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Friday, July 14, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C57


KoushaRyouri ~C57

Chapter 57: De-crystallization training.



"Okay! Let's start right away!"


Fletty pulled Flametongue out of its sheath.


I hurriedly stopped him.


Wait a minute, Fletty-san.

If you use Flametongue, the slimes will take too much damage, and not even dust will remain.


"You, you're right...."


Slime is a small fry monster.


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A slight shock could kill it.


If he uses the Flametongue, they will die just by being touched by the flame.


"The key to de-crystallizing a slime is to determine the amount of damage we need to inflict on it."


"The amount of damage ......? Is it possible to check it with appraisal skill or something?"


I shake my head at Karim-san's question.


"I think it's difficult. Even with my Dragon's Eye.... Therefore, we have to learn by feeling."


"Hmmm.......... It's quite difficult. Even though it's just a slime."


"I don't mind, Karim-sama. Learning it by feel is kind of interesting."


Fletty-san sniffs.




Karim-san's type is different from Fletty-san's, so he shakes his head and says.


I will explain further.


"First, use lower level weapons. If you are confident in your strength, you can use your bare hands. If you are not comfortable touching it, you can use a knife."


The training to decrystallize slime has begun.


Each time they try to decrystallizes slime, and it accidentally disappears, the knights' shouts are heard from all over the place.


"Everyone is having a hard time, aren't they?"


Lilith looked around and spoke.


"How did Luciel manage to do it?"


"Perhaps I did it by accident. I was a child, and I was really curious to find out. But once you do it once, you can do it again easily."


"When you were a child? Maybe I should try it too."


Lilith confronts a slime in front of her.


Both stare at each other.


Lilith vs. Slime.


Who will be the winner? ......


"No~! Once I get attached to it, it looks so cute that I can't kill it."


Lilith admitted defeat, waving her hands in the air.


The winner is the slime.


"I don't know why the Knights and Luciel can kill it."


"In my case, slime is my medicine ingredient."




Lilith covered her mouth reflexively.


She bows her head to me.


"I'm sorry. For Luciel, killing the slime was a way to survive.... I shouldn't say such a thing."


Raise your head, Lilith. I don't mind at all.


"No. I'm going to become a demon and beat the slime."


"Although you're not supposed to beat it......"


"Do you have any tips?"


"I have a few tips. The first time I succeeded, I put my hand inside the slime and shaved off the outer shell as if I were gouging it out."


"I see. I'll try it again."


The rematch between Lilith and the slime begins.


Lilith clears her throat. She locks her lips together as if she is ready to fight, and then she reaches out her hand toward the slime.


When she touches the cold outer shell, it squeals a little, but she continues to move her hand inside.


"That's good, do it slowly."


"Okay, slowly."


"You're not trying to beat the slime. Just rip off the outer shell."


"Rip it off....."


Lilith rotates her wrist as if picking a fruit from a tree.


She bends her fingers and slowly pulls her hand out to scoop the outer shell.


Each time Lilith's hand moves inside the outer shell, the slime reacts, but it does not turn into a magic crystal.




I gulped and stared at Lilith's hand.


Finally, Lilith's hand is pulled out of the outer shell.




Lilith huffs out a breath.


She stared at her small palm. A lump of the slime's outer shell is in her hand - that sticky stuff.


I look at the slime again. Even though part of the outer shell had been ripped off, it is still moving.


But the shape is crumpled up like a crushed loaf of bread.


"It's not crystallized."


"Then ----."


"Yes, it was successful, Lilith."




Lilith is so happy that she even raises her hand and drops the slime body part.


She stops moving when she realizes the slime's body part dropped, but it's already too late.


The slime's body part landed on her head. The sticky outer shell sticks to her body.


"Hauu...... It's so sticky!"


Lilith looks at me with a troubled expression on her face.


The tip of her nose, her blonde hair, and even her chest is covered with slime.


I blushed and froze.


Lilith's appearance is......... kind of erotic... Hah!


"Wawawawawa..... Lilith!"


I hurriedly took out a cloth from my bag. I try to wipe the slime off.


But the splattered slime isn't just on Lilith. It's stuck to the ground.






My feet slipped and I fell toward Lilith.


"Hey, Lilith-sama successfully did it."


"That's great!"


"You did it, Lilith."


"You did it, Lilith. As your brother, I'm proud of you."


"Congratulations, Lilith-sama."


Then everyone comes after hearing the news.


But what would they think when they see Lilith and me in this situation?


Did they see me as a boy who tried his best to wipe the slime off a girl?


Or did they see the girl covered in slime as a ----? No, I won't say anything else.


"Oh my God..."


"Wait! Lilith-sama, Luciel-kun."


"Hou. I thought you were a shy boy, but you're not that shy."


"And you're such a maniac."


"Karim-san, what are you thinking of?"


Everyone's reaction is different, but they're not really angry.


No, this is the part where they should be angry.


"This, this is a misunderstanding ----"


"Mm-hmm. ......."


"Well done, Luciel-kun."


"Well, I used to wear my mother's skirts when I was five."


"It's kind of a ritual."


"What ritual, Karim-sama?"


So why are they not angry?


Maybe ethics have changed since 300 years ago?


I wonder if that's possible.


"Ah, um, Luciel? Could you please get off of me?"


Finally, I realize Lilith is underneath me.


What makes it worse, my hand is on her chest.


"Oh, I'm sorry, Lilith!"


"It's okay. I know it was an accident...."


"But, but, but, but, I accidentally, yo yo your breast..."


"Breasts? I don't really mind. Besides, Luciel and I are siblings, aren't we?"


Lilith laughs like a flower as usual.


Though she still has slime on the tip of her nose.


"But Lilith-sama and Luciel-kun are..."


"Shhh! Mildy, shhh!"


"Yes. It's wonderful how well brother and sister get along."


"Isn't that right, Father?"


"Eh? Eh? What do you mean?!"


Ah. Geez.


These adults make it more complicated. Please go back to training!


After that, the training became uncomfortable for me.


I keep seeing Lilith's face in my head.


It's because everyone says weird things!


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