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Friday, July 14, 2023

Episode 52: Clever Scheme (2) - 2



Glazed eyes and asymmetrical limbs.

Twisted joints and dirty skin marked by edema.

This person, who gave no hint of intelligence, is a homunculus. Homunculus is a race indigenous to Mynoghra.


The homunculus is the manager of the market. Takuto raised his hand to greet him back. They are discussing something, and then eventually, Takuto shouts out.


"Hey, can you bring me some money?"






The Elfur sisters packed gold coins in the basket they brought from somewhere.

At this point, Atou finally began to understand what Takuto wanted to do.

And at the same time ... her face looks surprised.


"I want you to convert this money into magical power. Can you do it?"


"Ai, wagarimajida." (Yes, I understand)


Apparently, the homunculus is the owner of the market. He walked into the back of the market with a basket of gold coins.

He came back with the same limping steps as before and in his hand, holding a strange substance that looked like a faintly glowing gas.


"Dozo, dozo. Ozama, dozo." (Please, please. Your majesty, please take it)


"Yes, thank you."


When Takuto holds his hand, the glowing gas is sucked into Takuto.

Atou is staring at the situation seriously and trembling with emotion.

Atou knows what was sucked into Takuto, so there is no doubt.


"I thought the rate was lower, but he bought it higher than I expected. Surprisingly, suppose I prepare a few more baskets of gold coins. In that case, I can easily recover the cost of creating this market."


With these words, Atou finally understands.

The function of the market in "Eternal Nations" is to increase economic capacity.

But a second element is the ability to buy and sell resources.

You can sell what you have in surplus and get what you need.

This is a basic economic activity, but it has a strong meaning in this situation.

What do you get in return for offering many gold coins?

The answer is magic power.


"I never expected this nation's last magical power would be used to create the 'marketplace.' Besides, it's not for improving economic power, but for this thing."


"No way... They even accept the gold coins dropped by the RPG enemy ..."


"That's not quite right. Because it's a gold coin. In the end, this is just a strategic resource called 'gold.'"


Through emergency production, which has been carried out many times before, Takuto has roughly grasped the rules behind it.


[Emergency Production Rules]

·         Even items outside the Eternal Nations can be produced if the necessary magic power is prepared.

·         The magic power required for production is the same as the item's value in the other world.

·         The magic power required to produce items known in Eternal Nations is the same as the item's value in the game.


Conversely, no matter how common it is in another game. If it exists on "Eternal Nations," then the judgment value is based on the "Eternal Nations" game.

…… This gold coin was the best example.

It doesn't matter how much the gold coin in Brave Quests is worth.

It doesn't matter, even if inside the Brave Quest game, the value is so low that one can only get a wooden stick by collecting 50 pieces of gold coins.

"Eternal Nations" treats it equally as a strategic resource called "gold."

If so, one can get "magical power" equal to that "gold" in exchange.


That is the conclusion Takuto got from his experiments and thoughts.


"But, but where does this magical power come from?"


"Who knows? It was a mystery even in the game. Well, if too much into the details, the game will become complicated and uninteresting."


One important thing is the game system obediently tries to reproduce its world, no matter how much it ignores physics.

Even though the Demon King Army is an RPG group, they can perform phenomena that ignore the laws of physics. Phenomena such as the infinite summoning of subordinates and the insertion of events clearly show that the rule is correct.

It also can be seen from the fact that the SLG group Mynoghra transformed their territory into a cursed land and changed the attributes of the dark elves to evil attributes.


Takuto understood it very well.

The power of the game does not become a weapon as it is.

It is not the essence of the game to wield great power in the setting.


The laws of reality are forcibly twisted to establish balance in the game.


This power is the real weapon they possess.

The weapon of the...... SLGs, the Mynoghra, is state management.

If you have the magic power, you can create goods and buildings that defy time and physical laws.

The king, the player, always has a perfect grasp of all the state's events and the ability to give immediate instructions to his subordinates.

Most of the buildings and units have their own unique function or abilities.


"It's a method commonly referred to as economic play."


While thanking the twins, who brought in additional gold coins even though they weren't asked, Takuto continues to ask the homunculus to exchange the "gold."


"This is the style of play in which you generate a lot of money through trade and the domestic economy and then build many buildings through emergency production. This is a playing style in which economic power generates further economic power, increasing national power exponentially. This is the playing style favored by the Dwarf Nation Great Wall and the Ocean Nation Seven Seas Fleet."


No one knows how it works in the back where the homunculus takes the money.

But the exchange continues, and there is no end to it.

The fluctuating rates and depletion of exchange items are not implemented because they would only complicate the game.

So this strange exchange will continue until the gold runs out.


"In the first place, gold has a high rarity value and a small amount of output as a strategic resource. It was always difficult to get it because it is always required for the highest level unit production ..."


That's why the exchange rate for magic power is high.

As Takuto speaks, Atou realizes that the Mynoghra "magic power" swells rapidly.

If this is the beginning of the game, their amount of magic power is outrageous.


"That, that's means......this much gold-- no. If we can invest this much gold as magic power in the nation......"


This secret technique cleverly exploits a hole in the SLG system and a hole in the RPG system.

Bugs that would never have been possible if the games had not encountered each other are revealed here.

One of SLG's weaknesses is that building a nation into a big country takes a lot of time.

That weakness is now being erased halfway through the game.


"Come, Atou, it's time for a fun cheat."


Somewhere in the distance, they hear the Long Leg Bugs scream.

It seems that they have come back with more gold coins.

At the same time, they can hear Elder Mortar and the others shouting something in a panic from outside.

This strategy is already starting to pay off, but the two also need to explain it to the others.

Takuto stopped for a moment and walked out of the building.


"I've got mountains of money. Let's try to feel like a millionaire here."


The gold coins piles are rapidly growing.

Takuto receives additional "magical power," and then he laughs happily.


= Eterpedia ============


[Marketplace] Building

National magic production + 5%

Lifting the ban on resource trading using the magical power


The market is the most primitive building used for the national economy.

The effect is low but can improve the nation's economy and "magical power."

It also has the effect of increasing production.

Besides, it is possible to buy and sell resources using "magical power."




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