent's body is nearly 30 meters long, it would take some time for the bullets to take effect.

They can hunt it down without much difficulty.


"Kekekeke! Don't think you can escape!"


Mera enjoys the sight below her.

The white-finned whale cannot keep up with Orca's fast movements.

Orca repeatedly strikes the whale's body with its horn.

Whenever the Giant White Fin Whale exposed her body to the sea surface, Suzu shot him with her magic bullets without hesitation.




No matter how big the Giant White Fin Whale is, the effect will start to appear if she shoots it with 100 bad status magic bullets.

Poisoned, blind, bleeding, paralyzed, sleepy, confused, cursed, illusory, weakened, etc.

Orca takes the opportunity to attack further.


The blue sea water mixed with the Giant White Fin Whale's blood.


Although we are overwhelmingly stronger... not everything is going as planned.


Other fishes gather to join the battle, maybe because the sea is polluted with the Giant White Fin Whale's blood, or perhaps they notice us because of the commotion.


"My Lord! Many fishes with wings flying towards us! That's interesting!"


Just as Nazuna said, the winged fishes fly toward us all at once.

These fishes do not have feathers like birds but rather thin, shiny, silver scales.

Their beaks are pointed and sharp, and they charge at us with great force. We are too high for them, so they fall into the sea.


Hundreds of them try to attack us in the air, but only a dozen of them can reach us.


"Do you think you fish can scare us off with numbers? I won't let you touch Raito-sama."


Mei cuts them down with one hand using her magical threads.

They posed no threat at all.


Besides the winged fishes, sharp fangs, sharp back fins, and saw-shaped head fishes also gathered around. But they couldn't hurt us. They were shot dead by Suzu's magic bullets or pushed back by Orca.


With more hindrances coming in our way again and the Giant White Fin Whale being too big, the battle is not over.

The bad status inflicted by Suzu's magic bullet will eventually kill it. Still, we don't know how many hours that will take..... Its gigantic size makes the poison and bleeding effect less effective......


Sorry, but I don't have time to deal with them.

Mera's skirt fluttered in the wind, probably because she used her lower half to create Orca. I speak to her.


"Mera, don't you think it's about time?"


"Kekekekekeke! That's right. We have weakened it a lot, and I think it's about time."


"She agrees and uses her entire left arm to create a new fish chimera."


"Kekekekeke! Let's finish this quickly!"


Mera uses her left arm entirely to create a fish.

It is slightly larger than a small fish.

Its body surface is shiny, and its head is shaped like a sword.

When one sees it for the first time, one might think that it is too small for a left arm... But its ability is very frightening.


Mera drops Small Swordfish.

It falls by gravity, making a small ripple.

Small Swordfish swim through the swarms of fish and then pierce the Giant White Fin Whale's body.

From the Giant White Fin Whale's eyes, it is just a small needle prick, but the result is dramatic.




The Giant White Fin Whale begins to rampage desperately as if trying to shake off something.

It doesn't care about the orca’s attacks. It is simply desperate.

The Giant White Fin Whale is rampaging so badly because..... The small knife fish invades through the wound and travels through the blood vessels and organs to the brain.

Eventually, it reaches the brain and takes over the body of the invaded target.


The white-finned whale may have instinctively realized this and rampaged around trying to eject the small Swordfish, but it is a futile action.

After a while - the Giant White Fin Whale cramps and stops moving.

It seems that the Small Swordfish reached the brain.

It pierced into the brain and took everything from the Giant White Fin Whale.


Now the Giant White Fin Whale is literally no longer an enemy.




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